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The IEEE Ad Hoc Committee on IEEE Branding was formed in 2013. Information related to the scope, membership, activity reports, and other information is provided here.

Access to Committee reports and related activity information is limited to members of the Committee, the IEEE Board of Directors, IEEE Directors-Elect, current IEEE President-Elect Candidates, members of the Management Council, and select staff.



Charge: The IEEE Ad Hoc Committee on IEEE Branding will brief the IEEE Board of Directors as its November meeting on progress toward the following:

  • peer groups (non-profits, preferably in our member-driven space) who use branding and their sense of the value in the exercise
  • a hypothesis as to what the IEEE has done to achieve the brand value it has today
  • assessment of the cost and benefit of increasing brand value
  • a plan for moving forward:
    • plan elements and associated costs (of an annual or transaction basis)
    • plan pros and cons, including governance issues, if relevant

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Committee membership

  • Robert E. Hebner, Chair
  • Michael R. Andrews
  • Karen Bartleson
  • Michael R. Lightner
  • Patrick D. Mahoney (alternate: Rod Spady)
  • Independent expert (if desired by the Chair)


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Committee reports

There are no activity reports.


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