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Below are the candidates for IEEE Division VII Delegate-Elect/Director-Elect, 2013; Delegate/Director, 2014-2015.
Division VII:
  • Power & Energy Society


Wanda K. Reder

Wanda K. Reder for Division VII

(Nominated by IEEE Division VII)
Vice-President Power System Services
S&C Electric Company
Chicago, Illinois, USA
Wanda Reder is Vice President - Power Systems Services at S&C Electric Company responsible for studies, engineering, procurement, project management, construction and field service in the US and governance for global service development.  Wanda has held numerous leadership positions at US-based utilities -- Exelon and Xcel -- responsible for standards, engineering, system planning, unregulated business start-ups and more.  
Wanda pioneered one of the industry’s first large-scale automation load management and control technology programs that advanced what now underlies Smart Grid investments.  In addition, she developed and implemented one of the first comprehensive Asset Management organizations, reducing system outage frequency and cost per customer while bringing customer satisfaction to an all-time high. 
She is a high energy, collaborative, results-oriented executive with a broad base of accomplishments and widely recognized leadership skills. She serves on the US DOE Electricity Advisory Committee chairing the Smart Grid and Workforce Sub-Committees.
IEEE Accomplishments and Activities
Wanda was the 2008-2009 IEEE Power & Energy Society (PES) President and served on the PES Governing Board from 2002-2011.  She is an IEEE Fellow and a distinguished lecturer.  She has focused on repositioning PES to be relevant during a period of significant change, increasing the pipeline of power engineering students to prepare for significant workforce attrition and fostering increased collaboration across IEEE.  Within this context, she:
  • Launched the IEEE Smart Grid effort and continues to lead this New Initiative which facilitates collaboration across IEEE and provides a trusted voice to for this technical domain. See 
  •  Led the movement for the PES name change to remain germane for an industry in transition.
  • Sponsored the PES web site re-design that included a Resource Center to improve capability to distribute membership materials.
  •  Introduced the IEEE Smart Grid and IEEE Sustainable Energy transactions.
  • Launched numerous global power conferences to increase presence in Regions 8-10.
  • Created the IEEE Power & Energy Engineering Collaborative which released a report that was the foundation for US$100M of US stimulus funding for Smart Grid education.
  • Sponsored an on-line career site for power engineering students. See
  • Championed the creation of the IEEE Medal in Power Engineering which is jointly sponsored by four different IEEE societies.
  • Served on the IEEE Women In Engineering Governing Committee and on the IEEE TAB/PSPB Products and Services Committee.
  •  Launched and currently co-chairs the IEEE PES Scholarship Plus Initiative which is  a unique effort sponsored by IEEE PES and the IEEE Foundation that establishes a model for scholarships and career experiences. See  Fundraising and global expansion are underway.
Collectively, these accomplishments have resulted in a significant increase in global membership, additional member services and greater visibility of the IEEE and PES value proposition for society at large. 
As the world’s largest professional association, IEEE is ideally suited to drive change and innovation as we embark upon a quest for a sustainable world.  With an eye toward the future, my focus is to provide services and products that enhance IEEE member benefits and provide value for the broader technical community.
During my PES Presidential term, I provided leadership to reposition the Society to continue to be relevant for an industry in transition.  As the Chair of IEEE Smart Grid, I introduced a unique model that facilitates collaboration across IEEE to bring a trusted voice on Smart Grid developments to the public-at-large.  As Division VII Director-Elect, I will build upon my IEEE and career experience to foster collaboration by working with Division and Region directors and the IEEE Board of Directors to expand IEEE global services and share knowledge between industry, academia and government in the power and energy sector.  Together, we can make a significant difference.  I ask for your vote and stand ready to serve you.



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Noel N. Shulz

Noel N. Shulz for Division VII

(Nominated by IEEE Division VII)
Paslay Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Kansas State University
Manhattan, Kansas, USA
Noel N. Schulz (Student Member 1985 , Member 1990, Senior Member 2000) serves as IEEE Power & Energy Society (PES) President for 2012-13. She received her B.S.E.E. and M.S.E.E. degrees from Virginia Tech and a Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota. She is the Paslay Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Kansas State University and has 19 years of teaching experience including positions at Virginia Tech, Mississippi State University, Michigan Tech and University of North Dakota. Noel has served as IEEE PES Awards and Recognition chair (2001-04), PES secretary (2004-07), PES treasurer (2008-09) and PES president-elect (2010-11).  Schulz, a founding committee member for the IEEE Electric Ship Technologies Symposium (ESTS), was general conference chair for the IEEE ESTS 2009.  In 2012, she is a member of the IEEE Technical Activities Board (TAB), IEEE Society Presidents’ Forum and member of the IEEE Women in Engineering Committee.
IEEE Accomplishments and Activities
I have had an opportunity to be involved in IEEE PES for over 20 years with positions in society leadership, finances, conferences, education, committees, publications, conferences and awards and recognition.
Accomplishments and Leadership Efforts:
·         Worked with PES Governing Board and Executive Office since 2004
·         Leading efforts for 2012-2013 PES activities
o    Engage current and new “Smart Grid” workforce through professional development
o    Leverage partnerships within IEEE and internationally
o    Increase PES footprint in Regions 8-10
o    Increase WIE and GOLD activities
·         Chaired working group that developed second PES Careers Video “Power Engineering: Careers that Make Technology Work” (
·         Re-organized PES Awards including helping to establish several new PES awards and increasing recognition of IEEE Fellows during PES General Meeting
·         Helped initiate IEEE PES Marine Systems Coordinating Committee and Electric Ship Technologies Symposium (ESTS) Conference
·         Increased Activities for Women at PES Events
o    Organized several Women in Engineering Receptions and Panels at various PES events since 1997
o    Organized Annual Women Faculty in Power Dinner since 1996
IEEE Senior Member since 2000
IEEE Technical Activities Board and Women in Engineering Committee, Member, 2012
IEEE Power & Energy Society (PES)
·         Governing Board and Executive Committee, 2004-present; Secretary 2004-2007; Treasurer 2008-2009; President-Elect 2010-2011; President 2012-2013
·         Chair, IEEE PES Award & Recognition Committee, 2000-2003; Member, IEEE Technical Activities Board (TAB) Awards Committee, 2001-2003
·         Active Member, PES Technical Committees, Subcommittees and Working Groups
o    Marine Systems Coordinating Committee
o    Power & Energy Education Committee
o    Power System Analysis, Computing and Economics
o    Power System Operations
o    Transmission & Distribution
·         Organizing Committee of IEEE ESTS 2005, 2007 and 2009; Treasurer and Registration Chair, 2005 IEEE ESTS, July 2005; 2007 IEEE ESTS, July 2007; General Chair and Treasurer IEEE ESTS, April 2009
IEEE ABET Evaluator for Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering programs, 2001-2009.
It is truly a privilege to represent you as the IEEE Power & Energy Society (PES) President for 2012 and 2013.  During this year and next I am working with other society presidents and with division directors on the IEEE Technical Activities Board (TAB) to help expand benefits and professional development opportunities for PES and other IEEE members.   In 2012, the PES Governing Board and other volunteer leaders are working with me to 1) Enhance, Document and Extend PES Level Strategies and Partnerships, 2) Expand quantity and diversity of PES Membership, and 3) Increase member involvement and knowledge of membership benefits.  We are working to increase our services and direct involvement for all 29,000+ PES members through chapters, publications, meetings, education, technical activities and outreach in all 10 regions around the world.
As a member of the IEEE TAB for 2012-2013, I believe I can continue our momentum by serving as your Division VII Director for 2014-2015.  Please vote for me so I can represent you and PES on the IEEE Board of Directors.


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