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The biography and position statement of the 2017 IEEE Secretary is listed below.


William Walsh

Headshot of William Walsh


Bill is a Systems Engineer, Line Manager, and Program Manager with over 32 years experience in the electronics, systems, communications, and test engineering fields. He is currently employed with United States Navy in Dahlgren, Virginia, where he is the Strike Weapons Systems Engineering Chief of Operations. He is responsible for program planning, organizing, development, and execution of many high quality engineering design and development projects as well as strategic planning and contract management. Bill attended Drexel University, earning a BSEE degree. His graduate work focused on systems engineering. Throughout his career, Bill has held increasingly responsible positions with several engineering firms, leading projects for the Department of Defense (DOD), Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) customers. Projects have focused on development and implementation of security system architectures, US Navy shipboard, weapons, and avionics systems, and Command, Control, Communications, Computers, and Information (C4I) laboratory integration activities.

Activities| Regions:

(S’80-M’81-SM’03) IEEE Board of Directors, 2009-10; IEEE- USA Board of Directors 2009-10 & 2013; IEEE USA Secretary-Treasurer 2013; MGA Board of Directors 2009-10; Member, IEEE Governance Committee, 2012-13; Member IEEE Finance Committee 2013; Member, Humanitarian Ad Hoc Committee 2009-11; Co-Chair, Humanitarian Ad Hoc Committee, 2010; MGA Liaison to Standards Association, 2011; Member MGA OpCom Committee 2010; Member, IEEE Conferences Committee 2008;

  1. Member of the IEEE Board of Directors and an active participant in proactive committees of the Board, worked on aimed to reflect a more strategic Board capability, leaving the tactical implementation efforts to the organizational units (OUs).
  2. As Co-Chair of the Humanitarian Ad Hoc Committee, I was one of the founding signatories in the Engineering for Change, LLC, (E4C) partnership between IEEE and ASME.
  3. As Director, re-organized the structure of the Region 2 Executive/Operations Committee to better mirror and develop parallel activities for the various IEEE OUs that the Region is responsible to support to its members in the Sections. This includes MGA, IEEE-USA, and EAB.
  4. Reinvigorated Region 2’s professional activities through efficient and effective use of available budget to coordinate and implement a variety of successful projects across the Region.

Activities| Societies:

Member of the AESS Board of Governors - 2014-2019; Administrative Editor & Member of AESS Publications Editorial Board 2011-Present; As Administrative Editor for the AESS publications of Systems Magazine and Transactions of the AESS, responsible for many editorial and publishing tasks in support of the AESS Editorial Board, including development of updated approach to the magazine development and production, working as Associate Editor on various special issues, and 3 of 3 restructuring the vendor contracts to provide for a more cost-effective, integrated approach to the managing editing and production of these two important IEEE technical journals, resulting in improved products along with a significant reduction in expenses/costs.

Why should we select you to serve in this position?:

I have served IEEE as a proactive Member of its Board of Directors (Region 2 Director). I served as Secretary-Treasurer for IEEE USA. I currently serve the Aerospace Electronic Systems Society as a Member of its Board of Governors. I have also been an active Member of the Governance Committee for three years. This extensive experience has put me in a unique position to effectively lead the Governance Committee. The position of IEEE Secretary has two primary roles and both are founded in leadership abilities that I possess as a direct result of both my IEEE and professional careers – to function as the IEEE Secretary, providing technical and governing leadership to the BOD, and to Chair the Governance Committee, providing strategic and tactical leadership for all of the issues that the committee deals with. My overall leadership experience, in both IEEE and in public and private industry environments, qualifies me on several levels to step up and assume this position. I have often been placed in positions of responsibility and leadership, requiring a capability to communicate with all stakeholders in order to reach achievable consensus. My time on the BOD, my direct leadership experience at the highest levels of both an IEEE Society as well as a Region, and my significant experience on the Governance Committee will allow me to contribute to the needs of this Committee as its Chair and Secretary in order to help the IEEE BOD be more effective and efficient in serving its membership.

Position Statement:

It is imperative that the IEEE BoD develop efficient approaches to the communication, governance, and integration of its planned and developed initiatives within the organization. As IEEE Secretary, I would assume the responsibility of providing leadership, in collaboration with the President and each/all members of the Board, to see these initiatives through to successful completion, and to ensure that processes and procedures are followed, communicated, optimized, and properly implemented. As IEEE Secretary, I will also continue to lead the ongoing review and assessment of our Constitution and Bylaws from the perspective of how we best relate to and serve our evolving membership base, with its changing demographics and social and technical interests. I will work cohesively with all members of the BOD and OU leaders, bringing together those of differing views, building coalitions, and forging consensus on issues to create positive solutions. My overall IEEE leadership experience and my three years of participation as an active member on this Committee has given me a unique perspective of the IEEE as a whole. Working with committee members and staff, I would endeavor to focus GovCom’s efforts to assist the Board on strategies for organizational efficiencies and training and development of the next generation of IEEE Board leadership, keys to IEEE’s long-term success. Through effective communications, solid leadership, and integrity, I look forward to helping the Governance Committee, the BoD, and IEEE address all of the important challenges that it faces heading into 2017.


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