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Award information

The IEEE David Sarnoff Award was established in 1959 through agreement between the RCA Corporation and the American Institute of Electrical Engineers, and was continued by the Board of Directors of IEEE. In 1989, sponsorship of the award was assumed by the Sarnoff Corporation.

Recipient selection is administered through the Technical Field Awards Council of the IEEE Awards Board.

Sponsor: SRI International Sarnoff

Presented to: An individual or team up to three in number

Scope: For exceptional contributions to electronics

Prize: The award consists of a bronze medal, certificate, and honorarium.

Basis for judging: In the evaluation process, the following criteria are considered: singular outstanding achievement, originality, recent impact (within five years) and the quality of the nomination.

Presentation: IEEE policy requires that its awards be presented at major IEEE events that are in keeping with the nature of the award and the cited achievement.


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Award nomination forms

Nominations are not being accepted at this time.


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Award recipients


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Award committee members

  • Leda Lunardi, Chair
  • Roel Baets
  • April Brown
  • Mau Chung (Frank) Chang
  • Hiroshi Iwai
  • Yong-Hee Lee
  • Carmen Menoni


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