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Mission Statement:
The IEEE Audit Committee shall be appointed by and shall be responsible to the Board of Directors with respect to matters involving the accounting, auditing, financial reporting, risk management, regulatory and compliance, and internal control functions of the IEEE. It shall review policies and procedures that substantially impact the finances and operations of the IEEE, monitor conformance thereto, and recommend such changes as it considers desirable.


Upcoming meetings

Wednesday, 4 February 2015, 2:30 PM - 10:00 PMHyatt Regency HotelNew Orleans, LA, USA
Wednesday, 17 June 2015Hyatt Regency HotelNew Brunswick, NJ, USA
Wednesday, 18 November 2015Hyatt Regency HotelNew Brunswick, NJ, USA



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Meetings documentation

Access is limited to Audit Committee members and involved staff with an active IEEE Account.

Meeting DateAttachments

19 November 2014

Agenda Action Item (PDF, 183 KB)

Handouts (ZIP, 3.9 MB)

NAAction Items with Agenda
19 June 2014Agenda Action Item (PDF, 69 KB)

Handouts (ZIP, 1.5 MB)

Minutes (PDF, 35 KB)Action Items with Agenda
14 May 2014Agenda Action Item (PDF, 60 KB)

Handouts (ZIP, 8.8 MB)

Minutes (PDF, 111 KB)Action Items with Agenda
12 February 2014Agenda Action Item (PDF, 63 KB)

Handouts (ZIP, 10.6 MB)

Minutes (DOC, 78 KB)Action Items with Agenda
20 November 2013Agenda Action Item (PDF, 350 KB)

Handouts (ZIP, 3.8 MB)

Minutes (DOC, 71 KB)Action Items with Agenda
26 June 2013Agenda Action Item (PDF, 352 KB)Handouts (ZIP, 13.4 MB)Minutes (PDF, 71 KB)Action Items with Agenda
20 May 2013Agenda Action Item (PDF, 360 KB)Handouts (ZIP, 8.9 MB)Minutes (PDF, 77 KB)Action Items with Agenda
13 Feb 2013Agenda Action Item (PDF, 391 KB)Handouts (ZIP, 4.7 MB)Minutes (PDF, 75 KB)Action Items with Agenda
12 Dec 2012 (teleconference)
Agenda Action Item (PDF, 387 KB)Handouts (ZIP, 2.4 MB)Minutes (PDF, 86 KB)Action Items with Agenda
27 Jun 2012Agenda Action Item (PDF, 366 KB)Handouts (ZIP, 308 KB)Minutes (PDF, 74 KB)Action Items with Agenda
3 & 4 Jun 2012Agenda Action Item (PDF, 180 KB)Handouts (ZIP, 2.1 MB)Minutes (PDF, 119 KB)Action Items with Agenda
23 May 2012Agenda Action Item (PDF, 167 KB)NAMinutes (PDF, 28 KB)Action Items with Agenda
15 Feb 2012Agenda Action Item (PDF, 368 KB)NAMinutes (PDF, 80 KB)Action Items with Agenda
16 Nov 2011Agenda Action Item (PDF, 273 KB)Handouts (ZIP, 8.3 MB)Minutes (PDF, 77 KB)Action Items with Agenda
23 Jun 2011Agenda (PDF, 122 KB)Handouts (ZIP, 1.9 MB)

Minutes (PDF, 66 KB)

Action Items (PDF, 245 KB)
20 May 2011Agenda (PDF, 120 KB)NAMinutes (PDF, 68 KB) NA
17 Feb 2011Agenda (PDF, 124 KB)Handouts (ZIP, 1.9 MB)Minutes (PDF, 86.4 KB)Action Items (PDF, 269 KB)
17 Nov 2010Agenda (PDF,135 KB)Handouts (Zip, 1 MB)Minutes (PDF, 28 KB)Action Items (PDF, 264 KB)
23 Jun 2010Agenda (PDF, 44 KB)Handouts (ZIP, 2.1 MB)Minutes (PDF, 84 KB)Action Items (PDF, 846 KB)
25 May 2010Agenda (PDF, 44 KB)NAMinutes (PDF,  92 KB)Action Items (PDF, 10 KB)
10 Feb 2010Agenda (PDF, 126 KB)Handouts (PDF, 589 KB)Minutes (PDF, 74 KB)Action Items (PDF, 35 KB
18 Nov 2009Agenda (PDF, 125 KB)Handouts (PDF, 421 KB)Minutes (PDF, 64 KB)Action Items (PDF, 37 KB)
23 Jun 2009Agenda (DOC, 51 KB)Handouts (ZIP, 1.5 MB)Minutes (DOC, 61 KB)Action Items (PDF, 38 KB)
7 Jun 2009Agenda (DOC, 51 KB)NAMinutes (DOC, 57 KB)Action Items (PDF, 9 KB)
10 Feb 2009Agenda (DOC, 54 KB)Handouts (PDF, 430 KB)Minutes (DOC, 65 KB)Action Items (PDF, 9 KB)
12 Nov 2008Agenda (PDF, 40 KB)Handouts (PDF, 1.2 MB)Minutes (DOC, 61 KB)Action Items (PDF, 28 KB)
18 Jun 2008Agenda (PDF, 15 KB)Handouts (ZIP, 738 KB)Minutes (PDF, 88 KB)Action Items (PDF, 15 KB)
1 Jun 2008Agenda (PDF,15 KB)NAMinutes (PDF, 32 KB)Action Items (PDF, 13 KB)
13 Feb 2008Agenda (PDF, 15 KB)Handouts (ZIP, 275 KB)Minutes (PDF, 41 KB)Action Items (PDF, 15 KB)
14 Nov 2007Agenda (PDF, 18 KB)Handouts (ZIP, 759 KB)Minutes (PDF, 38 KB)Action Items (PDF, 18 KB)
13 Jun 2007Agenda (PDF, 15 KB)Handouts (ZIP, 722 KB)Minutes (PDF, 56 KB)Action Items (PDF, 15 KB)
1 Jun 2007Agenda (PDF, 16 KB)NAMinutes (PDF, 49 KB)Action Items (PDF, 15 KB)
14 Feb 2007Agenda (PDF, 15 KB)Handouts (ZIP, 1.3 MB)Minutes (PDF, 38 KB)Action Items (PDF, 21 KB)
16 Nov 2006Agenda (PDF, 28 KB)Handouts (PDF, 1.3 MB)Minutes (PDF, 62 KB)Action Items (PDF, 19 KB)
21 Jun 2006Agenda (PDF, 15 KB)Handouts (ZIP, 932 KB)Minutes (PDF, 72 KB)Action Items (PDF, 16 KB)
1 Jun 2006Agenda (PDF, 17 KB)NAMinutes (PDF, 52 KB)Action Items (PDF, 15 KB)
15 Feb 2006Agenda (PDF, 20 KB)Handouts (ZIP,  488 KB)Minutes (PDF, 42 KB)Action Items (PDF, 18 KB)
9 Nov 2005Agenda (PDF, 28 KB)Handouts (ZIP, 1.1 MB)Minutes (PDF, 47 KB)Action Items (PDF, 21 KB)
15 Jun 2005Agenda (PDF, 23 KB)Handouts (ZIP, 1.4 MB)Minutes Jun,202 Aug, SeptAction Items (PDF, 25 KB)
22 May 2005Agenda (PDF, 17 KB)NAMinutes (PDF, 53 KB)Action Items (PDF, 26 KB)
15 Feb 2005Agenda (PDF, 25 KB)HandoutsMinutes (PDF, 62 KB)Action Items (PDF, 25 KB)
16 Nov 2004
Agenda (PDF, 31 KB)
Minutes (PDF, 48 KB)
Action Items (PDF, 24 KB)
16 Jun 2004
Agenda (PDF, 24 KB)
 NAMinutes (PDF, 68 KB)Action Items (PDF, 25 KB)
17 May 2004
Agenda (PDF, 20 KB)
Minutes (PDF, 104 KB)
Action Items (PDF, 25 KB)
11 Feb 2004
Agenda (PDF, 23 KB)
Minutes (PDF, 89 KB)
Action Items (PDF, 27 KB)
18 Jun 2003
Agenda (PDF, 23 KB)
Minutes (PDF, 35 KB)
31 May 2003
Agenda (PDF, 19 KB)
Minutes (PDF, 64 KB)
12 Nov 2003
Agenda (PDF, 36 KB)
Minutes (PDF, 59 KB)
14 Feb 2003
Agenda (PDF, 23 KB)
Minutes (PDF, 59 KB)



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Frequently asked questions

1.      Is the content that resides on the Audit Committee Web page secure?

Yes, only Audit Committee members and involved staff have access to the content via their password-protected IEEE Account.

2.      How often is the Audit Committee Web page updated?

The Audit Committee Web page is updated with changes to the committee roster each year. The page is also updated to include the meeting agendas and the committee's action item list, prior to its meetings. Draft meeting minutes are added to the Web page following each meeting, once they are reviewed by the committee chair. 

3.      Who pays my expenses for attendance at the Audit Committee meetings?

Expenses for committee members to attend regularly scheduled and special Audit Committee meetings are reimbursable by IEEE in accordance with the guidelines, included in the Finance Operations Manual section FOM 6 (PDF, 396 KB). Expense reports should be forwarded to the Senior Director, Internal Audit for approval.

4.      Can the IEEE Travel Expense Report form be accessed from the Web page?

Yes. The IEEE expense form can be downloaded, printed, and completed.

The Audit Committee meets during each IEEE Meeting Series (February, June, and November) plus a separate meeting with the external auditors in May to review the audited financial statements of IEEE and the IEEE Foundation as well as the Auditor's Report to Management.


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Report a Concern

To make an anonymous report of inappropriate financial activities involving IEEE business or compliance with IEEE principles of business conduct, file a report at Ethics Point.