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Spanning three centuries, IEEE has helped engineer the future by engaging a broad array of technical professionals in a diverse set of communities.

This technical diversity is found among this year’s award recipients who have been cited for technological feats that fostered faster, more reliable, and smaller computers; enabled deep-space exploration; made possible the expansion of all types of communications through high-speed broadband transmission; improved capabilities for digital storage technology; and advanced acoustic and radar detection, among others.


IEEE Medal and Recognitions presentations

IEEE Medals shall embrace significant and broad IEEE interests and purposes. Presentation of IEEE Institute-level Medals and Recognitions are made by the IEEE President at the annual IEEE Honors Ceremony.

The IEEE Honors Ceremony Gala has been held in different cities throughout the years. In 2015, the event will be held at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City, NY, USA. Next year, the IEEE Honors Ceremony Gala will be held in Silicon Valley, CA, USA.


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Technical Field Award presentations

IEEE Technical Field Awards (TFAs) are awarded for contributions in specific technical fields of science and engineering, as well as in several areas of leadership.

IEEE TFA presentations shall be made in the same calendar year as the year of the award for which the recipient was chosen. TFAs are presented by the IEEE President or designee at an IEEE technical conference, meeting, or symposium as recommended by the relevant selection committee and endorsed by the IEEE Technical Field Awards Council and approved by the IEEE Awards Board (AB).

However, in rare and unusual circumstances, and with the approval of the AB, the IEEE President or designee may make the presentation at a non-IEEE technical conference or symposium.


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IEEE Awards Booklets

2014 IEEE Honors Ceremony

2014 IEEE Honors Ceremony