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This page contains information about the IEEE Awards Board members, subcommittees, and councils.

The IEEE Awards Board administers the awards and recognition program of IEEE. Through its awards program, IEEE advances the interest of its members by recognizing their contributions in advancing the fields of interest to IEEE and to the benefit of society. By this means, the image and prestige of the organization, its members, and the profession are all enhanced.


Awards Board members

IEEE Awards Board

• Chair, Kensall (Ken) D. Wise
• Past Chair, Lewis M. Terman
• Vice Chair, Mark J. Karol
• Member-at-Large, David J. Allstot
• Member-at-Large, Elizabeth L. Burd
• Member-at-Large, Victor Fouad Hanna
• Member-at-Large, Moshe Kam
• Division Director, Kazuhiro Kosuge
• Region Director & IEEE BoD Coordinator, Timothy P. Kurzweg
• Medals Council Chair, David G. Messerschmitt
• Recognitions Council Chair, Adam Drobot
• Technical Field Awards Council Chair, T. Russell Hsing
• AB Presentation and Publicity Chair, Leslie Martinich
• AB Finance Committee Chair, Joseph Lillie
• AB Awards Review Committee Chair, Earl E. Swartzlander
• AB Joint Awards with National Societies Standing Committee Chair, Richard V. Cox
• EAB/ARC Chair, Karen A. Panetta
• MGA/ARC Chair, John Johnson
• SA/ARC Chair, Ronald C. Peterson
• TAB/ARC Chair, John O'Reilly
• USA/ARC Chair, Bernard Sander

Related IEEE staff

  • Marybeth Denike, Director, IEEE Awards Activities 
  • Kerry Ann Ward, Senior Manager, IEEE Awards Activities



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Standing Committees of the IEEE Awards Board


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Councils of the IEEE Awards Board


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