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Below are the candidates for IEEE Region 10 Delegate-Elect/Director-Elect, 2013-2014; Delegate/Director, 2015-2016.


Nim K. Cheung

Nim K. Cheung for Region 10

(Nominated by Petition)
Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute (ASTRI)
Hong Kong, China
Nim Cheung is currently CEO of Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute (ASTRI), a 600-member ICT research center established by the Hong Kong SAR Government.  He received his B.Sc. degree from University of Hong Kong and Ph.D. degree from California Institute of Technology, and has held different research and management positions at Bell Labs and Bellcore.  From 1999 to 2002, he was Vice President of Applied Research Government Program in Telcordia Technologies, managing a Government-funded research program that grew at double-digit rates annually.  Dr. Cheung conceived and created many innovative gigabit and optical networking testbeds that have evolved to become the backbone of modern information highways.
Dr. Cheung was consulting professor at Stanford University from 2004 to 2009.  A  Fellow of IEEE and Telcordia Technologies, he has received numerous awards and honors, including Bellcore Award of Excellence and University of Hong Kong Faculty of Science Distinguished Alumni Award.
IEEE Accomplishments and Activities
Nim Cheung has 25 years of sustained accomplishments as IEEE leader/volunteer in numerous Boards, TAB (Technical Activities Board), and Section/Chapter activities. 
As President of Communications Society in 2006-07, he:
  • Engineered ComSoc’s financial turnaround.  Moved it off TAB Watch List and achieved highest surplus among all Societies/Councils.
  • Championed 3 IEEE New Initiatives Committee projects:
-       Wireless Communication Engineering Technologies certification program engaging hundreds of volunteers and industry executives.
-        IEEE Applications & Practice, magazine supplement for practitioners by 6 Societies.
-       Industry-sponsored webinars that became model for other groups.
  • Achieved record success in major conferences measured by attendance, relevance and industry participation.  Sponsored IEEE’s first CEO Forum at ICC2007 in Glasgow.
  • Expanded ComSoc’s activities in China and India, two countries with largest number of ICT professionals.
-       Initiated ICC2008 conference in Beijing.
-       Staged India Roadshows and launched IndustryNow program with 3 Indian companies.
As volunteer/leader in Hong Kong, launched “IEEE Technology Time Machine - Vision 2020”, an industry event by the IEEE Future Directions Committee. 
As Division Director and EBCC member in 2010-11, proposed at 2011 February Board Meeting a special bonus of US$1000 to all IEEE staff.  Gesture to reward all staff for job well done was greatly appreciated by all.
As Chair of IEEE Honorary Member Committee, stimulated top-notch candidate nominations, including former head of state and chairman of world’s largest telecommunications company.
Conference Chair of IEEE Cloud Computing Initiative (2011-12). Stimulated Cloud Computing conferences in 4 major markets: Asia, Latin America, North America and Europe.
Initiated China Communications magazine, IEEE’s first financial co-sponsored publication with China.  First issue January 2013.
Appointed Chair of IEEE Fellows Committee for 2012-13.
Assisted President Gordon Day to organize Board retreat in Hong Kong (January 2012).  Arranged a two-day business tour in Shenzhen and Hong Kong including meeting hosted by Mayor of Shenzhen.
Region 10 is the fastest growing Region in IEEE encompassing both established and emerging economies in which over half the world’s population are residing. This is one of the most exciting Regions of IEEE over the next few decades because of its rapid increase in R&D personnel and technology investments.  As IEEE is dedicated to advancing technological innovation for the benefit of humanity, Region 10 is well positioned to contribute to this effort through its collective wisdom and expertise in tackling the global challenges of clean energy, sustainability, healthcare and digital divide.
If elected, I will leverage my 25 years of leadership and service experience at the IEEE Board, TAB, Societies and other organizational units to serve our members.  I will strive to increase the Region’s visibility and influence in all aspects of IEEE businesses and Region 10’s representation in all leadership positions across the Institute.  Throughout my career as an IEEE volunteer, I have always put a strong emphasis on technical excellence and relevance while maintaining the highest standards of ethics and professionalism.



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Kukjin Chun

Kukjin Chun for Region 10

(Nominated by IEEE Region 10)
School of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Seoul National University
Seoul, Korea
Kukjin Chun is professor in the department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Seoul National University (SNU), where he served as head of the department. He was also the director of the Inter-university Semiconductor Research Center of SNU. After receiving MS and PhD degrees from the University of Michigan, USA as well as BS degree from SNU, he joined Washington State University in 1986 and SNU in 1989. He is a member of the National Academy of Engineering of Korea and the President of the Institute of Electronics Engineers of Korea. He served as an editorial board member of JMM, UK and the chief-editor of JSTS and he is a Fellow of the Institute of Physics of UK since 1999. He is serving on the Editorial Advisory Committee of the Institute of Electrical Engineering of Japan and on the International Advisory Committee of LIMMS of University of Tokyo.
IEEE Accomplishments and Activities
REGION: Region 10: Secretary, 2009-10; Vice-chair of Membership Activities, 2011-12; Member of Operational Committee, 2011-12; Chair of Section/Subsection Elevation Committee, 2011-12. SECTION: Seoul Section: Secretary, 2004; Web Coordinator, 2005-06; Chair, 2007. CONFERENCES: International Conference on Solid-State Sensors, Actuators, and Microsystems: International Steering Committee, 2006-13; TPC Chair, 2005; International Conference on MEMS TPC, 2001-03; SENSORS TPC, 2008-12; NEMS TPC, 2009-12; Microprocesses and Nanotechnology Conference TPC, 2004-07. AWARDS: Region 10: Outstanding Volunteer Award, 2005; Seoul Section: Outstanding Service Award, 2004.
  • As Vice-chair of Membership Activities of Region 10, coordinating chairs of award, membership development, section/chapter, WIE, student activities and GOLD committees, ensures close collaboration among chairs resulting in synergy and better solution to imminent problems in the Region.
  • Chairing the Section/subsection Elevation Committee of Region 10 for the sustainability of new IEEE geographical unit formation with the cooperation of parent section chair.
  • Serving the Operational Committee of Region 10.
  • Served the Secretary of Region 10.
  • Rejuvenated all student chapters by appointing new mentor professors and chairs in Seoul Section as chair, which made all the student chapters quite active.
  • Maintained the highest regular membership in Seoul Section as chair.
  • Serving the Steering Committee and TPC of renowned conferences including IEEE International Conference on Solid-state Sensors, Actuators and Microsystems which is the largest conference in my research field and representing Korea in an international networking group among Japan, USA and Europe.
Region 10 (Asia and Pacific) is now the largest and fastest growing Region in IEEE with close to 100,000 members and over 1,500 geographical units (57 sections, 17 subsections, 6 councils, 469 technical chapters, 160 WIE AGs, 837 student branches.) The geographical units in the Region are quite vibrant and well established, but needs more care in the following aspects:
·          Deliver more benefits to members
-      Inspire more recognition and representation among IEEE community
-      Strengthen technical leadership of the Region with professional activity support  as well as humanitarian technology support
·          Enhance achievements of geographical units in the Region
-      Boost Volunteer Leadership training
-      Establish new geographical units in emerging countries and rejuvenate inactive units
-      Foster initiatives for industry and women engineers
·          Promote mutually beneficial collaboration among units
-      Create synergy by providing Region support to Local leadership
-      Encourage information dissemination in geographical units in the Region
If elected, I will do my best to enhance the Region and to increase membership value and satisfaction.


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Ramakrishna Kappagantu

Ramakrishna Kappagantu for Region 10

(Nominated by IEEE Region 10)
Additional General Manager
Power Grid Corporation of India Limited
(Government of India Enterprise)
Southern Regional Transmission System-II
Bangalore, India
Ramakrishna Kappagantu has over 27 years experience in Indian Power Sector/Electrical Industry. Presently, he is the Additional General Manager in SRTS-II, commissioning-in-charge of the first South-India 765KV Tr.System and project manager of the first Smart Grid/City Project at Puduchchery besides supervising O&M of 55GW Capacity EHV Grid.
He published in various conferences and regularly speaks in many Industry/Research/Academic/Training Institutes.  His interests include Power System Operation/Economics/Markets/Regulatory, SmartGrids/Renewables/SCADA-EMS.
He holds B.E. (Electrical Engineering) from National Institute of Technology, Jaipur and M.Tech. (Automation&Control) from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad India. He also possesses Advance Diploma in Management/Human Resources. He is a Life Fellow of Institution of Engineers(India). He steered many IEEE international conferences successfully as General/Organising Chair.
He is an excellent speaker and loves Indian Classical Music. He works for embedding Human Values in Technology & Management and strongly believes that values induction alone can drive technology growth for the benefit of humanity.
IEEE Accomplishments and Activities
His Volunteer services and leadership to IEEE are certainly focused on providing opportunities/encouragement for members, students & young professionals to recognize/advance their technical/professional skills.
  • 20 years of rich experience in IEEE through trans-functional leadership across membership development, conferences, professional and student activities.
  • As Membership Development Chair achieved Region 10 Sustained Membership Growth Award for 3 consecutive years.
  • Youngest Chair since inception was instrumental in making Bangalore Section the most vibrant and activity oriented from 2009 which exhibits his wide acceptability.
  • The IEEE 125th anniversary celebrations in Bangalore (30-08-2009) had over 700 delegates in attendance, the largest ever.  This is an example of his organizational capabilities.
  • First ever sister section agreement signed with Princeton-Central Jersey Section during 2008 Sections Congress is proof of his international relations across the globe.
  • Organized several talks/workshops for WIE/GOLD/Student Members on professional values which received tremendous response from IEEE young community.
  • Focusing on popularizing emerging technology, organized IEEE PES Workshop on Smart Grids and Renewables with record attendees of around 600 and a huge response from over 1400 aspirants which show-case his innovative ideas.
  • Steered many international conferences successfully as General/Organizing Chair in PES & IEEE. Thus lead/guide/develop a big bunch of dedicated volunteers which certainly exhibits his strong interpersonal skills with sensitivity to cross-cultural and transnational issues.
India Council: Secretary/Treasurer, 2009-10. 
India Council Chapter PES: Chair, 2011-12.
Bangalore Section:  AIYeHum Chair, 2010-12; Chair, 2008-09; Vice-Chair, 2004-07; SAMIEEE, 2006-07; SAC Chair, 2004-05; Secretary, 2003; Treasurer, 2000-02; MDC Chair, 1999; TAC Chair, 1998; EAC Chair, 1997. 
Bangalore Chapter PES: Chair, 2010-11; Secretary, 2008-09; Founder-Chair, 2007. 
Awards: His relentless and sincere efforts for growth of IEEE’s Technical & Humanitarian activities in India and Asia–Pacific fetched him 2011-IEEE MGA Achievement and 2012-IEEE PES Bangalore Chapter Outstanding Engineer Awards besides 2010-IEEE Outstanding Volunteer Awards from Region10 and Bangalore Section.
As world faces significant socio-economic, environmental and technological challenges, I want to create a forum for IEEE members to ignite and nurture every mind to imbibe human values for leading innovations in science/technology.

My goals for R10 include:

  • Make R10 the most successful by increasing operational efficiency and effectiveness within R10 and its interfaces in IEEE
  • Increase member engagement, Enhance membership-related information available to member, Ensure sustained relationships with and between members, and Evolve member satisfaction
  • Increase collaboration and cooperation between sections, societies chapters, student branches to stimulate and empower them to be more effective
  • Leverage my industry experience to increase career opportunities for members through comprehensive career planning portal
  • Increase young professionals networking opportunities through mentoring programs
  • Enhance member experience to make IEEE the preferred professional platform

I will certainly promote:
  • Enhanced service/membership values
  • Values in Technology/Management for Humanitarian Challenges
  • Fostering eco-friendly technologies through IEEE activities
  • Continuing member education/career enrichment opportunities
  • Enhanced GOLD/student activities for professional development
  • Women/Younger generation in IEEE activities to develop career/life management skills
  • Effective plans for recruitment/retention of students/young professionals



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