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Below are the candidates for IEEE Division V Delegate-Elect/Director-Elect, 2013; Delegate/Director, 2014-2015.
Division V:
  • Computer Society


James D. Isaak

James D. Isaak for Division V

(Nominated by IEEE Division V)
Industry (Retired)
Bedford, New Hampshire, USA
Jim worked thirty years in the computer industry with Digital, Charles River Data Systems, Data General, and Intel, and five years teaching at SNHU. His roles included software engineering, test engineering, customer support, management, marketing, product management and strategic planning. For fifteen years Jim worked in U.S. and international standards efforts helping to build consensus and broad adoption, including chairing the POSIX/UNIX/Linux activities. He has one patent and has published and presented many papers, some academic, but most practitioner oriented. Participation in the Leadership New Hampshire program has provided Jim with appreciation for the value of social capital, which has been part of Jim's research into aspects of innovation. He has served on boards of IEEE, X/Open, SSIT, Computer Society and the Standards Association. Jim has been facilitating STEM programs for pre-college and life-long learning programs.
Jim received his MS-EE Computer Engineering degree and BS from Stanford University.
IEEE Accomplishments and Activities
  • Recipient of the IEEE CS Hans Karlsson Award: "in recognition of outstanding skills and dedication to diplomacy, team facilitation and joint achievement, in the development or promotion of standards in the computer industry where individual aspirations, corporate competition, and organizational rivalry could otherwise be counter to the benefit of society", the IEEE Millennium Medal, CS Outstanding Contribution Award,
  • Helped IEEE address the economic and leadership challenges we faced in 2003/04 while on the IEEE Board of Directors and Executive Committee,
  • Promoting IEEE's role in innovation, leadership development, STEM education and career development as Computer Society President (2010) and chairing the IEEE Marketing & Sales Committee (2009/10),
  • Facilitating IEEE & Society visibility in Second Life, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, Google Wave and Yahoo Groups associated with Board and officer roles,
  • Advocacy for applying online technology to IEEE's mission and activities: supporting digital libraries, web standards, online communities in IEEE's IT Strategy Committee (Chair), MGA ITOC (2011), vTools (2011/12) and CS/EPSB committees,
  • Championing awareness of technology impact as a member of the Board for the Society for the Social Implications of Technology (SSIT, 2004-2014), and participant in IEEE-USA CCIP/CCP (2002-),
  • Developing local technical, STEM and professional development programs as Computer Society Chapter Chair/Vice Chair (2004/06), and partnerships with colleges, and local technical organizations,
  • Facilitating significant improvements in relationships between the CS and IEEE as well as CS and IEEE-USA as CS Board member,
  • Supporting IEEE growth in the MGA Membership Committee, TAB Future Directions Committee (2011/12), and TAB Society Review Committee (2012/14),
  • CS leadership as VP for Standards, and VP Technical Activities
  • Candidate for IEEE-USA Congressional 2013 Fellowship,
  • Prior roles include Spectrum Editorial Advisory Board; SA Board of Governors, RevCom, NesCom, ProCom, representative to ANSI Information Infrastructure Standards Panel, and the Internet Society Advisory Board. 
We lose 80,000+ members per year adding up to over one million prior members world wide. We must deliver real value for members with positive impact on their career growth to reverse this outflow.
The rapid evolution of technology, globalization and new business models require agility and continuing growth for our professionals and also continuing innovation by IEEE to support these professionals.
Our traditional subscription based business model will not last; we must develop 21st century approaches to both facilitating information exchange and funding these activities.
IEEE's perception among corporate leaders must be improved, as well as broad visibility for the benefits that technologists bring to society. Effective programs here will increase organizational support for members, attract students into STEM careers, and reinforce the pride of professionals and members of IEEE.
Being retired, I have the time, enthusiasm, creativity and background to help create IEEE 3.0, I ask for your vote, your ideas, and your active engagement in re-engineering IEEE.
More details on my web site, LinkedIn, Facebook, blog and Twitter pages see


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Susan K. (Kathy) Land

Susan K. (Kathy) Land for Division V

(Nominated by IEEE Division V)
Missile Defense Agency (MDA)
Huntsville, Alabama, USA
Land is currently assigned as Technical Lead for the Missile Defense Agency (MDA) supporting Command, Control, Battle Management, & Communications (C2BMC) in Huntsville, AL. Ms. Land is on the IEEE Board of Directors serving as 2011-2012 Division VIII Director. She has also served on the IEEE Computer Society (IEEE-CS) Board of Governors and in a variety of volunteer positions having previously served as the 2009 president of the IEEE-CS.  In 2007, she was the recipient of the IEEE Standards Association Standards Medallion.  She has more than 25 years of industry experience in the application of software engineering methodologies, the management of information systems, and leadership of software development teams. Ms. Land is the author or co-author of a number of texts, papers, podcasts, webinars supporting sound software engineering principles and practical application of software process methodologies.
IEEE Accomplishments and Activities
In addition to current responsibilities as Division Director, continue to provide support to the IEEE Technical Activities Board (TAB) as a member of TAB Society Review Committee (SRC) and TAB Management Committee (TMC).  Previously, as President for the IEEE-Computer Society (IEEE-CS), led Society efforts for financial recovery and future growth increasing revenues in the areas of standards activities, conferences, publication, and governance and remaining dedicated to increasing the value proposition provided to membership:
  • Established deliberate policy and intentional directional changes to support the Society’s position of advancing the theory, practice, and application of computer and information processing technology. 
  • Primary author of the 2008 IEEE-CS strategic plan which changed the strategic planning process from a static to dynamic process incorporating measurable organizational and governance goals and activities. 
  • Directly responsible for the generation of a balanced budget and elimination of US$3.7M deficit during her 2008-2010 leadership tenure.   
Fiscal responsibility is essential to our continued success, future growth, and membership support.  The IEEE and the Computer Society will continue to have to make tough decisions, prioritizing efforts that will support the IEEE goals and vision, while providing the most benefit to our membership. The IEEE and the Computer Society are working to deliver increasing value to our members and I will continue to support those efforts.
As volunteers, we should all look to find ways to help both IEEE and the Computer Society provide its customers with total solution improvements.  If elected, I will strive to ensure that our products are relevant to the marketplace, are affordable, and provide a consistent view of the state of the practice.  I will continue to support the definition of initiatives and direction that enable collaboration, support interoperability, strengthen our marketing, and sustain plans for fiscal responsibility. 


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