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Candidates for 2014-2015 IEEE Region 1 Delegate-Elect/Director-Elect.


Ali Abedi

Ali Abedi (Nominated by IEEE Region 1)

(Nominated by IEEE Region 1)
Associate Professor and Director
Wireless Sensor Networks Laboratory
Electrical and Computer Engineering Department
University of Maine
Orono, ME, USA
Ali Abedi received his Ph.D. in Electrical & Computer Engineering (ECE) from University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, in 2004. He joined the University of Maine, USA, in 2005 where he is currently Associate Professor of ECE with joint appointment at School of Computing and Information Sciences. His research includes analytical performance evaluation of high-performance codes for wireless networks and wireless sensing for aerospace and biomedical applications. Dr. Abedi is a Guest Researcher at National Institute of Standards & Technology, an affiliate faculty at Maine Institute for Human Genetics & Health, Co-founder of two startup companies Activas-Diagnostics and Navindor, and author of 4 books and over 70 journal and conference publications. He received a number of awards and recognitions from NSERC, JSPS, CSA, IEEE/IET, and NASA. He has been advisor for a total of 15 M.S. students, 5 Ph.D. students, 2 postdoc students, 30 undergraduate research assistants, and seven high-school interns from 2005-2013.
IEEE Accomplishments and Activities
COMMITTES: MGA Ad Hoc Conferences (2012), Member Benefits (2012), Center for Leadership Excellence (2012-13)
REGION: Region-1 Chapters Coordinator (2009-11), Student Conference and Micro-mouse Competition General Chair (2006) and Paper Contest Chair (2012)
SECTION/CHAPTER: COM/CS Maine Joint Chapter Founding Chair (2005-08, 2013); COM/CS Maine Chapter Treasurer and Webmaster (2005-13); Maine Section: Student Activities Chair (2011), Section Chair (2008), Vice-Chair (2007), Secretary (2006)
STUDENT BRANCHES: Kitchener-Waterloo (Canada) Distinguished Visitor Program Student Chair (2002-04); Sharif University Student Chapter (Iran) newsletter volunteer (1996-98)
SOCIETIES: Reviewer for several journals and conferences in COM, VTC, ITSOC, AESS Societies; and Sensors Council
CONFERENCES: General Co-Chair IEEE Northeast Industry Day (2010), Chair IEEE Fly By Wireless (2010), General Co-Chair IEEE WiSEE (2013), Technical Program Committee member for several IEEE conferences (Globecom, ICC, VTC, etc.)
OTHER: Facilitated a Student Professional Activities conference in Maine Chapter (2009)
Major accomplishments:
  1. Chaired largest (also first time in Maine) student conference in Region-1 in 2006 with over 150 participants. Raised US$25,000 to support the conference. Received RAB Friend of IEEE Award for this conference in 2006. Managed to build a maze for the conference at UMaine.
  2. Revitalized Maine Chapter of COM/CS in 2005 after years of inactivity and increased the talks from zero to six per year. Received COMSOC Best North American Chapter Chair Award in 2007.
  3. Recruited volunteers for Section positions in 2008 to fill out all Section positions, which were vacant for several years.
  4. Encouraged colleagues to establish Maine WIE and GOLD Affinity Groups (2006-08).
  5. Participated at IEEE-USA Science and Technology Day at US Congress (2008-13).
  6. Managed to build a 2nd maze for the R1 Micro-Mouse Conference at UMaine.
  7. Created IEEE Fly By Wireless Workshop (2010-11), which has grown into IEEE WiSEE Conference by bringing IEEE, NASA, ESA, and CSA together (2012-13).
  8. Received best IEEE conference paper award and best IET journal paper award.
Working at academia and industry prepared me for a balanced contribution to IEEE. Member retention is my high priority, which can be achieved by developing innovative ways such as: hybrid online and physical lectures; moderated panels and tutorials on hot technical topics; and job creation and networking opportunities to provide direct value to our members. I will focus on members' and volunteers' needs equally and rethink the way local chapters used to provide value. Modern collaboration technologies can facilitate chapters’ collaborations to provide enhanced value for members. I serve IEEE in different capacities in both technical and regional levels, and the industry as principal investigator on several funded research projects and member of Board of Directors. These experiences are used to efficiently manage the IEEE budget to the advantage of members. High-quality theoretical and practical publications need to be equally emphasized to support industry and academia according to IEEE Strategic Plan by promoting continuing educational activities, student activities, and public awareness.


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Ronald A. Tabroff

Ronald A. Tabroff (Nominated by IEEE Region 1)

(Nominated by IEEE Region 1)
Director, Sales & Marketing
NanoBio Systems
Boston, MA, USA
Ronald is currently Director – Sales & Marketing for NanoBio Systems, a medical device developer in the Boston, MA, USA area, where he is actively engaged in the prototyping of nanotechnology based medical monitoring devices to be used for patient point-of-care.
Previous to his current position, Ron was Director of Technical Sales for Arkion Systems where he was involved in electric Smart Grid systems.
His background also includes a focus in the area of electric power T&D, generation, power system resource management, and energy conservation.
Over his career, Ron has served in various regional, national, and international organizations dealing with his fields of endeavor and has written articles which have appeared in national industry magazines and were presented at various industry shows.
He received his BSEE and MSEE degrees in Electrical Engineering from Northeastern University in Boston, MA, USA.
He is a Registered Professional Engineer in Massachusetts.
IEEE Accomplishments and Activities
  • Standards Committee (802.15), 2010-Present
  • Education Activities Board Member, 2004-2006
  • Ethics Committee, 2005
  • Region 1 Government Affairs Chair, 2008-2011
  • Region 1 Membership Chair, 2004-2007
  • Region 1 PACE Chair, 1996-2003 and 2012-Present
  • Boston Section Chair, 2004
  • Boston PES Chapter Chair, 1990 and 2003-2009
  • Northshore Subsection Chair, 2003-2004 and 2005-2007
  • Member PES
  • PES REGION 1 Regional Representative, 2004-2008
  • Section Congress Track Chair, 2007-2008 
Major Accomplishments
I have been an active IEEE volunteer with a proven track record. My goal has always been to help make IEEE the professional organization of choice for electrical and electronic engineers, and to improve the perception that IEEE is an organization that furnishes value to its members on both personal and professional self-improvement levels, believing that “Perception is Reality.” I have successfully:
  • Helped steer Region 1 into a positive membership direction during and after the economic downturn in the mid 2000s
  • Kept the Boston PES Chapter afloat during a difficult period of time during the last ten years when volunteer support evaporated due to the poor employment climate adversely affecting its membership and volunteer base
My goal is to see IEEE rise in prominence as THE “voice” for all electrical and electronics engineers. My innate abilities and my multi-year experience in Region 1 activities will allow me to focus on this goal. I would also actively encourage all Regional volunteers to form a close relationship with Section volunteers to help them “reach” the membership. This is extremely important because Section volunteers are the front-line of the organization in our efforts to demonstrate “value of membership” to existing and potential members.
On the regional level, I will concentrate my efforts on the following:
  • Actively managing the budget in a fiscally sound manner
  • Working to increase active two-way communication between the Region and the Sections
  • Actively promote the Sections’ participation in conferences and meetings
  • Promote IEEE branding efforts
On the international level as a voting member of the IEEE Board of Directors, I will concentrate on making IEEE the professional organization of choice for electrical and electronics engineers by working to improve the real and perceived value of IEEE membership.


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