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Below are the candidates for 2015 IEEE President-Elect. The 2015 President-Elect will become President in 2016.

The sequence of candidates was determined by lottery and indicates no preference.


Barry L. Shoop

Barry Shoop

(Nominated by IEEE Board of Directors)
Professor and Department Head
Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
U.S. Military Academy
West Point, New York, USA
Barry Shoop received the Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University. He is Department Head of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, responsible for an academic department with 79 faculty and staff serving over 2300 students annually. He is a Fellow of the IEEE, OSA and SPIE. He received the 2008 OSA Robert E. Hopkins Leadership Award, the 2013 SPIE Educator Award, and the 2013 IEEE Haraden Pratt Award “for outstanding service to the IEEE.”
Earlier Dr. Shoop was a satellite communication engineer responsible for design and installation of a high-capacity, world-wide digital communication network, and also the CTO for a US$4.5B organization addressing the Improvised Explosive Device (IED) challenge worldwide. He holds a patent on photonic analog-to-digital conversion, and has authored over 150 archival publications as well as 8 books and book chapters. He is a licensed Professional Engineer in Virginia, USA.
IEEE Accomplishments and Activities
Recent IEEE leadership roles:
  • Board of Directors (2006-2010)
  • Vice-President, Member and Geographic Activities (2010)
  • Secretary (2008-2009)
  • Member and Geographic Activities Board (2006-2012)
  • Publication Services and Products Board (2009)
  • Executive Committee (2008)
  • Chair, RAB-MGA Transformation Committee (2006-2007)
  • IEEE-USA Board of Directors (2006-2007)
  • Director, Region 1 (Northeast US) (2006-2007)
  • Education Activities Board (2004-2006)
Major IEEE committees:
  • Globalization Strategy Committee (2014)
  • Nominations and Appointments Committee (2011-2012)
  • Chair, Member and Geographic Activities Board of Directors (2010)
  • New Initiatives Committee (2012)
  • Chair, Governance Committee (2008-2009)
  • Chair, Business Management System Committee (2008)
  • Strategic Planning Committee (2008)
  • Audit Committee (2006-2007)
  • Spectrum Magazine Editorial Advisory Board (2007-2010)

As Vice President, Member and Geographic Activities
I was the architect of the Regional Geographic Strategy and Metropolitan Area Workshop.

  • Regional Geographic Strategy:
    • Leverages unique circumstances and commonality of the local geographic region to improve membership value and drive recruitment and retention – a software engineer in Bangalore has different professional needs than a software engineer in Boston.
  • Metropolitan Area Workshops:
    • Focus on practitioners to provide professional education, certification, career assistance and professional networking to support technical and professional needs.
    • Universally receive outstanding reviews (85%-90% satisfaction) from attendees.
    • Are being implemented worldwide.

As IEEE Secretary

  • Restructured the Governance Committee to make the entire IEEE governance structure more efficient and effective.
  • Chair, Business Management System Committee which guided the development of the current IEEE IT business platform. Results changed the entire IEEE IT Enterprise, including structure, governance, and architecture.

As Chair of the RAB-MGA Transformation Ad Hoc Committee

  • Led the transformation of the Regional Activities Board (RAB) into the Member and Geographical Activities Board (MGAB) – the largest IEEE transformation in recent history – focusing on the member.

More at


I will work passionately on three objectives:

Increase IEEE’s Value

  • For Our Members
    • Tailored tools, products and services – continuing education; application workshops, conferences and journals; integrating social networking and collaboration tools with information discovery platforms — supporting professional growth and career security
    • Focus on practitioners and professionals
  • For Our Profession
    • Increase recognition, prestige and impact of our profession
    • Influence public policies that support innovation and technological progress
  • For The Public
    • Strengthen IEEE’s brand recognition
    • Influence public policy worldwide
    • Help young people consider engineering, computing and technology for future careers
  • Expand new initiatives including
    • Metropolitan Area Workshops, Smart Vehicles, Smart Grid, Smart Cities, Life Sciences and Rebooting Computing

An IEEE For the 21st Century

  • Global Growth
    • Expand IEEE globally, seeking members in all regions
    • Support emerging markets in Asia, Latin America and Africa
    • Address underserved segments in the United States and other mature markets
    • Focus on practitioners worldwide
  • New Modalities of Knowledge Distribution
    • Deliver more knowledge rather than more information
    • Enhance traditional papers with new elements: on-line interaction, videos, databases, simulation tools and wikis

A More Adaptive and Innovative IEEE

  • Create a Structure and Culture of Innovation
    • Create an organizational structure that proactively identifies new markets and potentially disruptive innovations
    • Develop a culture that encourages diversity, experimentation, risk-taking, and collaboration
  • Build Strategic Partnerships
    • With other professional societies, including nontechnical organizations
    • With industries, academia and governments worldwide

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Frederick C. Mintzer

Fred Mintzer

(Nominated by IEEE Board of Directors)
IBM (Retired)
IBM T.J. Watson Research Center
Yorktown Heights, New York, USA
Fred Mintzer received his BSEE from Rutgers University and PhD in EECS from Princeton University. He joined IBM’s Thomas J. Watson Research Center in 1978. Beginning in the middle 1980s, he managed a team that developed new technologies for image database applications and validated them in projects with cultural institutions that included the Vatican Library, Russia’s Hermitage Museum, and the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. From 2001 until 2005, he managed the Visual Technologies Department which developed new technologies for digital imaging, computer graphics and data visualization. From 2005 until retirement in 2013, he was the Program Director for IBM’s Blue Gene Watson facility, which once included the world’s second most powerful computer. He contributed to over twenty-five patents, fifty publications, and several IBM offerings. His recognitions included membership in the IBM Academy of Technology and being twice named an IBM Research Master Inventor. He is an IEEE Life Fellow.
IEEE Accomplishments and Activities

COMMITTEES/BOARDS: IEEE Board of Directors, 2012, 2008-09. Technical Activities Board: Member, 2011-13, 2008-09, 2004-05; TAB Strategic Planning, Chair, 2013; VP Technical Activities and Chair, TAB and TAB Management Committee, 2012; IEEE New Initiatives Committee, 2013; TAB Ad Hoc on a New Level of TAB Recognition, Chair, 2012; TAB/MGA Ad Hoc on Membership Models, 2012; TAB Nominations and Appointments, Chair 2011. IEEE Nominations and Appointments, 2011. IEEE Governance, 2010. Employee Benefits and Compensation Committee, Chair, 2009. IEEE Audit Committee, 2008-09. Membership Development Committee, 2007.

SOCIETY: Signal Processing Society (SPS): Past-President and Nominations and Appointments Committee Chair, 2006-07; President, 2004-05; President-Elect and Chair of SPS Technical Directions Committee and Long Range Planning Committee, 2002-03; Board of Governors, Member-at-Large, 2000-01; Vice President-Finance, 1996-99.

PUBLICATIONS: EIC of IEEE Technical Community Spotlight, 2013-14.

CONFERENCES: 1995 IEEE International Conference on Image Processing, Finance Chair; 1984 IEEE Digital Signal Processing Workshop, Technical Co-chair.

AWARDS: IEEE Fellow, 1999. IEEE Third Millennium Medal, 2000. IEEE Signal Processing Society’s Meritorious Service Award, 2009.


While the Chair of TAB,

  • I initiated Long Range Planning that resulted in a new TAB mission statement:  to Inspire, Foster and Empower Technology-Centric Worldwide Communities, which increased TAB focus on the vitality of its communities.
  • TAB created on-line communities, centered on TAB’s emerging technology activities – open and free to all. They now have over 20,000 members.
  • TAB created an e-magazine, IEEE Technical Community Spotlight, which republishes Magazine articles on emerging technologies and tells readers how to participate in emerging technology activities. It is provided free to IEEE members. 
  • I championed a three-pronged Open Access strategy that was adopted by TAB and endorsed by the IEEE Board of Directors. We are now seeing Open Access successes.

TAB created the TAB Hall of Honor to recognize historic TAB contributions. 


The IEEE serves, and is served by, an extraordinary community of technical professionals. I believe the needs and expectations of those tech professionals are changing. We need to provide more of higher current value. Today’s technology professionals expect more interactions, and higher quality interactions, within the IEEE and its communities. They also expect robust engagement in emerging technologies – which are centers of tomorrow’s job growth. These will help them remain technically current and offer opportunities for professional growth.

Let me share a few ideas on how we might do this.

  • To shift our communication from “one-way communication of static content” to greater “interaction on ideas,” we should develop and deploy social-media-based tools that enhance community discussion and collaboration. These will also better serve our young professionals.
  • We should energize our publications by associating complementary discussion, videos, and supplementary materials with them – with discussion possibly in a local language.
  • We should expand our emerging technology efforts and broadly share their results with IEEE membership.
  • We should increase our humanitarian efforts. Many members take great pride in their membership because of them – and they demonstrate our commitment to being a truly global organization.
  • We should develop crisper value propositions for key audiences. Four of special interest are: industrial employees, young professionals, author/researchers, and tech professionals in emerging economies. To meet their needs and expectations, we must know what they are.

If elected, I will support these and other ideas that create more current value for our members.


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Tariq S. Durrani

Tariq Durrani

(Nominated by Petition)
Research Professor
Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering
University of Strathclyde
Glasgow, United Kingdom

Tariq Durrani joined Strathclyde as Lecturer (1976); appointed Professor (1982); Department Head (of one of the largest in UK) (1990-1994); Deputy Principal (2000-2006) responsible for university-wide large-scale strategic developments.

His research covers Communications, Signal Processing, Technology Management. He has authored 350 publications; conducted collaborative research with industry, partnered in major European research programs; supervised 40 PhDs. Visiting appointments at Princeton, University of Southern California, Stirling and UESTC Chengdu, China.

Tariq has held Directorships in eight organizations including UK National Commission for UNESCO, Glasgow Chamber of Commerce; served as consultant advisor to Governments of UK, Netherlands, Portugal, UAE, US and European Union.

He is Fellow: IEEE, UK Royal Academy of Engineering, Royal Society of Edinburgh, and IET. Currently Vice President (International) Royal Society of Edinburgh (2012-2014).

Queen Elizabeth honored him with the title OBE (Officer of the Order of the British Empire) ‘for services to electronics research and higher education’ (2003).

IEEE Accomplishments and Activities

Tariq has served on most major IEEE Boards including Technical Activities, Educational Activities, Awards and Publication Services and Products; Conferences Committee, and led key Technical Societies, delivering achievements with long term impact:

President IEEE Signal Processing Society (1994-1995). Established the IEEE Jack Kilby Medal (1995). Created the highly successful IEEE Signal Processing Letters.

President IEEE Engineering Management Society (2006-2007). Fostered technology management activities, extended support and services to members across IEEE Technical Societies.

Regional Director, IEEE Communications Society for Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) (2009-2011). Established IEEE ComSoc EMEA Young Researcher Award, recognizing talented young members.

Vice Chair IEEE Publication Services and Products Board and Chair TAB Periodicals Council (1996-1997). Founded Periodicals Review Committee for improving quality and timeliness of IEEE Transactions.

Vice Chair Region 8 Technical Activities (2003-2004). Promoted industry liaison, Section reviews. Chaired R8 Conferences Committee.

Member IEEE Awards Board (2006-2008). Partnering with the Royal Society of Edinburgh, established joint IEEE/RSE Maxwell Medal.

Vice President IEEE Educational Activities Board (2010-2011):

  • Delivered vision and strategic plan enhancing global engagement. Promoted key programs that support educational needs worldwide at pre-university, university, and professional levels. Promoted the multilingual IEEE flagship portal for pre-university students, parents, and school counsellors.
  • Promoted Teacher-in-Service Program (TISP). Reaching over 350,000 students annually through teachers trained in engineering design principles.
  • Fostered global accreditation to improve engineering education quality in South America, the Caribbean, India, China and Middle East. Promoted expansion of IEEE E-learning Library for continuing education of practicing engineers.

Popularized EPICS (Engineering Projects in Community Service) – now in 17 countries – extending global reach of the IEEE.

IEEE Conferences. General Chair IEEE Signal Processing Society flagship Conference ICASSP ’89 (1600 attendees); Executive Chair IEEE Communications Society keynote Conference ICC-2007 (1500 delegates); General Chair International Engineering Management Conference IEMC-2002 (280 participants).

Member IEEE Conference Committee (2008-2009).


I shall work ceaselessly to:

Support Members and their Careers

Support for industry members

  • Deliver opportunities for professional engineers to enhance their skills base through continuing professional development.
  • Establish Panel of Chief Executive/Technology Officers to advise IEEE on strategic issues for greater engagement with industry.
  • Encourage practitioner-driven and practitioner-oriented conferences.
  • Provide career support to Young Professionals and offer reduced membership fees upon graduation.

Maintain IEEE lead in Technologies and Standards Development

  • Promote global IEEE presence in areas of emerging technologies such as Big Data, Green Technologies, Life Sciences, Cyber Security, Transportation, Energy.
  • Enhance global visibility and adoption of IEEE Standards.  Encourage IEEE Societies to partner with IEEE Standards Association in developing Standards related activities.
  • Ensure major IEEE role in catalyzing solutions to 21st Century Global Grand Challenges.

Promote Innovations in Publications

  • Mass Customization of technological information - deliver information products constructed from across all IEEE publications customized to suit individual needs.
  • Encourage multi-lingual translation of journals, serving members worldwide and opening new markets.

Support Globalization and Outreach

  • Seek IEEE Membership growth worldwide.
  • Promote more balanced Regional representation in IEEE leadership positions.
  • Form strategic alliances with organization with global footprint, such as UNESCO, Engineering for Change, World Federation of Engineering Organizations, to deliver IEEE’s Humanitarian Vision.
  • Establish IEEE as an International Resource for Policy Advice, enhancing its Prestige, and worldwide Profile.
  • Inspire school learners with the excitement of engineering through global Teacher-In-Service Program
  • Working with WIE, establish high-level IEEE Prize for ‘Outstanding Woman Engineer of the Year’ to inspire women engineers.