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The HAHC will be responsible for preparing a set of recommendations for the IEEE Board of Directors (BoD) on possible future models for humanitarian activities. These recommendations will include pros and cons and the envisioned future associated with each model.

These models will be previewed at the Board meeting associated with Section Congress (August) and then presented formally at the November Board meeting. It is not the responsibility of the HAHC to develop a single recommendation for the BoD. Rather, considered options will be developed from which the Board will choose a path forward.


Committee membership

  • Michael Lightner (Chair)
  • Kapil Dandekar
  • Laura Jacob
  • Kartik Kulkarni
  • Ray Larsen
  • Norberto Lerendegui
  • Daniel Lottis
  • Amarnath Raja
  • Peter Staecker (liaison to the Africa AdHoc Committee) 

Staff Support: Holly Schneider Brown


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