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The IEEE has more than 70 agreements with National Societies, spanning over 40 countries. Many of the IEEE Technical/Sister Societies have additional agreements signed with both the National Societies and industry associations.

The list of agreements is also available in PDF format and includes further information on any membership and publication discounts that may be available.


Canada (IEEE Region 7)

CRSS: Canadian Remote Sensing Society


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Europe, Middle East, Africa (IEEE Region 8)

  • Austria

OVE: Osterrichischer Verband Fur Elektrotechnik

  • Bulgaria

FSTUB: Federation of Scientific and Technical Unions in Bulgaria

UAI: Union of Automation and Informatics

UEECE: Union of Electronics, Electrical and Communications Engineers

  • Czech Republic

RS: Radioengineering Society

  • Europe

EESTEC: Electrical Engineering Students European Association

  • Finland

FINEL: The Association of Electrical, Electronics and Automation Sciences in Finland

  • France

SEE: Societe des Electricitie de l'Electronique et des Technologies de I'Information et de la Communication

  • Germany

GI: Gesellschaft fur Informatik

VDE: Verband der Elektrotechnik Elektronik Informationstechnik e.V

  • Hungary

HTE: Scientific Society of Telecommunication

MATE: Scientific Society of Measurement, Automation and Informatics

MEE: Hungarian Electrotechnical Association

NJSzT: John von Neumann Computer Society

  • Iceland

VFI: Association of Chartered Engineers of Iceland

  • Ireland

Engineers Ireland

  • Israel

SEEEI: Society of Electrical and Electronics Engineers in Israel

  • Italy

AEIT: Associzaione Elettrotecnica ed Elettronica Italiana

ANIPLA: Associazione Nazionale Italiana Per L'Automazione       

  • Latvia

LITTA: Latvian Information Technology and Telecommunications Association

  • Netherlands

NERG: Nederlands Elektronica en Radiogenootschap

  • Poland

SEP: Stowarzyszenie Elektrykow Polskich

  • Portugal

ISTEC: Ibero American Science and Technology Education Consortium

  • Russia

ISP: Institute for System Programming

ITA: International Telecommunication Academy

POPOV: Central Administration of the A.S. Popov Society

  • Serbia & Montenegro

ETRAN: Society for Electronics, Telecommunications, Computers, Automation and Nuclear Engineering

  • South Africa

SAIEE: South African Institute of Electrical Engineers

  • Spain

ISTEC: Ibero American Science and Technology Education Consortium

AEIT: Asociacion Espanola de Ingenieros de Telecomunicacion

  • Switzerland

Electrosuisse: Swiss Electrotechnical Association

STV: Swiss Engineering STV

  • United Kingdom

IET: Institution of Engineering and Technology


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Latin America (IEEE Region 9)

  • Argentina

CICOMRA: Camara de Informatica y Comunicaciones de la Republica Argentina

  • Brazil

ABINEE: Associacao Brasileira da Industria Eletro-Eletronica

SBA: Sociedade Brasileira de Automatica

SME: Sociedade Mineira de Engenheiros

SOBRAEP: Sociedade Brasileira de Eletronica de Potencia

SUCESU: Sociedade dos Usuarios de Informatica e Telecomunicacoes, Sao Paulo 

  • Chile

CIC: Colegio de Ingenieros de Chile

SCCC: Sociedad Chilena de Ciencia de la Computación 

  • Latin America and the Caribbean

ISTEC: Ibero American Science and Technology Education Consortium

  • Peru

AEP: Asociacion Electrotecnica Peruana

CIP: Colegio de Ingenieros del Peru

  • Uruguay

AIU: Asociacion de Ingenieros del Uruguay


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Asia and Pacific (IEEE Region 10)

  • Australia

EA: Engineers Australia  

  • China

CUEI: China Union of Electrotechnology and Information Science  

  • India

CSI: Computer Society of India

IEI: The Institution of Engineers (India)

IETE: The Institute of Electronics & Telecommunications Engineers

  • Indonesia

AEEE: Association of Electrical and Electronic Engineering of the Indonesian Institute of Engineers

IABA: Indonesian Association of British Alumni 

  • Japan

IEEJ: Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan

IEICE: Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers

IEICE/ISS: Institute of Electronics, Information & Communication Engineers/Information & Systems Society

IEIJ: Illuminating Engineering Institute of Japan

IPSJ: Information Processing Society of Japan

ITE: Institute of Image Information and Television Engineers of Japan

JSAP: Japan Society of Applied Physics

JSSPRM: Japan Society for Science Policy and Research Management

SICE: Society of Instrument and Control Engineers 

  • Korea

IEIE: The Institute of Electronics and Information Engineers

KICS: Korea Information and Communications Society

KISS: Korea Information Society 

  • Malaysia

IEM: Institution of Engineers, Malaysia 

  • New Zealand

IPENZ: Institution of Professional Engineers New Zealand

  • Pakistan

IEP: Institution of Engineers, Pakistan 

  • Philippines

MRSP: The Mechatronics and Robotics Society of the Philippines 

  • Singapore

IES: Institution of Engineers, Singapore

  • Taiwan

TAMT: The Taiwan Association for Magnetic Technology

  • Thailand

ECTI: Electrical Engineering/Electronics, Computer, Telecommunications and Information Association

EIT: The Engineering Institute of Thailand 

  • Vietnam

REV: Radio-Electronics Association Vietnam


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