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Below are the candidates for the 2017 IEEE President-Elect. The 2017 President-Elect will become President in 2018.

The sequence of candidates was determined by lottery and indicates no preference.


James A. Jeffries

Headshot of Jim Jefferies

(Nominated by IEEE Board of Directors)

Denver, Colorado, USA

Jim Jefferies is a retired AT&T and Lucent Technologies executive who in 33 years rose from manufacturing engineer to vice president. He was responsible for teams that transferred glass technology from Bell Telephone Laboratories and developed fiber optic cables for AT&T. He also served as logistics vice president, responsible for worldwide supply chains, Quality Assurance, and export planning. He has led teams in major technology transfers, transitions of information technology, and organizational change. More recently, he teamed with fellow Stanford Business School graduates in an entrepreneur venture in San Francisco and served as Chief Operating Officer. He was 2015 President of IEEE-USA supporting expanded focus on public visibility, young professionals, and humanitarian outreach.

He earned his BSEE from the University of Nebraska, an MSES from Clarkson University and is a licensed Professional Engineer (Emeritus).  He attended the Stanford University Business School as a Sloan Fellow earning an MS in Management.

IEEE Accomplishments and Activities

OFFICES/COMMITTEES: IEEE Board of Directors 2012-13 and 2015; IEEE-USA President 2015; IEEE-USA Entrepreneurship and Innovation Policy Committee 2008-16, Chair 2016; IEEE Employee Benefits and Compensation Committee 2015-16; Region 5 Director 2012-13; IEEE Audit Committee 2012-13, Chair 2013; IEEE-USA Board of Directors 2009-16; IEEE-USA Vice President – Professional Activities 2009; IEEE-USA Vice President – Government Relations 2010-11; IEEE-USA Government Activities Committee 2006-11; IEEE-USA R&D Policy Committee 2005-08; IEEE Member services Committee 2011.

REGION: Region 5 Director Elect 2010-11, Government Activities/Technology Policy Director, 2006-09.

SECTION: Denver Section Chair, 2008; Vice Chair, 2007; Professional Activities Committee, Chair, 2005-06.

AWARD: IEEE-USA Regional Leadership Award, 2007.

IEEE Recent Accomplishments

  • As IEEE-USA President initiated a national Leadership forum event for Young Professionals and supported unique, volunteer team mobile vehicle for disaster response and STEM outreach.
  • Acted as an effective public policy spokesman for IEEE.
  • Led annual interactive Symposium with US Government agencies and US Senate Committee on increasing support for small technology entrepreneurs.
  • Developed innovative professional activities programs working with local government, economic development agencies, and universities including survey of impact of engineers on the economy.
  • Initiated new programs for entrepreneurs including sharing of experiences of successful entrepreneurs.
  • Actively participated in developing roles and responsibilities for board relationships focused on improving partnering and cooperation.
  • Personally developed and executed member and industry direct outreach surveys on needs, opinions, and workforce future.
  • Restructured Government Relations budgets with flexibility to fund priority activities and assure rapid response to emerging issues.
  • Continuously embraced the importance of defining membership value in the role of building careers and shaping public policy while supporting the clearly appropriate globalization of these activities.
  • Established partnering contacts with other leading professional societies.

I have served two separate board terms, provided valuable expertise to board committees, maintained a future perspective and member focus and also advocated for appropriate globalization.


As your president I will work with unencumbered time and dedication for a secure future for IEEE.

IEEE has organizational breath, a powerful brand, enviable mission and a defined future direction in its strategic plan.  Our basic business models and relevance as a membership organization must be tested and adapted to change. Implementation of that strategic plan will require establishing priority and accountability, making a commitment to innovation, and establishing a clearly cooperative volunteer and staff relationship. The world’s leading technical professional organization can grow that lead with a leadership focused on crisp execution in

Building new and broader technical communities – more areas, more communities, act as a multidisciplinary trendsetter

Leading the way in emerging technology forums – provide trend analysis, reestablish industry outreach, be a definitive source of indispensable content

Expanding our rich public policy voice globally – grow visibility with both technology and policy worldwide, be a strong partner with other professional groups, be a source that must be consulted

Renewing our focus on membership value – tailored value propositions, openness to alternative membership models

I believe we are a professional membership organization.  Members create much of the value but they are also diverse in both their affiliations and needs. Time must be devoted to understanding and delivering on needs of members that are engaged in studying, teaching, practicing, inventing and advocating for technology who also may be entrepreneurs and consultants, or have special career needs such as young professionals or women.  Focus on these areas is assured by your vote.


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Wanda K. Reder

Headshot of Wanda Reder

(Nominated by IEEE Board of Directors)

Chief Strategy Officer
S&C Electric Company
Chicago, Illinois, USA

Wanda Reder is the Chief Strategy Officer at S&C Electric Company, a global provider of electric power switching, protection, and control solutions.   She has responsibility for strategy, competitive positioning, and acquisitions, and built an engineer-procure-construct organization that has positioned S&C as a leader in wind, solar and energy storage markets.  Prior to S&C, she served as Vice President at Exelon, overseeing asset management, engineering, planning and standards for electric utility power operations in Philadelphia and Chicago.
Wanda is a strategically-minded, results-oriented executive who is a widely-recognized inspirational leader with high energy.  For example, she provided leadership to launch the IEEE Smart Grid and the IEEE PES Scholarship Plus Initiative–both first-of-kind activities that serve as models within IEEE.  

An IEEE Fellow, Wanda serves on the U.S. Department of Energy’s Electricity Advisory Committee, and was elected into the National Academy of Engineering for leadership in electric power delivery and workforce development.

IEEE Accomplishments and Activities

My significant accomplishments:

  • IEEE Smart Grid Chair and Founder 2011-2014
    • IEEE Smart Grid has 90,000+ followers, is supported by 14 IEEE Operating Units, and is a successful model that other IEEE multi-disciplinary initiatives are replicating.  It developed collaboration across the Institute, built a trusted voice, attracted industry involvement, and has facilitated social media adoption. 
  • IEEE Power & Energy Society (PES) President 2008-2009
    • As its first female President, provided leadership to rebrand, rename and add value-added services. As a result, PES membership has consistently grown to become the second largest IEEE society.
  • IEEE PES Scholarship Plus Initiative Chair and Founder 2010-2014
    • Has attracted US$6.5M in charitable contributions, granted over 950 scholarships, attracted enthusiastic Young Professionals to IEEE, and nearly doubled the pipeline of graduating power engineers.  IEEE Foundation Signature Programs are modeling it to enable IEEE humanitarian efforts with philanthropy. 

IEEE Board and Committee - a sample of my contributions:

  • IEEE Foundation Board of Directors 2014-Present
    • Audit Committee 2016
    • Nomination & Corporate Governance 2015
  • IEEE Board of Directors
    • Director, Division VII (Power & Energy) 2014-2015
    • Industry Engagement Ad Hoc Committee 2014 (Chair); 2015
    • IT Ad Hoc Committee 2014
    • Future Directions Committee 2009-2015
    • IEEE OU Conferences & Education Activities Cooperation Ad Hoc Committee 2009
    • Public Visibility Committee 2014-2015
    • TA/MGA Visits Program 2009
  • IEEE Technical Activities Board 2008-2009; 2014-2015
  • IEEE Power & Energy Society Governing Board 2002-2011; 2013-2015
  • IEEE Women in Engineering Board 2010

Awards – most recent recognition:

  • 2016 IEEE–Eta Kappa Nu Induction
  • 2015 IEEE Chicago Section Distinguish Service Award
  • 2014 IEEE Richard M. Emberson Medal
  • 2013 IEEE Power & Energy Society Meritorious Service Award
  • 2013 IEEE TAB Hall of Honor
  • 2013 Electrical and Computer Engineering Heads Association Industry Award
  • 2012 IEEE Power & Energy Society Leadership Award
  • 2012 IEEE Fellow


IEEE is an extraordinary community having global reach and technical breadth like none other. By leveraging the Institute’s collective strength, IEEE will continue to be predominate in advancing technology for humanity.  Meanwhile, serving evolving interests requires increased agility to remain relevant.  IEEE Board of Directors have been addressing this through strategic planning to prepare IEEE for the future.   

As IEEE President, I will advance the strategic plan into implementation by aligning priorities, resource allocation, and financial investment.  My near-term focus is on growth by increasing engagement and fostering greater relavancy and membership value:

Increase Global Engagement

…with a specific focus on industry.  Global membership engagement is important to IEEE’s vitality. Increased global focus is especially needed to forge a deeper connection with industry and practicing engineers. In doing so we can ensure their continued participation by better illustrating IEEE benefits and providing services that are truly valued.

Improve Relevancy

…by remaining a leader in technical development that is made available through improved tools that contemporizes and transforms content and its delivery.  Developing partnerships to enhance search engines, online access, interactive capability and mobile device applications can greatly enhance the access and delivery of relevant information.

Build More Value

…by offering competency-based education that supports career progression. Engineering careers are increasingly collaborative, multidisciplinary, entrepreneurial, and global, which is changing professional education needs. IEEE can increase value for membership and industry by becoming a career development partner that enables progression though competency-based education that is IEEE certified.


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