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The IEEE encourages activities with National Societies in order to assist in the development and elevation of technical skills and professional growth for members of participating organizations. This is done through the establishment of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), also known as a National Society Agreement.

The conditions for establishing an MOU are indicated in IEEE Policy 5.7.



To establish an agreement, the local IEEE Section should be contacted first. Further arrangements will then be made through the IEEE Section and IEEE Corporate Activities.

A sample copy (DOC, 40 KB) of the agreement is available. The wording of this agreement has been approved by the IEEE Board of Directors  and cannot be changed. However, if there is a section of the agreement that is not suitable for the local IEEE Section and the National Society, the paragraph(s) in question may be omitted.

A current listing of all National Society Agreements is available.

For questions on establishing an agreement send an e-mail to: