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For IEEE Region Delegate-Elect/Director-Elect, 2013-2014; Region Delegate/Director, 2015-2016


Gerard J. Christman

Gerard Christman for Region II

(Nominated by IEEE Region 2)
Program Manager and Senior Systems Engineer
Alexandria, Virginia, USA
Gerard Christman is Program Manager and Senior Systems Engineer with FCI.  He has supported the DoD CIO for 9 years and completed a military career as an Army Officer.  His career culminated in the Pentagon as a Senior Information Technology Program Analyst.  He supported Ambassador Bremmer in the administration of Iraq. He has contributed to books from the National Defense University (NDU) and has authored articles on ICT-related issues.  He has contributed to policy formation, curriculum development, legal reforms for ICT-related humanitarian assistance, and data model development.  He is ABD in a PhD Information Systems, Nova Southeastern University, holds a Dual Masters in Telecommunications and Computer Resources and Information Management, Webster University, and a Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical) with Honors, Pratt Institute.  Gerard is a Fellow of the Washington Academy of Sciences, a Senior Member of the IEEE, and has been inducted into Eta Kappa Nu (HKN) honor society. 
IEEE Accomplishments and Activities
Committee on Communications Policy
Treasurer, R2
Assistant Treasurer, R2 (2011)
Area Chair South, R2 (2009)
Director, (2009-2010), Section Chair (2008), Vice Chair (2007)
Secretary (2006) with the Washington Section
Delegate Section’s Congress (2008)
MGA Nominee to HKN Board of Governors (2011)
IEEE-USA Annual Conference, Indianapolis (2009, 2012)
Member of Societies:
  • Computer
  • Communications
  • Computational Intelligence
  • Society on Implications of Technology
I have extensive experience at the Section level.  I am familiar with the structure of the IEEE and Member and Geographic Activities Board.  I am familiar with IEEE-USA and serve on its Committee on Communications Policy.  I have served at Regional level as Area Chair, Assistant Treasurer, and Treasurer. 
I have been actively involved in and supported many IEEE activities such as:
  • I sponsored the University of Maryland’s entry in the National Solar Village competition resulting in a 3rd place finish
  • Sponsored the Terrapins engineering racing team resulting in national 1st and 3rd place finishes
  • Supported the Washington Academy of Sciences resulting in a vibrant STEM program
  • Assisted in establishing the Robotics and Automation Society in the Washington area
  • Participated in archiving the history of the Washington Section for the IEEE 125th Anniversary
  • Presented an award to Global History Network and the IEEE History Center
  • Participated in officer training that has become the model for training across the region
  • Supported National Engineers’ Week and participated in Future City Competition in Washington, DC
  • I helped maintain a vibrant national capital area awards program and a newspaper “Scanner” to bring information to our members
If elected, I intend to encourage and promote activities that inspire, enable, empower, and engage our members.  I will encourage cooperation between the Region’s geographic units to ensure our members perceive connectedness and value for their membership.  I will support the establishment or refinement of IEEE policies that further enhance the relationship between society chapters and sections.  I intend to competently represent the equities and interests of our Region at the MGA level.  I intend to be a good steward of IEEE resources and to posture the Region to execute a vibrant and meaningful program for our members.  And lastly, I will promote activities to retain existing members as well as grow the number of new members in the Region.



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Timothy P. Kurzweg

Timothy_Kurzweg for Region II

(Nominated by IEEE Region 2)
Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Assistant Dean of Engineering
Drexel University
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Timothy Kurzweg’s technical interests are in micro-optical systems for biological sensing, communication, and imaging.  He is an Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Drexel University in Philadelphia, and co-founder of MetaTenna LLC, a startup that develops transparent and flexible antennas.  At Drexel, Tim also serves as Assistant Dean of Engineering and as Director of the Bachelor of Science Program in Engineering (BSE).  He obtained his academic training at Pennsylvania State University (B.S., 1994) and the University of Pittsburgh (M.S., 1998; Ph.D., 2002). He is the recipient of the 2011 Eta Kappa Nu C. Holmes MacDonald Outstanding Teacher Award, and the 2009 Christian R. and Mary F. Lindback Award for Distinguished Teaching.  His principal studies were published in the IEEE Transactions on Magnetics and the Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics. His research group was supported by the National Science Foundation, Lucent Technologies, and the US Army (CERDEC).
IEEE Accomplishments and Activities
I have been an active volunteer for IEEE in multiple Boards and Committees.  My participation in the New Initiatives Committee (NIC, 2009-11) provided me with broad acquaintance with IEEE’s structure, and with understanding of IEEE’s organizational units at both the regional and technical level.  During the time I served on NIC, we dispensed approximately US$10 million to new projects that have strengthened IEEE as a whole.  I am particularly proud of our support of student and pre-university activities, as well as continuing education for professionals.
I have two significant experiences of strategic planning, in the IEEE Conferences Committee (I served as Chair for Strategic Planning in 2011) and in the Educational Activities Board (I serve as Chair for Strategic Planning in 2012).  Both positions have provided me with deeper understanding of the overall activities of IEEE and would be very useful if I am elected Region 2 Director. They will assist in planning of regional activities and member services, and help focus attention on the needs of engineers and computer professionals in the region.
Being part of the Eta Kappa Nu, the IEEE honor society, has always been a priority of mine, since was inducted as an undergraduate student in 1994.  I became the Drexel Eta Kappa Nu Chapter Faculty Advisor in 2005, and was able to revitalize this then-struggling Chapter, with remarkable growth of members and activities.  Since then I engaged in Eta Kappa Nu activities at the national level. This experience increased my involvement in IEEE’s student activities. 
It was a great honor to be named the recipient of the IEEE-HKN C. Holmes MacDonald Outstanding Electrical and Computer Engineering Educator Award for 2011, and I am excited for the opportunities to carry on the traditions of this award’s past recipients in service to the community and to IEEE.
Through my volunteer activity I have gained thorough understanding of how the whole IEEE organization works, and I now possess familiarity with organizational, administrative and budget processes at all IEEE levels.  If elected, I will use this knowledge to the advantage of members in our Region, in areas such as employment assistance, continuing education, advocacy of the profession, pre-university education, and student activities. I will pursue activities and challenges at several levels, including:
  • Revitalize IEEE’s career services, with emphasis on real time assistance to members.
  •  Increase the fraction of IEEE conference activities devoted to applications and practical content. 
  •  Improve accessibility of members to IEEE’s publications databases.
  • Invest in expansion of IEEE into new technical areas; ensuring IEEE’s leadership in relevant emerging technical areas within life sciences, financial engineering, and   entertainment engineering.
  • Attract more students, including graduate students, into IEEE, with clear focus on retaining these students as members when they graduate.
  • Increase the number of volunteers from among our members by providing shorter, flexible and more modular volunteer assignments.


Emilio M. Salgueiro

Emilio Salgueiro for Region II

Emilio M. Salgueiro
(Nominated by IEEE Region 2)
Consulting Engineer
Performance Engineering Group
Unisys Corporation
Malvern, Pennsylvania, USA
Emilio Salgueiro received the BS in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering from National University of Mexico and the Master degree in Engineering Science from The Pennsylvania State University.  He is a computer performance architect with over twenty years of experience in the private industry as well as academia.  His technical interests include Computer Architecture with emphasis on Performance Measurement, commercial workload characterization and Performance Modeling.
Salgueiro co-authored several internal papers in his field of expertise. He is also a reviewer of the textbook Computer Architecture, A Quantitative Approach by Hennessy and Patterson. He is the recipient of Past Chair Award and was recognized for his contributions to the IEEE Philadelphia Section.  He is an active IEEE volunteer in the Philadelphia Section and member of ACM. Emilio has actively participated in the IEEE Sections Congress, IEEE-USA annual meeting, and several IEEE Region 2 meetings.
IEEE Accomplishments and Activities
I have been an IEEE member since 1978 and have served on the Philadelphia Section Executive Committee in various leadership roles.
SECTION: Philadelphia Section: Chair, 2011; Vice Chair, 2010; Treasurer, 2009; Secretary 2008.
IEEE AccomplishmentsChair of the Philadelphia Section:
  • Represented the Philadelphia Section at the 2011 World Sections Congress in San Francisco sponsored by IEEE Member and Geographic Activities (MGA) Board.
  • As Chair, I made a priority to promote changes to increase members in industry to obtain the grade of IEEE Fellow.
  • As chair of the Philadelphia Section assisted organizing Senior Member workshop, training for members in the area of various fields of engineering. Monthly meetings with participation of various chapters within the section. Organized the IEEE-USA presidential candidates’ debate with the participation of Mark Apter and Nita Patel.
  • Represented IEEE Philadelphia at the IEEE-USA conference in Austin, TX.
  • Participated in the creation of the Philadelphia Section Women in Engineering Chapter.
  • Participated at the IEEE-USA level in the Congressional Visitation Days held in Washington, DC.
  • Established the first use of teleconferencing to outreach members. To date we held multiple meetings using this facility. I envision this effort to continue with webcasts.
  • The Philadelphia Section sponsored student membership and participation through paper competitions. Other sponsored activities was the Collaborative Technologies, this was a joint activity with the Dayton, OH Section.
  • There is a long list of activities supported by the Philadelphia Section such as Employment Network, CONET and others.
Chair of the Computer Society for the Philadelphia Section:
  • Joint meetings facilitated by the Philadelphia Section, Section Night. 
As director, I intend to focus on:
  • Promoting membership participation in IEEE activities and services. In today’s economy it is critical to support fellow engineers with activities such as technical forums that help further their career and deal with technological changes to remain globally competitive.
  • Engineering outreach is critical in this competitive global economy. Supporting and engaging members and sections in engineering outreach to future engineers, focusing in the K-12 audience. Improving STEM education is key to pursue potential engineering students.
  • Support members and recent graduates retention efforts.
  • If elected, I will be in close contact with section chairs, support their activities and growth in IEEE leadership development. I plan to work very closely with the Region 2 director-elect and support his/her efforts and coordinate with IEEE and IEEE-USA presidents to realize the IEEE strategic directions at all levels. I want to express my deep appreciation for this opportunity to serve.


I strongly believe in supporting our profession. I have experience in academia, industry and professional organizations and appreciate the opportunity to serve IEEE’s membership.