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The establishment of a National Society Agreement (NSA) is only the first step in the process of cooperation. It is the creation of joint projects and activities that determine the success of the NSA.

IEEE Sections with successful National Society Agreements indicate that joint activities motivate members by creating energy, enthusiasm, and volunteerism.


List of suggestions

The following list of suggestions is provided to generate ideas for joint activities between IEEE and National Societies. Each country, IEEE Section, and IEEE Technical Society/Council has different needs and should decide what works best for their situation.

Many of these ideas have already been implemented by IEEE Sections and the cooperating National Society.

  • Publicize the National Society Agreement (through websites, newsletters, events, etc.).
  • Improve educational standards and curriculums.
  • Define changes needed to meet the current and future needs of the work force.
  • Encourage participation by students and young professionals.
  • Further the understanding of Standards worldwide.
  • Co-sponsor technical conferences, exhibits, meetings and workshops.
  • Publicize the joint cooperation at events (booths, etc.).
  • Hold joint tutorials/short courses on technical, professional and personal improvement.
  • Recognize and publicize members' awards and achievements.
  • Establish a Joint IEEE/National Society Award.
  • Invite National Society executives to participate in IEEE Section meetings.
  • Invite National Society executives to Regional Meetings, Sections Congress, award ceremonies, etc.
  • Participation in one each others' newsletters.
  • Provide links to each others' web pages.
  • Establish additional National Society Agreements.
  • Hold a multinational Society and IEEE Region conference.
  • Translate IEEE documents and forms.

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