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The biography and position statement for the position of 2014 IEEE Treasurer is listed below.


John T. Barr

John T. Barr for IEEE Treasurer

John Barr received a BSEE from Georgia Institute of Technology in 1971, a MSEE in 1974 from Stanford University and a MS in Engineering Management in 1982, from Stanford. He retired after 37 years from Agilent Technologies/Hewlett Packard in 2008. He served in various engineering R&D roles, including as the R&D Manager/Director for Agilent’s Wireless Semiconductor Test Solutions. Prior to retiring served as Agilent’s EEsof Product Marketing Manager for RFIC EDA, John’s technical activities started with the development and design of RF and Microwave component measurement systems, including design of RF downconverters, IF detectors, and the automation of these systems. This work in conventional and six-port network analyzers led to five patents and ten published papers covering vector error correction, time domain conversio,n and multi-parameter measurement systems. This evolved into a concentration in the development of high throughput manufacturing semiconductor test systems for RFICs and wireless communications ICs.       
Activities| Committees/Boards:
IEEE Board of Directions 2013. IEEE Treasurer 2013. IEEE FinCom 2007-2013. IEEE FinCom AdHoc Chair on Reserves Policy 2008. IEEE FinCom AdHoc Chair on Modifying Infrastructure Algorithms 2011-2012. IEEE Investment Committee 2010-2013IEEE Insurance Committee 2013. IEEE Ideation Committee 2013. IEEE Technical Activities Board (TAB) member 2002, 2005-2006, 2009-2012. TAB Treasurer 2009-2012. TAB FinCom 2005-2013. TAB FinCom Adhoc Committee on Infrastructure Reorganization 2006. TAB Management Committee 2005, 2009-2012. IEEE TAB/PSPB Products & Services, member 2002-'06, Chair 2005-'06    Periodical Packages Committee, member 2001-'04, Chair 2002-'04IEEE Publication Services and Products Board (PSPB) member 2005-2008. PSPB Finance Chair 2007-2008. PSPB Vice-Chair 2006. PSPB Strategic Planning Committee 2005-2008. IEEE BoD AdHoc on Finance and Inequities Issues 2009. IEEE New Initiatives Committee 2008. IEEE Marketing & Sales Committee 2006. IEEE BoD AdHoc on Large/Small Societies Issues 2006.
Activities| Regions:
Activities| Sections/Chapters:
Redwood Empire IEEE Subsection / Co-Founder (1982), Chair (1984), Program Chair (1985-86) Sections Congress 2011, "MGA and TA Conference Best Practices" Breakout Session organizer
Activities| Student Branches:
Georgia Tech Student Chapter, Vice-Chair 1970/71
Activities| Societies:
Microwave Theory and Techniques Society (MTT-S) Administrative Committee member 1994-2005. MTT-S President 2002, Vice President 2001, Treasurer 1998 - 2000. Numerous MTT-S committee chair roles. Membership Development (1992-'93). Membership Services ('94-'95). Operations (1996-'97). Long Range Planning (2004) Conferences (2008). T-MTT & L-MWC Reviewer 1986 - Present. Member of Instrumentation and Measurement Society.
Activities| Conferences:
IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Symposium (IMS) 2006 General Chair. IEEE MTT-S Radio & Wireless Week (RWW) 2012 General Chair. IEEE MTT-S RWW2011 TPC Chair. IEEE MTT-S IMS1996 Steering Committee, Publicity Chair. IEEE MTT-S IMS TPC (Microwave Measurements) 1990-2001, 2008- 2011. IEEE MTT-S IMS Technical Session Chair-1991, '94, '96, '99, '01, '09, '12, '13.
Activities| Other:
Elected a Fellow of the IEEE, 2002, "For contributions and leadership in RF & microwave component measurements & instrumentation for design and manufacturing."IEEE-Stds-378 Scattering Coefficient Measurements member 1988 - 1992IEEE Joseph F. Keithley Award Committee in Instrumentation & Measurement, IEEE Technical Field Award - member 2005-2008. NEMI (non-IEEE) Roadmap Team, Member RF Components TWG 1998-2008. Automatic RF Techniques Group (non-IEEE), EXCOM member 1984-1996, President 1987-89.
Major Accomplishments:
1) As TAB Periodicals Packages Committee Chair, led & championed the development and adoption (nearly unanimous vote by TAB) for a modern, performance-related revenue distribution algorithm. Served as model for the later modification of Conference Pub revenue distribution algorithm. 2) As sole volunteer participant working closely with staff, chaired and led the development of a data driven IEEE Reserves Policy adopted by the IEEE BoD in 2008. For the first time the IEEE has a Reserves Policy based on need versus an arbitrary number. 3) As TAB/PSPB Products & Services Chair, oversaw the broadening of Package Products to increase use (plus sun-setting some products no longer useful) and improving accessibility to a far larger group of users (including access for those in underdeveloped nations). 4) As PSPB Finance Chair, championed the creation of a permanent funding mechanism for Xplore investments, allowing the enhancing of services and increasing the value to the user community. This created a reliable funding mechanism (versus short-term NIC funding) for investing in the IEEE’s largest revenue source. 5) Presently leading the effort in IEEE FinCom to revamp the IEEE’s Infrastructure Funding Algorithm. This has involved understanding infrastructure funding impacts on all OUs and working with staff to properly scope those impacts and to avoid unintended consequences. 6) General Chair for the highly successful IEEE MTT-S IMS2006 conference. Led a large volunteer steering committee (60+), over 11,000 attendees, 1,000+ technical presentations and 900+ 10x10 exhibition booths and returned $1M surplus (twice the budgeted surplus).
Why me? 1) With six months of IEEE Treasurer experience, I have added to my deep familiarity of IEEE financial operations. I was a member of IEEE FinCom for seven years (including representing two OUs), IEEE Investment Committee for four years and Chairing FinCom AdHocs on infrastructure, reserves, Financial Risks, etc. This has led to broad and deep understanding of all aspects of IEEE & OUs financial operations. 2) My IEEE financial understanding includes working knowledge of all aspects/OUs of the IEEE with a very deep, detailed understanding with the financial operations of two key OUs and TAB/S&C operations, a major portion of IEEE finances with personal experience in conferences, publications, and society operations, as well as publications/publishing operations, the second largest IEEE department. 3) My personal style is to reach out, understand the issue & points of view, and find common ground to resolve issues. Track record of getting things accomplished even in controversial areas, such as distribution algorithms. 4) Strategic planning and forward looking development has always been a personal passion. Any organization needs to continuously evolve and stretch to be successful. It is an essential role of a leader to get an organization to think strategically in the face of thousand tactical issues. 5) I am experienced in leading/managing/meeting financial objectives with large teams/activities (as R&D Manager/Director of a 70 engineer new product development department at Agilent Technologies and as IMS2006 Conference General Chair {over $3M budget}). I believe I have the personal skills needed of a senior IEEE leader to work with volunteers & staff to help create an ever growing and better IEEE.
Position Statement:
During the first six months of being the 2013 Treasurer, I strived to increase the involvement of the OU’s volunteer Treasurers and improve the transparency of financial items, especially the budget. The IEEE FinCom have had additional conference calls in a non-face-to-face meeting months to provide OU Treasurers with more timely data and more insight into the budgeting process. Additionally, we have had started having each OU provide to FinCom more insight into their financial operations to allow all OU Treasurers to see their own OU in a more complete context. This will also increase the depth of financial knowledge among the volunteer leadership. In particular, the IEEE FinCom which will be better prepared to tackle the tough financial decisions needed. A number of projects have been started but will take some time to finish. IEEE FinCom is working to determine the feasibility and timeline of a shorter budgeting process. Initial response has been positive. The goal would be to delay the start of the annual budgeting process to allow time for better initial numbers to be provided and to provide OUs more time to focus their strategy and planning of potential activities in the first half of the year. Hopefully, this will shorten the time and angst spent on budgeting, lead to a more accurate budget and allows more focus on strategy. A staff-lead five-year budget plan process has been started to encourage more strategic thinking on project impacts on the budget and in general on planning in the IEEE. IEEE FinCom is working closely with the CFO & Staff to bring this online as soon as possible. This will provide FinCom and Board of Directors better visibility into the financial consequences of major projects and general long-term financial trends. Another project is looking into a formalized post-project review process. Presently, we are working to prevent duplication between staff post-project review process and that of potential IEEE FinCom reviews and homogenizing the metrics to review. All of these projects are works in progress and I would appreciate a second term to complete and institutionalized these efforts. Additionally, in second half of 2013, I plan for the IEEE FinCom to determine additional activities to tackle in 2014 to improve IEEE financial transparency and reporting while trying to reduce busy work and manual efforts for volunteers and staff. A key role for the Treasurer is to work with staff to improve the efficiencies of the IEEE operations, reducing the growth of expenses. This should include working on synergistic opportunities between OUs/departments while not inhibiting grass root level activities. I have a passion for the IEEE mission and the involvement of the volunteers. With my extensive experience in IEEE operations and finances plus my work experience in managing large complex activities and being co-responsible for the P/L of a significant commercial product line, I will work to make IEEE Finances less of mystery and more a support for decision making by the BoD. 



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