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The biography and position statement of the 2017 IEEE Vice President, Member and Geographic Activities candidates are listed below.


Martin J. Bastiaans

Headshot of Martin Bastiaans

Candidate for 2017 and 2018 Vice President-MGA / MGA Board Chair

Martin Bastiaans received an M.Sc. degree in electrical engineering (1969, with honors) and a Ph.D. degree in technical sciences (1983), from Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands. In 1969 he became an assistant professor, and from 1985 until his retirement in 2012, he was an associate professor at Eindhoven University of Technology, most recently in the Signal Processing Systems Group. His research covers different aspects in the general field of signal and system theory and includes a signal-theoretical approach of all kinds of problems that arise in Fourier optics. He served for eight years as the Dean for Research of his department.

Martin is a Fellow of the IEEE and of the Optical Society of America. He is the (co-)author of more than 180 papers in international scientific journals, books, and conference proceedings.

Having served IEEE in several positions in the past, Martin presently holds the position of IEEE MGA Vice Chair, Geographic Unit Operations.


IEEE Board of Directors: IEEE Governance Committee, Member, 2016; IEEE History Committee, Member, 2016; IEEE Ad Hoc Committee on Engagement in Europe, Member, 2015-16; Region 8 Director, 2013-14; IEEE Ad Hoc Committee on Strategic Planning, Member, 2014; IEEE Ad Hoc Committee on Activities in Europe, Member, 2012-13;

Awards Board: Awards Board Presentation and Publicity Committee, Member, 2014-16;

Member and Geographic Activities Board: Vice Chair Geographic Unit Operations, 2015-2016; Region 8 Director, 2013-14; MGA Operations Committee, Member, 2013-16; MGA Geographic Unit Operations Support Committee: Chair, 2015-16, Member, 2011-12; MGA Sections Congress Committee, Member, 2012-16; MGA GOLD Committee, Member, 2012; MGA Student Activities Committee: Past Chair, 2011-12, Chair, 2010, Vice Chair, 2009, Member, 2008-12; MGA Member Engagement and Life Cycle Committee, Member, 2010; MGA Potentials Editorial Board, Member, 2010.

Regional Activities Board: RAB Student Activities Committee, Member, 2007. 

REGIONS: Region 8: Past-Director, 2015-16, Director, 2013-14, Director-Elect, 2011-12, Vice Chair Student Activities, 2007-08; R8 Operating Committee, Member, 2011-16, 2007-08; R8 Nominations and Appointments Committee: Chair, 2015-16, Member, 2011-16; R8 Awards & Recognition Committee, Member, 2015-16, 2011-12; R8 Strategic Planning Committee, Member, 2015-2016; R8 Professional Activities Committee, Member, 2007-08; R8 Student Activities Committee: Chair, 2007-08, Member (Student Paper Contest Coordinator), 1999-2009. 

SECTIONS: Benelux Section: Awards & Member Grade Elevation Coordinator, 2011-12; Past Chair, 2009-10; Chair, 2007-08; Vice Chair, 2005-06; Executive Committee Member, 2004-12. 

STUDENT BRANCHES: Eindhoven University of Technology Student Branch: Counselor, 1996-2007. 

AWARDS: IEEE Fellow, 2010.  MGA Larry K. Wilson Transnational Award, 2009.  Outstanding Student Branch Counselor Award, 1999.


I have experience in leadership in several geographic units – Student Branch, Section, Region – and have successfully worked with small and big groups of members and volunteers. Having worked closely with members in different stages of their life cycle and within a Region that has a great variety of cultures and ways in which volunteers behave, I can recognize such differences and have learned to cope with it.

In my quality as Region Director, Region Student Activities Chair, Section (Vice) Chair, and Student Branch Counselor, I have acquired familiarity with operations of geographic units on different levels below the MGA level. Nevertheless, as a past and present MGA Board member and MGA Operations Committee member, I am also familiar with MGA's vision and strategy.

During my membership in the Geographic Unit Operations Support Committee, and later as its Chair, I participated actively in the design and implementation of support models for geographic units, including policies for their effective operation, and I got a clear insight in their operations and their support structures.

While a further preparation as Vice President-Elect would be welcomed, I feel prepared to take on the job of Vice President MGA, thanks to the fact that I was able to function in the MGA Board and the MGA Operations Committee, not only as a Region Director but also as an MGA Vice Chair. Especially the four years in the MGA Operations Committee allowed me to get acquainted with the many aspects of MGA in general and of the tasks of the Vice President in particular.


I started volunteering as the Eindhoven Student Branch Counselor. The Branch and its Counselor were invited to the first Regional Student Branch Congress, to inform the participants about best practices of this exemplary Branch. Subsequently, the Branch, under my guidance, organized the second Student Branch Congress in Eindhoven.

On Section level, I was involved in organizing several Signal Processing Chapter seminars. As Section Vice Chair, I started the IEEE Milestone nomination process (the first in the Benelux!) for Royal Philips Electronics. During my term as Section Chair, the first-ever CEDA Chapter was established, several inactive Chapters were revitalized, and one new Student Branch was founded. Furthermore, the (steady) growth of the Section's membership was raised to over 6% annually. Much effort was put into “making the Section the Member's home.”

On Region level, I was active in the Student Activities Committee, in particular as the Student Paper Contest coordinator for eleven years and as its Chair in 2007-08, and as Director-Elect.

As Region 8 Student Activities Chair, I was heavily involved in organizing the Student Branch and     GOLD Congress in London, which brought together over 200 volunteers from all over the world. As Director-Elect and Director, I put quite some effort into enhancing Section’s vitality (in synergy with my membership of the Geographic Unit Operations Support Committee), into streamlining Section reporting to the Region, and into researching and documenting the (early) history of the Region.

Like other Region Directors, I had to deal with such day-to-day problems as: Sections where the Chair wants to keep his position and refuses to organize elections, elections where nomination and petition rules are violated, Section ExCom members who don’t speak to one another anymore, etc. In all cases, I was able to bring peace again, but it asks for a good understanding of the different cultures in my Region.


The difference between IEEE and many of its present-day competitors is that IEEE is a membership-based organization, which forms one of our main assets and which should not be neglected. It is the vast membership that functions as our organization’s body and soul and that connects us with the outside world. A good communication between our members on the grass-root level and the higher levels of IEEE is therefore of utmost importance. Making and keeping our members happy is the best way to keep our organization alive and healthy.

In as far as their purely technical needs are concerned, members will likely find IEEE-offered benefits directly by themselves. But at the grass-root level, members expect activities and networking possibilities, as well, and it is in this area that MGA plays an important role. Such local benefits are created and offered by our local geographic units, and the local volunteer leaders should therefore receive the highest possible support from MGA.

After the transition from RAB to MGAB, MGA started to focus more on members, but it should not be forgotten that it is mainly through the geographic units how ideas go from bottom to  top and vice versa. If this communication channel is open and active, members and volunteers will feel that their voice is heard, they will appreciate and can influence MGA's strategy, and they can flourish within their own geo-units. And when they flourish, their geo-unit will become active and our members will be satisfied with what IEEE has to offer.

MGA’s effort on enhancing the vitality of geographic units, which I fully support, should of course keep in mind the cultural differences in the world. While building on the achievements of my predecessors, but originating from outside North America, I am convinced that I can bring new ideas to implement MGA’s goals.


I will apply for a continuation of my membership of the Governance Committee and the History Committee. If elected as VP(-Elect) MGA, I will give up these applications.


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Parviz Famouri

Headshot of Parviz Famouri

Candidate for 2018 Vice President-MGA / MGA Board Chair

Parviz Famouri is Professor and Associate Chair for Research and Graduate Studies in the Lane Department of Computer Science & Electrical Engineering, West Virginia University (WVU). He received the B.S. degree in Applied Mathematics from Kentucky State University, 1981, and the B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from University of Kentucky in 1983, 1986, 1990, respectively and he worked at Emerson Motor Company (St. Louis) as an Engineering Scientist in 1994.
He has authored over 200 publications including the book Reduced Order Systems (Springer). Dr. Famouri has acquired over US$10M in external funding from NSF, DARPA, Army Research Office, Department of Energy (DoE), NASA and electric utilities.
He was elected as WVU Faculty Senate Chair. He led 2500 faculty members and served in numerous task forces such as University Strategic Planning and Assessment. He co-owned two businesses and was the President of North Morgantown Rotary International Club.


COMMITTEES/BOARDS: IEEE Secretary 2015-2016; IEEE Board of Directors Ad Hoc Committee on IEEE in 2030 2015-present; IEEE Board of Directors Ad Hoc Committee on Roles and Responsibilities 2015-present; IEEE Board of Directors 2013-2014; MGA Board of Directors 2013-2014; IEEE-USA Board of Directors 2013-2014; IEEE Board of Directors Ad Hoc Committee on Ethics and Compliance Program Management 2013-2014; Member, MGA Strategic Direction & Environmental Assessment Committee 2012; Member, IEEE Conferences Committee 2011-2012; Chair, MGA Ad Hoc Conferences Committee 2012; Member, MGA Strategic Direction and Environmental Assessment Committee 2011-2012; Chair, Industry Relationship Group, Membership Workshop 2004; Regional Activities Board (RAB) Vice Chair, RAB/TAB Section
Chapter Support Committee, 2004-05; RAB/TAB Section Chapter Support Committee, Past Chair, 2006-2007; Member, RAB Membership Development Committee 2005; Member RAB Operating Committee 2004-05; RAB Industry Relation Committee, Member, 2004; Member, RAB GOLD Committee 2004-05; Member, RAB Finance Committee 2004-05; Member, RAB Student Activities Committee 1999-2000.
Region 2: Region 2 Director, 2013-2014; Region 2 Director-Elect and Vice Chair, 2011-2012; Region 2 MGA Coordinator, 2009-10; Sections Congress Coordinator, 2007; Region 2 Secretary, 2005; Region 2 IEEE-USA Professional Activities Committees for Engineers (PACE)  Coordinator, 2001-04; Member, IEEE-USA PACE Committee 2001-04; Region 2 Student Activities Chair, 1998-2000.

SECTION: Pittsburgh Section: Student Activities, 1999-2000; Section Chair, 1997-98; Section Vice Chair, 1996-97; Section Secretary, 1995-96; Section Treasurer, 1994-95.
Upper Monongahela Subsection: Chair, 1993-94; Vice Chair, 1992-93; Treasurer, 1991-92; Professional Activities Committee, Member, 1993-94; Delegate-at-Large, 1990-91.

SOCITIES/CONFERENCES: Vice President Conferences, IEEE Nanotechnology Council, 2015-2016; Vice President Technical Activities, IEEE Nanotechnology Council, 2010-2011; Chapter Coordinator, IEEE Nanotechnology
Council, 2008-2009, 2012-2013; Conference Co-chair, IEEE NANO 2014 (Toronto, CA); Program
Committee Co-chair IEEE NANO 2013 (Beijing, China); Program Committee Chair IEEE NANO 2012 (Birmingham, UK); Program Committee Co-chair IEEE NANO 2011 (Portland, OR); Workshop Chair, IEEE Region 2 PACE Workshop 2003, Alexandria, VA.


  • My current position as IEEE Secretary for the past 1.5 year has given me an insight into IEEE and allowed me to learn all the ins and outs of the organization. My involvement with various leadership and management positions at my job and as an IEEE volunteer have given me the necessary experience for the position of VP-MGA.
  • I have worked at West Virginia University (WVU) for the past 25 years. WVU, one of only eleven institutions of this kind in the United States, is a comprehensive land-grant university with a US$2.2B annual budget. Some of my experience includes the development of the WVU 2010 Strategic Plan; serving as WVU Senate Chair; and administrating over US$10M of research expenditure as the Principal Investigator which met all the regulatory compliance on periodic audits; serving in E-learning task force; and increasing institutional diversity and the effects of legislative bills on the institution. These experiences highlight my ability to meet and utilize protocol as well as plans to be efficient, organized, and sustainable for the long-term.
  • I architected and established the framework document for the merger between the electrical engineering and computer science departments.
  • From the IEEE volunteer perspective, I participated on the RAB Strategic Planning Committee (2005) and assessed how strategic planning was conducted in the past. Moreover, I was part of the MGA Strategic Direction and Environmental Assessment Committee (2011) as the Japan & India strategy was being developed. The experiences gained highlight my exposure to all 10 IEEE Regions of the world and have equipped me to contribute to the position of VP-MGA. I have the ability to think out of the box, and be an agent to create a forward looking environment.
  • I will utilize these experiences when guiding IEEE in good governance practices and all activities of VP-MGA.


Throughout my time in IEEE, I have had the opportunity to lead, organize, and work to ensure proper governance for IEEE at various Organizational Units.

  • As IEEE Secretary and Chair of the Governance Committee, I established the ad hoc Committee on Information Disclosure, made up of key volunteers and staff to finalize and address all the implementation issues of concern prudently. Working with staff, I have improved and enhanced Board of Directors’ Agenda Distribution process.  We have improved the Board’s Action List to ensure traceability, ease of finding previous actions and retained completed actions for the year.
  • As the Regional Activities Board (then RAB) Vice Chair for Section/Chapter Support, I led the effort for IEEE Councils to be allowed to establish technical chapters and coordinated the efforts of many committees to organize a successful 2006 Sections Congress and also co-led to revise Distinguished Lecturer Program.
  • As IEEE Region-2 Director-Elect, with the overgrowing Student Activities Committee (SAC) conference budget consuming a major part of the Region’s budget, I took series of actions to contain costs without reducing the level of student participation.
  • As the IEEE Region-2 Director, I established the Regional Outstanding Meeting Program (ROMP) and led bylaw revisions.
  • As the Region-2 Student Activities Chair (SAC), I established and organized the first Region-2 Hardware Contest.
  • As the Chair of MGA Ad Hoc Committee on Conferences we managed to categorize all IEEE meetings so that the $25k conference rule would be easier for the staff to interpret.
  • As the Chair of the Pittsburgh Section, I revitalized the Section by building robust and sustainable meeting programs.
  • As the Nanotechnology Council (NTC) VP Technical Activities and VP Conferences, I integrated and aligned the existing NTC Program Committees with the conferences’ program committees and led a world-wide effort to establish NTC’s first ten technical chapters.


The position of IEEE VP-MGA and Chair of MGA Board requires organization, experience, leadership, consensus building, and attention to detail. I utilize these characteristics currently in my position as Secretary, as well as bring new insight to the position of VP-MGA.

IEEE membership growth has challenges.  Today’s engineers are willing to pay for dues in return for value. We must consider new membership models, specifically targeted towards the new generation of engineers in more personally relevant ways. We need to provide products and services to keep today’s engineers current in line with our segmentation studies. Member experience, retention, and satisfaction are intertwined.

MGA must work closely with all IEEE OUs to add value to membership proposition. MGA needs to work with TAB to provide targeted technical content to our members.  We must strengthen our technical chapters and develop a systematic approach to deliver technical content globally to local communities. MGA must work closely with EAB to provide continuing education to engineers and strengthen their soft skills.

We need to track CollabratecTM milestones and reassess progress.  We need to aggressively promote the usage of this excellent tool among engineering public. We need to concentrate on career resources product for the global engineering community.

We need to develop modern tools for our volunteers to not only attract, but make volunteer experience more pleasurable and less time consuming.  I have volunteered throughout many different facets of IEEE, giving me the experience necessary to identify, encourage, nominate, and mentor candidates for higher volunteer positions. I will continue to foster volunteer leadership within IEEE.

MGA operation must be nimble and agile in this digital world. From our conferences to geographic meetings, we need to be at the forefront of digital technology and make changes to our governance promptly and prudently toward a world-class organization.


a) None
b) None
c) None


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Ramakrishna Kappagantu

Headshot of Ramakrishna Kappagantu

Candidate for 2017 and 2018 Vice President-MGA / MGA Board Chair

Ramakrishna Kappagantu has over 33 Years of leadership experience in Indian Power Sector viz. NTPC and POWERGRID. Presently he is spearheading Solar Power Projects for a Social Entrepreneur. Earlier, he was responsible for and made important contributions towards the development of the first India Smart Grid Pilot project, managing the mighty 55 GW South Indian Power Grid, its complex real time operations, Power Markets and SCADA-EMS Systems. His interests include Power System Economics, Energy Accounts, Smart Grids, Renewables and SACADA-EMS and he is a regular invited speaker with several reputed journal and conference publications. He graduated in Electrical Engineering from NIT, Jaipur, with an M.Tech in Automation and Control from JNTU, Hyderabad, and will soon be completing his PhD in Smart Grids from NIT, Tiruchirappalli. He works for embedding Human Values in Technology and Management and opines strongly that value induction alone can drive technology for the benefit of Humanity.



  • IEEE Board, Director & Delegate 2015-16
  • IEEE Humanitarian Activities Committee, Member and Board Liaison, 2016
  • IEEE EAB Continuing Education Committee, Member, 2016
  • IEEE MGA Member Benefits and Portfolio Assessment Committee, Member, 2014


  • TAB Ad Hoc Committee on Education, 2016
  • MGA Globalization Opportunities Ad Hoc Committee, Member, 2015-16
  • IEEE Ad Hoc on Humanitarian Activities Committee, 2015
  • MGA, Ad Hoc on Conference Technical Co-Sponsorship(TCS) Committee, Member, 2015
  • IEEE NIC Ad Hoc, SG4P (Smart Grid for Practitioners), Steering Committee Member,2013


  • IEEE Region 10 Director 2015-16
  • IEEE Region 10 Director-Elect 20013-14
  • IEEE Region 10, Vitality Coordinator, 2013-04


  • IEEE India Council, Secretary Cum Treasurer, 2009-10


  • IEEE Bangalore Section, Chair, 2008-09
  • IEEE Bangalore Section, Vice Chair, 2004-07
  • IEEE Bangalore Section, SAMIEEE, 2006-07
  • IEEE Bangalore Section, Student Activities, Chair 2004-05
  • IEEE Bangalore Section, Secretary, 2003
  • IEEE Bangalore Section, Treasurer, 2000-02
  • IEEE Bangalore Section, Member Development Activities, 1999
  • IEEE Bangalore Section, Technical Activities Chair, 1998
  • IEEE Bangalore Section, Education Activities Chair, 1997


  • IEEE Power & Energy Society, India Council, Chapter Chair, 2011-12
  • IEEE Power & Energy Society, Bangalore Section, Chapter Chair, 2010-11
  • IEEE Power & Energy Society, Bangalore Section, Chapter Secretary, 2008-09
  • IEEE Power & Energy Society, Bangalore Section, Chapter Founding Chair, 2007


  • IEEE PES Workshop on Smart Grid & Renewables, General Chair, 2010
  • IEEE PES Workshop on Large Scale Wind Integration into the Grid, General Chair, 2009
  • IEEE International Workshop on Technology for Education (T4E’09), General Chair, 2009
  • IEEE CASE, Local Organizing Committee Member, 2009
  • IEEE International Symposium on Measurements, Controls & Robotics (ISMCR), Organizing Chair, 2008
  • International Conference on IMS Applications and Architecture, General Chair, 2008, 2010
  • International Symposium on Microwaves, General Chair, 2007, 2009
  • IEEE India Conference (INDICON-2007), Organizing Committee Chair, 2007
  • IEEE Region 10 Conference (TENCON), Organizing Committee Member, 2003


I have been a passionate and dedicated IEEE volunteer with very good management skills, and successfully served in several positions at the Chapter, Section, Council, Region, MGA and Board levels since 1997 which include elected leadership positions also as Chapter Chair, Section Chair, Council Secretary cum Treasurer and Region Director. The history and performance of these Geo-Units reflect my involvement and multi-faceted contributions including several transnational assignments. These learning experiences have been invaluable and provided me with opportunities to appreciate the diversity and effectively handle issues/challenges that I may come across in the nominated position. Having the benefit of exposure to different levels of geo-unit operations and activities and knowing the diversity of how such organizational units (OUs) are structured and the landscapes within which they operate, I am confident that I can bring greater value to enhancing geo-unit capacity and capabilities that will ultimately result in increased member value not only at the local level, but also globally.
In my professional career, I served as a senior level engineering management executive who was always preferred to handle complex issues in electrical power sector including real time grid management, power market economics, pilot projects in emerging technologies viz. smart grid, smart cities, renewable power solar and wind projects, etc.;
I have a rich array of experience in effectively addressing technical, financial, cultural and transnational challenges in these management roles, including service as the Project Manager for the first ever Indian Smart Grid Pilot Project, which was implemented under open and free collaboration with over sixty entities, leading to at least 15 commercial pilots. My background and experience from managing day to day operations to leading teams in setting and achieving strategic long term goals is an asset that I would bring to the position to make a difference as VP-MGA.


Few of the major accomplishments that I have brought to IEEE include:

  • Sustained growth of Membership across R10, being the best in IEEE is the example of R10 Volunteer leadership efforts. Development of Mobile App for Member engagement across R10 is one of the many strategic plans implemented.
  • Streamlining and centralizing R10 Awards has been carried out in R10 in line with MGA with introduction of new Awards in Subsection and Industry Category. In a similar way, the Procedure for the Petition process by the Geo units is also streamlined and implementing powers were delegated to appropriate Executive Committee members of R10.
  • After several years, cleaning up of governing documents of R10 was taken up successfully by review and revision of Bylaws and Operating Manual. Articulated the need of review of Bylaws and other statutory requirements by all r10 Geo Units and ensured that many Geo Units started working on these requirements.
  • Scaled up AIYEHum (All IEEE Young Engineers Humanitarian Challenge) competition to global level seeking support of all Regions in 2016. AIYEHum was honored with the MGA Innovation Award in 2014. I was instrumental in obtaining IEEE Board approval with USD 60k financial grant for mitigating crisis arisen out of Nepal Earth Quake series with Smart Village and GLOFWS.
  • Creation of Ad Hoc in Region 10 level to assess the requirements and needs of Industry members, Young Professionals and Graduate Students with focus on Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Internships and skill development.
  • The industry experience and classic interpersonal relations possessed by me helped convert the IEEE strategies into tangible and tactical actions like co-ordination of MOU signing of IEEE-SA with Bureau of Indian Standards in India, supporting staff and location of offices in R10, signing the Sister Section Agreement by Bangalore Section in R10 with Central Jersey Section of R1, etc.;


IEEE membership is growing across all regions and so are the expectations of our stakeholders, especially our members and volunteers. ICE (Identify, Connect and Engage) is the best way to enhance IEEE’s true value to members. Identifying prospective members, enthusiastic volunteers and their needs is the first step. Connecting them through best possible ways including social media is the next step. Of paramount importance is engaging all members with high quality activities. Capacity Building and Micro Volunteering certainly would help at the local level (Sections and Chapters) while at the global level, cross pollination of ideas and efforts are vital between MGA, TAB, EAB and other entities to create greatest opportunities to reach out to members and serve them with tangible values and benefits.

I am confident that I can successfully address these key challenges.  My priorities are:

  • Provide a valuable member and volunteer experience.
  • Support, enhance and modernize the volunteer base with capacity building processes.
  • Increase operational efficiency & effectiveness within MGA and its interfaces.
  • Establish enhanced Inter-OU Cooperation for building a cohesive and coordinated global IEEE strategy.

Given the vital role of MGA, it is critical that any IEEE Strategy from planning to implementation phases be aligned with member and volunteer needs. With the precious experience acquired by me as the Region 10 Director, I am confident to create a productive environment for MGA that is meaningful and sustainable by:

  • Enhancing service and membership values through increased Industry engagement, continuing education and career enrichment
  • Stimulating sections for effective networking of members with stakeholders for sharing knowledge and ideas to increase possible opportunities
  • Providing continuing education and career enrichment opportunities
  • Enhancing YP activities for professional development
  • Helping students build tomorrow’s technology for humanitarian challenges
  • Encouraging WIE & YPs engage in IEEE activities for career development and life management skills.


Region 10 Director in 2015-16


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Mary Ellen Randall

Headshot of Mary Ellen Randall

Candidate for 2017 and 2018 Vice President-MGA / MGA Board Chair
Mary Ellen Randall is founder/CEO of Ascot Technologies, Inc., an award winning company which develops enterprise applications utilizing mobile delivery technologies. Previously, Ms. Randall held a variety of management and technical positions with IBM, including an international assignment, hardware & software development, digital video encoder & decoder chips, client/server services, network management, operating systems, and test design automation. She routinely managed projects on an international scale.

Ms. Randall formerly served as Board Chair for the Women’s Institute and President of the Business & Professional Women/Raleigh.

Ms. Randall’s outreach includes: Odyssey of the Mind Coach & state judge, Science Olympiad judge, FIRST mentor and judge, DARPA Urban Challenge Middle School presentations & Girl Scout outreach.

Ms. Randall was named a top Woman In Business in the Research Triangle NC area and made Business Leader Magazine’s Impact 100 List.

She has an MS Computer Science and Bachelors in Mathematics from Binghamton University.



  • IEEE Board of Directors 2014-2015
  • IEEE-USA Board of Directors 2014-2015
  • IEEE MGA Board of Directors 2014-2015
  • IEEE Audit Committee Chair 2015, Secretary 2014
  • IEEE Ideation Committee 2015-2016
  • IEEE-USA MOVE Community Outreach Program Director 2016 -
  • TAB/PSPB Product and Services committee 2016
  • IEEE-USA Awards & Recognition Committee Chair 2010-2012
  • IEEE Awards Board 2010 -2012
  • IEEE Awards Board Awards Planning & Policy Committee 2010-2012
  • IEEE WIE Committee Chair 2005-2006 & Past Chair 2007
  • IEEE MGA Rep to WIE Committee 2008-2009
  • IEEE MGA/RAB Awards & Recognition Committee 2006-2008


  • IEEE Region 3 Director 2014-2015
  • IEEE Director-Elect/Delegate-Elect 2012-2013
  • IEEE Region 3 Leadership Development Chair 2011
  • IEEE Region 3 Awards & Recognition Chair 2005-2009


  • IEEE Eastern NC Section Chair 2004 (3000+ members)
  • IEEE Eastern NC WIE Affinity Group Founder & Chair 2001-2005
  • Outstanding Volunteer – Eastern North Carolina Section 2005, 2011


  • SouthEastCon Paper Reviewer 2011
  • Student Software Competition Judge and Committee 2011
  • Chair, Professional Development Seminar: Managing Your Career in Challenging Times 2011


According to the website, "The IEEE Member and Geographic Activities Board (MGA Board) is responsible to the IEEE Board of Directors, has oversight of IEEE geographic organizational units, and is responsible for IEEE membership and member development."

My experience for this position includes: running a software company and motivating technical professionals to peak performance;  actively contributing to IEEE Board of Directors discussions, actions, and voting as a sitting director from 2014-2015; serving as IEEE Audit Chair, working as a manager in IBM for 15+ years, serving as Region 3 Leadership Development Chair and as region engagement leader.  Region 3 aggressively assisted members in Senior Member elevation, scoring as the top region (percentage wise) in the world in 2014.

I have worked in many operating units of IEEE and have a keen sense of the breadth of operations. This will be reaching out to all units to provide synergistic improvements.

If we engage the members, the growth will surely follow.  Our leaders want to excel.  It is our job to make that easier for them to build the relationships.  Once all members "feel" the IEEE connection that we feel, membership will be a problem of the past.


  • Champion of MOVE (MObile VEhicle) Initiative which provides disaster relief and educational outreach. This effort is an opportunity to engage members for the public good, enhance IEEE's image, build community, and work across the entire institute to benefit Humanity.
  • As Past Region 3 Director (2014-2015), focus areas were first year member engagement which showed improvement over other regions worldwide, Volunteer Integration Program which developed materials (and provided to MGA)  for various section and other volunteer positions, and championed the MOVE Program which is fully operational in 2016.
  • Successfully served as Chair of IEEE Audit Committee, a committee of the Board of Directors.
  • During my tenure as WIE Committee Chair, WIE Affinity Groups grew from 61 to 134 worldwide and WIE membership grew to over 12,000 members worldwide. Significantly increased region and society participation and synergy with WIE Committee
  • Strengthened financial position of section serving over 3000 members with 11 active society chapters
  • Planned and executed Region 3 Awards & Recognition Program and Celebration for 3 consecutive years by successfully executing the submissions, evaluations, and Awards Banquet each year.
  • Rolled out first event in NC


MGA is a very important operating unit in IEEE.  It is through personal interactions that the relationship or engagement with the members begins and grows.  This includes the effective operation of local chapters, sections and affinity groups in reaching out and helping our members find their professional home.  This also includes the effective integration of member engagement across all the operating units of the institute.  This also includes IEEE as a global community.

As VP of MGA, it would be my focus to help our leaders throughout the world, provide meaningful engagement to our members, outstanding support and training to our volunteers, and the ability to learn from experiences that are proven to work.  Further, my many years of experience  in industry, as a woman, and as a mother of Young Professionals,  would help me reach out to the IEEE community to address  members’ needs throughout their professional career.

The MOVE project is one such example.

Maya Angelou, poet and author said, ““I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”
Once our members connect with IEEE at that level, we will never lose them.


(a) Currently I serve as TAB/PSPB Product and Services Committee, Ideation Committee, IEEE-USA MOVE Community Outreach Program Director, Past Region 3 Director and N and A Chair.
(b) & (c) no COI responsibilities


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