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Below are candidates for 2016 IEEE Division VI Delegate-Elect/Director-Elect. 

Division VI Societies:

  • IEEE Education Society
  • IEEE Industrial Electronics Society
  • IEEE Product Safety Engineering Society
  • IEEE Professional Communication Society
  • IEEE Reliability Society
  • IEEE Society on Social Implications of Technology
  • IEEE Technology and Engineering Management Society


Luke R. Maki

Luke Maki

(Nominated by IEEE Division VI)

Senior Network Architect
The Boeing Company
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Mr. Luke Maki, BSME ’78, MSCS (EE, Computing Systems) ’84, is a registered Professional Engineer.  He has been involved with data communications technology implementation, and technical process development and execution, for 30+ years.  Prior employment included GTE South (now Verizon) as a Data Specialist in Marketing, and the Air Force Flight Dynamics Laboratory, supporting flight simulation.  His demonstrated individual and team leadership has been tapped to: justify the use of 10Mbps Ethernet to transfer, with the simulation cycle-time, aircraft state information between multiple simulators (1984 AFIT Master’s Thesis); develop data communications and systems proposals; develop and execute the process for ensuring production support readiness for new network products and services; develop common design approval processes; design and manage test networks for technology investigations; lead WAN design, new technology investigations, and deployments; lead regulatory compliance activities relative to network change management; and, foster a corporate strategic alliance with IEEE.

IEEE Accomplishments and Activities

IEEE Professional Communication Society

  • 1999-Present:  PCS Member
    • 1999-2007 Administrative Committee, Member
      • 2003: IPCC 2003, Publications Chair
      • 2003: IEEE PCS Emily K. Schlesinger Award (outstanding service to the society)
      • 2004-2005 Vice President, Meetings Chair
      • 2006-2007 President
      • 2007: IPCC 2007, Publications Chair
    • 1999-2007: Liaison from PCS to IEEE-USA Committee on Communications Policy (CCIP)
      • 2003-2004: Chair of IEEE-USA CCIP
      • 2005: IEEE-USA Professional Achievement Award
    • 2008: PCS Representative, Technology Management Council BoG
    • 2015: Co-Chair, PCS Chapter, Philadelphia Section

IEEE Technology Management Council

  • 2008-2014: Board of Governors, IEEE Technology Management Council
    • 2008: PCS Representative on TMC BoG
    • 2008-2010: Chair, Communications Committee
    • 2009: President-Elect (Executive Committee)
    • 2010-2011: President (Executive Committee), Structure Options AdHoc
    • ITMC 2012, Publications Chair
    • 2012-2013: Past-President (Executive Committee), Secretary, and Nominations Committee Chair
    • ITMC 2013, Vice-Chair, established initial MOU with ICE Conference in Europe
    • IEEE Ethics 2014, Launch Event Team Member, Publications Chair
    • IEEE ITMC 2014, Conference Committee

IEEE Technology and Engineering Management Society

  • 2015-2016: Member-At-Large, AdCom
    • 2015: Secretary, ExCom
    • 2015: Conferences Committee
      • IEEE ITMC 2015 and 21st ICE Conference: Vice-Chair
      • IEEE Ethics 2016: Conference Committee


  • Committee on Communications Policy (CCP; formerly the Communications and Information Policy Committee, CIPC)
    • 1999-2007: Liaison from IEEE PCS to IEEE-USA CIPC
      • 2003-2004:  Chair of IEEE-USA CIPC
      • 2005:  IEEE-USA Professional Achievement Award
    • 2008-2014: Liaison from IEEE TMC to IEEE-USA CCP
  • 2006-2010: Critical Infrastructure Protection Committee
  • IEEE RFID 2007: Launch Event Team
  • IEEE RFID 2008: Pubs Chair
  • Government Relations Committee
    • 2011-2012: Vice Chair
  • IEEE Ethics 2014, Launch Event Team, Pubs Chair
  • 2015: IEEE-USA Communications Committee, Member-At-Large

TAB Committees Served

  • Strategic Planning
  • Future Directions
  • Awards & Recognition
  • TAB Management
    • AdHoc Society Advisory
  • AdHoc: Structure
    • ‘New Technical Community’ Process



Having helped manage two of the Operating Units (OUs) in Division VI, and interacting with volunteers from all seven, there is no doubt that all embrace the IEEE Vision to be “…universally recognized for the contributions of technology and of technical professionals in improving global conditions.” With the most diverse set of Fields Of Interest of any, Division VI helps make whole the technical expertise of the Technical Activities Board. For this reason, when serving on TAB, I have consistently advocated for retention of this diversity, even in light of financial challenges. While conferences and publications are a mainstay, I will work to further develop more direct IEEE-Industry collaboration, and increase visibility of the Division VI OUs in this regard. Collaboration with some larger, international, corporations has been successful, and can potentially expand in new ways; efforts must be made to incubate similar relationships with small and medium businesses as well.  I am honored to be considered for this leadership position, and with your vote of confidence will look forward to serving Division VI.


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John Y. Hung

John Hung

(Nominated by IEEE Division VI)

Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering
Samuel Ginn College of Engineering
Auburn University
Auburn, Alabama, USA

John Hung has been on the Auburn University faculty since 1989, and his technical interests are in control systems engineering. His degrees were earned at the University of Tennessee (B.S.), Princeton University (M.E.E.), and the University of Illinois (Ph.D). Earlier, he worked for Johnson Controls, Inc., helping develop the company’s first digital controller for commercial building automation systems.  He held several visiting appointments in industry over the past 25 years, worked as an engineering consultant, and was a visiting professor at National Taiwan University of Science & Technology for one year. He received department and college-level recognitions for teaching excellence, as well as best paper awards from the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society and IEEE Region 3.  He holds several U.S. patents and an amateur radio license.

John and his wife, Diana, have been married since 1984 and have three adult children, and one grandson. He also enjoys cooking, outdoor life, and fixing old engines.

IEEE Accomplishments and Activities

IEEE member of 38 years, elected Fellow in 2011.

IEEE Leadership/Service:

  • Technical Activities Board (TAB) (2014, 2015)
  • IES President (2014, 2015), President-Elect (2012, 2013), Vice-President for Conference Activities (2008-2010), Treasurer (2002-2007)
  • IES Life AdCom Member
  • IEEE Conferences:
    • General Co-Chair: IECON (2008, 2013), ISIE (2010, 2013, 2016), ICIT-2011, Industry Summit 2016
    • Technical Program Co-Chair: ICIT (2000, 2010), ISIE (2000, 2007), IECON (2006, 2010), ICM (2011, 2017)
    • Finance Chair: 15 IEEE conferences
  • Associate Editor:
    • Transactions on Industrial Electronics (TIE): 1996-2005
    • Transactions on Control Systems Technology: 1997-1998
    • Guest Editor for 4 Special Sections (TIE)

As IES President:  fostered cooperation and collaborations across societies and organizations, e.g.:

  • New initiatives:
    • IES joined the IEEE Smart Village humanitarian program with PES, NPSS, and IEEE Foundation.
    • IES was a founding core member of the IEEE Transportation Electrification Community in 2015.
    • IES started development of the Industry Summit, a new North American event focused and driven by industry perspectives of technology (first edition June 2016), in collaboration with IEEE Meetings Conferences and Events, Region 6, Santa Clara Valley Section, other IEEE technical societies, and dozens of companies in Silicon Valley.
    • IES is proposing a new technical journal, with support of two other societies.
  • Collaborated with Division VI Directors to seek new products and activities that leverage partnership with Division VI societies. IES also hosted and fully sponsored a meeting of Division VI society presidents.

As IES VP for Conference Activities: instituted a biennial society-level Panel of Conference Organizers to help improve quality and consistency of IES conference activities.

As IES Treasurer: provided leadership to invest and expand technical activities from 6 technical committees to over 20, and also launched two new publications. Financial reserves increased more than four-fold, and the reserves-to-expense ratio exceeded IEEE guidelines by more than five-fold.


IEEE is unquestionably THE premiere leader for technical content and services for electrical engineers and technical professionals worldwide, but the future increasingly demands that we contribute to many other global communities in the same way that radio, television, and the Internet connected the world.  Making connections to others requires more than technical skills.  Whereas the majority of IEEE Societies are associated with technical fields of interest, every Division VI Society is unique in that it promotes cross-disciplinary professional expertise and values. I believe Division VI Societies are distinctly positioned to collaborate with other communities and reach out more effectively to the world. It will be my honor if elected as Division VI Director to help our Societies join hands and multiply our strengths. My professional and IEEE experiences and accomplishments have both honed and demonstrated the necessary teamwork skills to effectively work towards future growth and contribute to the global technical professional community. I appreciate your support, and the opportunity to serve.


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