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The IEEE Ad Hoc Committee on Activities in Europe was formed in 2012. Information related to the scope, membership, activity reports, and other information is provided here.

Access to Committee reports and related activity information is limited to members of the Committee, the IEEE Board of Directors, IEEE Directors-Elect, current IEEE President-Elect Candidates, members of the Management Council, and select staff.



The IEEE Ad Hoc Committee on Activities in Europe will develop and begin to implement strategies to provide greater support to IEEE members who live in Europe, primarily the nearly 60,000 members who live within the countries of the European Union (EU).

  1. A greater understanding of the common interests and needs of technologists in Europe, particularly those interests and needs common that span countries, and thus IEEE Sections.
  2. A greater sense of community and shared interests among IEEE members in European countries.
  3. Greater consensus among European technologists about technology policies that affect the lives of the European public, including, as examples, policies related to technical education, innovation, energy, information and communications, health technologies.
  4. Appropriate bi-directional communications channels between IEEE members in Europe and EU government bodies, to enable members to more easily bring their concerns to the attention of the EU government, and to enable the EU government to more easily seek advice from technologists. 
  5. Common goals and working relationships among IEEE Sections in Europe and national engineering societies.


The committee will describe its progress and present recommendations to the IEEE Board of Directors in November 2012. These recommendations will include future organizational and resource requirements. 

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Committee membership

  • Gordon W. Day, Convener
  • Martin Bastiaans
  • Cor L. Claeys
  • Marko Delimar
  • David Law
  • Axel Richter
  • Dirk Van Hertem
  • Chris Brantley, staff
  • Karine Iffour, staff
  • Matthew S. Loeb, staff



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Committee reports

There are no activity reports.


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