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The IEEE Ad Hoc Committee on Strategic Planning was formed in 2014. Information related to the scope, membership, committee reports, and other information is provided here.



Committee Charter: The IEEE Ad Hoc Committee on Strategic Planning (SPC) will work to realize IEEE’s Strategic Plan by developing strategies to incorporate it into IEEE’s planning, with a goal to achieve success within the 2020 horizon.

To accomplish this, the SPC will continue to coordinate and socialize strategy among the IEEE Board of Directors and strategic planning Committees across IEEE. In addition, it will develop tools and processes to incentivize and track progress toward achieving the plan, such as developing short- and long-term metrics of success, identifying opportunities to fund appropriate projects, and tracking the most important strategic projects.

Collaborations with other committees/boards are strongly encouraged.



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Committee membership

  • Bill Moses (chair)
  • Kate Duncan
  • Antonio Ferreira
  • Kazuhiro Kosuge
  • Bruce Kraemer
  • Mario Milicevic
  • Dejan Milojicic
  • Karen Pedersen
  • Vincent Piuri
  • S.K. Ramesh


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