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The biography and position statement for the 2014 IEEE Secretary is listed below.


Marko Delimar

Marko Delimar for IEEE Secretary

Marko Delimar is an electrical engineer, educator and researcher. He holds BSc, MSc and PhD degrees in Electrical Engineering and a Diploma in Management. Dr. Delimar is a professor at the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, where he has been with the Department of Power Systems since 1997. He has authored over 60 journal and conference papers and received multiple awards as a researcher, educator and volunteer. He led and participated in a significant number of R&D projects in his areas of specialty, ranging from automatic power system topology recognition to substation design and wind turbine modeling. Dr. Delimar is a co-author of the National Energy Strategy for Croatia. He was also involved in assessing the use of technology on power and energy education at the undergraduate level. His current research focuses on analysis and design of smart grid architectures and large-scale integration of renewables.         
Activities| Committees/Boards:
IEEE Secretary 2013; Board of Directors, Member, 2011-2013; Governance Committee, Chair, 2013; Member and Geographic Activities Board, Member 2011-2012; MGA Awards and Recognition Committee, Member, 2013; MGA Nominations and Appointments Committee, Corresponding Member, 2013; MGA Operations Committee, Member, 2012; MGA Finance Committee, Member, 2011; Director-Elect, 2009-2010; MGA Board Representative to the IEEE-USA Board, 2010; MGA Geographic Unit Operations Support Committee, Member, 2009-2010; MGA Students Committee, Vice Chair, 2008; Member, 2008-2009; Regional Activities Board, RAB Student Activities Committee, Student Professional Awareness Activities, Chair, 2007; Member, 2005-2007; IEEE Awards Committees, Eric Herz Outstanding Staff Member Award Committee, Member, 2011-2013; IEEE Activities in Europe Ad Hoc Committee, Member, 2012; Chair, 2013; IEEE Global Public Policy Ad Hoc Committee, Member, 2012; IEEE Strategic Planning Ad Hoc Committee, Member, 2011-2013;IEEE Product Ideation Ad Hoc Committee, Member, 2011-2012;IEEE Board Transformation Ad Hoc Committee, Member, 2009-2010; IEEE 125th Anniversary Ad Hoc Committee, Member, 2008-2009; IEEE Alternative Membership Models Ad Hoc Committee, Member, 2008; IEEE History Committee, Member, 2007.
Activities| Regions:
Region 8 Past-Director, 2013; Region 8 Director, 2011-2012; Region 8, Strategic Planning Committee, Chair 2013; Region 8, Awards and Recognition Committee, Member 2013; Region 8, Nominations and Appointments Committee, Member, 2009-2012, Chair 2013; Region 8 Operations Review Ad Hoc Committee, Member, 2009-2010; Region 8, Vice Chair – Membership Activities, 2007-2008; Region 8 Strategic Planning Committee, Member, 2007-2008; Region 8, Vice Chair – Student Activities, 2005-2006; Region 8 Operations Committee, Member, 2005-2013; Region 8 Student Activities Committee, Chair, 2005-2006; Member, 2004-2008.
Activities| Sections/Chapters:
Croatia Section, Executive Committee, Member, 2004-2010; Nominations and Appointments Committee, Member, 2006-2010; Student Activities, Chair, 2004-2010; Croatia Section Power and Energy Society Chapter, Executive Committee, Member, 2006-2007.
Activities| Student Branches:
University of Zagreb Student Branch, Counselor, 2004-2013; Women in Engineering Student Branch Affinity Group, Advisor, 2006-2008; Student Branch Chair, 1995-1997.
Activities| Societies:
Member IEEE Power & Energy Society, IEEE Computer Society, IEEE Education Society, IEEE Computational Intelligence Society, IEEE Standards Association.
Activities| Conferences:
IEEE Smart Grid World Forum, General Chair, 2010, Steering Committee Member, 2010, 2011, Steering Committee Chair 2012; Program Committee Member, 2010, 2011, 2012; IEEE ENERGYCON, General Co-Chair, 2012; Honorary Chair, 2010, Technical Program Committee Member, 2010; IEEE Innovative Smart Grid Technologies Europe, International Technical Programme Committee Member, 2011; Advisory Committee Member 2010; IEEE EDUCON, Program Committee Member 2010; IEEE History Conference, Program Committee Member, 2009; European Energy Markets, Steering Committee Member, 2012-2013; General Chair, 2011; International Scientific Committee Member, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013; IEEE HISTELCON, Program Committee Member, 2008; IEEE EUROCON, Honorary Chair, 2013; International Advisory Board Member, 2007-2009; Power Systems and Power Electronics Co-Chair, 2007; IEEE AFRICON, Steering Committee Member, 2007, 2009; IEEE MELECON, Honorary Chair, 2012; Program Committee Member, 2010; Special Session – Smartgrids Chair, 2010; Awards Committee Chair, 2004.
Activities| Other:
AWARDS: IEEE Member and Geographic Activities Board, Innovation Award, 2009; IEEE Croatia Section, Distinguished Service Award, 2007; IEEE Regional Activities Board, Achievement Award, 2006.
Major Accomplishments:
1. Governance Activities. I have participated in a large number of projects aimed at improving IEEE’s governance at several levels. In Region 8, I worked on an overhaul of the Region bylaws and on authoring (and obtaining approval for) an operations manual. On the Board Transformation Ad Hoc Committee I was an active member of the group that authored drafts of a new structure for the IEEE Board of Directors. While this effort did not ultimately result in changes to the Board’s structure, I believe it created the basis on which future efforts will be built. I am currently serving as IEEE Secretary and Chair of the IEEE Governance Committee. Recognizing that our governing documents need to be updated so the organization can be more nimble in the future, I am working with the Governance Committee and the staff to improve these documents and rework the Committee’s processes. Our major focus is on an education and training program for Directors-Elect, Society/Council, and Regional officers, as well as an overhaul of the IEEE Constitution.
2. Membership. I have initiated several successful Region 8 member engagement and development projects that resulted in significant membership growth. Realizing the importance of supporting our members’ careers, I have emphasized Professional Activities as an important objective of Region 8 action plans, and formed the Region 8 Professional Activities committee. I have initiated several joint GOLD/Student programs and organized the IEEE Region 8 Student Branch and GOLD Congress 2006, which brought together over 300 IEEE volunteers from all over the world. Recently, I led efforts in harmonizing Region 8 with the vision and mission of MGA as well as the broader IEEE. In this arena I am also content with the models I developed with my fellow committee members during the operation of the 2008 IEEE Alternative Membership Models Ad Hoc Committee. In my opinion, it is undesirable for IEEE to maintain the status quo of our membership model, as established in 1963. The membership restructuring exercise of 2008 is likely to be the basis for future efforts to modernize and reform our membership structure.
3. Smart Grid. I was an active participant in IEEE’s efforts to develop and expand activities in this important emerging area, and to ensure IEEE’s leadership during its expansion. I participated in development of the IEEE Smart Grid World Forum (I served as General Chair, Steering Committee Member, Steering Committee Chair and Program Committee Member), IEEE Innovative Smart Grid Technologies Europe (as International Technical Program Committee Member and Advisory Committee Member), and IEEE ENERGYCON (General Co-Chair; Honorary Chair; and Technical Program Committee Member). I am especially happy with the progress we made through the IEEE Smart Grid World Forum. The innovative program and the interactive use of new networking technologies to enhance the Forum offer a road map for future IEEE conferences.
4. Student Activities. I started volunteering for IEEE by founding the University of Zagreb Student Branch and serving as its first chair. This led to long and active participation in the organization and expansion of student activities throughout Region 8. I served on the Region 8 Student Activities Committee (as member and later chair) as well as on the RAB/MGA Student Activities Committee. Our most important achievements during this period (2004-2006) in the Region were: (a) enhancement and support of the biennial Student Activities Conference, which brings together students from more than 60 countries for intensive training and networking; and (b) starting new activities in student branches. On the global level, I have organized and supported several IEEE contests, including the first three editions of IEEEXtreme, the 24-hour global programming competition. I helped with the publication of Student Paper Contest papers in technical conference proceedings and the IEEE Potentials magazine.
I am a long-time IEEE volunteer, currently serving my first year as IEEE Secretary and third as a member of the IEEE Board of Directors. I have served on many standing and ad-hoc committees of the Board. My participation in a variety of member activities, technical activities, and Board initiatives, from organizing local student branches to organizing major international conferences, has provided me with useful, relevant experience. I have built upon this with my understanding of the multitude of different areas where IEEE is active, and the diversity of its objectives, structures and volunteers. Most importantly, in my role as Secretary, I have assisted the IEEE President and the Board of Directors in reaching consensus on many issues. I have applied my consensus building skills to discussions between staff and volunteers, maintaining sensitivity to cross-cultural and transnational issues. Arguably the most relevant experience I garnered for the position of IEEE Secretary was my intensive participation in the 2009-2010 Board Transformation Ad Hoc Committee. This experience acquainted me with the IEEE governance structure, the needs and desires of different organizational units and constituencies, and a large number of relevant documents: IEEE’s articles of incorporation, relevant New York law, and our governing documents: constitution, bylaws, and policies. More importantly, this long and complicated discussion highlighted areas where we need improvement, discovered potential for short-term progress, and identified governance issues that require longer socialization and consensus building. Of similarly great relevance to the position of Secretary was my experience with the IEEE Strategic Planning efforts. I served as member of the Strategic Planning ad hoc committee in 2011-2013. On one hand, I gained a much better appreciation for the increasing fluidity of our position as one of the largest publishers and organizers of conferences. On the other hand, I learned to recognize the related governance issues and some of the key impediments to our initiatives and businesses. It is clear that we often lack the flexibility and the agility to respond in a timely manner to changes in the business climate. The self-imposed restrictions on our operation often slow us down to a pace that makes the life of our competition much too easy (if you are looking for an example, notice how IET was able to announce a general Open Access journal in July 2012 before we did). While I have a lot of respect to our system of checks and balances, this experience indicated that we may need to re-tune and modernize. Finally, I would like to mention my work with the Board and staff to respond to survey comments from Directors and Directors-Elect. We have increased transparency, modified the Governance Committee process to be more quick and responsive to the organizational units, provided more information to Directors-Elect, provided all Board related documentation 24 hours earlier, and are working on additional modifications to be introduced later this year.
Position Statement:
The Governance Committee (which the Secretary chairs) and the 2014 Secretary will face several challenges that require experience, consensus building, attention to detail, and courage. Among these are: (1) The need to achieve good balance in the Board’s activities between major initiatives and governance-focused efforts. (2) The need to support timely decision-making and effective implementation of Board decisions. (3) The need to simplify procedures, clear ‘bottlenecks,’ and revise and modernize arcane procedures that are either unworkable or are stifling progress. As the Chair of the Governance Committee and as 2014 Secretary, my focus would be on achieving these goals. I will strive to accomplish them by continuing to change the mode of operation of the Committee to be more responsive to the needs of the Board and the organizational units. While by nature the Committee will spend much of its time reacting to submissions, we will improve and modify our processes to respond to queries and suggestions in the most timely and diligent ways. In addition, the Committee will continue to be proactive, recognizing inefficiencies or areas requiring improvement, and looking for long-term solutions, not just reacting to what we find in our ‘in’ tray. Necessarily, this approach has begun and will continue to touch difficult governance and (re) organization matters; but if we shy away from addressing them we would not be doing service to IEEE in the long run. The Board also faces challenges that all Board members need to assist in addressing. These include (1) developing and supporting action plans to ensure IEEE’s competitiveness in the quickly-evolving area of digital publishing and professional networking. (2) Becoming a leader in developing the Conference of the Future. (3) Establishing (at long last) a significant role for IEEE in the continuing education and certification arenas. (4) Providing support for timely decision making; our current processes are overly deliberative and slow and harm our competitiveness. (5) Managing efficient and honest reviews of major operations with an eye toward better focus on key activities, elimination of redundancies and persistently unsuccessful activities, and allowing for experimentation and pilot efforts toward new models, services and products. As a member of the Board in 2014, my plan is to assist the President and my fellow Board members in keeping the Board focused on these matters. To the extent practicable, I would like to help steer the Board toward these major objectives and away from low level administrative decisions and short horizon tactics. 


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