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On the International Corporate Regulatory Compliance Department’s main page you will find everything you need to understand the function of this department as well as important information related to IEEE and its regulatory compliance efforts.


What is Regulatory Compliance?

Regulatory compliance:

  • ensures that an organization and all personnel are aware of, and take steps to comply with, relevant  federal, state and local laws and regulations;
  • conformes to a specific standard, policy, or law that has been clearly defined.

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What does the International Corporate Regulatory Compliance Department do?

The department:

  • supports IEEE's intent to be in compliance with regulatory, primarily governmental agencies, worldwide;
  • retains data or records which can be used for the purpose of implementing or validating compliance;
  • provides compliance oversight, reviews and consultation for IEEE international activities;
  • serves as the primary point of contact for legal and regulatory compliance for matters arising from foreign jurisdictions;
  • monitors and documents changing business process rules and regulations then evaluates its performance with the goal of achieving full compliance;
  • maintains the official compliance and registration file of IEEE;
  • develops compliance programs or strategies;
  • initiates and monitors compliance programs and activities; and
  • acts as a liaison with international, federal, state and local regulatory agencies concerning compliance programs.

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What are the core values that guide the office?

The core values include:

  • applicable regulatory and legal compliance where IEEE does business;
  • integration of regulatory and legal compliance considerations into the business planning of IEEE; and
  • service to the Member and Volunteer in executing regulatory and legal compliance.

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Who can I contact with a compliance question?


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