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Candidates for 2016-2017 IEEE Region 3 Delegate-Elect/Director-Elect.


Gregg L. Vaughn

John E. Montague (Nominated by IEEE Region 3)

(Nominated by IEEE Region 3)

Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
The University of Alabama at Birmingham
Birmingham, Alabama, USA

For over 31 years I have maintained a profitable engineering consulting practice, and for over 35 years I have been an engineering educator. I have maintained a license as a Professional Engineer since 1982. For 14 years I served as Chair of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at UAB, and for 5 years I served as an officer in the United States Air Force.  I received my engineering education, including a Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Electrical Engineering, from the University of Alabama.  I was selected by the Engineering Council of Birmingham as Engineer of the Year in 2003.  I am a recipient of IEEE Region 3 Joseph M. Biedenbach Outstanding Engineering Educator Award (1999).  My wife and I are very proud of our two daughters, both of whom are engineers.

IEEE Accomplishments and Activities

COMMITTEE/BOARD: Information Technology Strategy Committee, IEEE-USA Liaison, 2004-06.

IEEE-USA COMMITTEES/BOARDS: IEEE-USA Board of Directors, 2003-07; IEEE-USA Member-at-Large, 2007; IEEE-USA Vice President Member Activities, 2005-06; IEEE-USA Vice President Career Activities, 2003-04; IEEE-USA Operating Committee, 2003-06; IEEE-USA Nominations and Appointments Committee, 2010-11; Alliance of IEEE Consultants Networks Coordinating Committee Member, 2005-06; Awards and Recognition Committee Member, 2005-06; Employment and Career Services Committee Member, 2005-06; Communications Committee Member, 2005-06; Pre-college Education Committee Member, 2005-06; Career and Workforce Policy Committee Member, 2003-04; Intellectual Property Committee Member, 2003-04; Licensure and Registration Committee Chair, 2000-02; Licensure and Registration Committee Member, 1997-2014.

REGION: IEEE Region 3 Secretary, 2010-15.

SECTION: Alabama Section Membership Development Committee Chair, 2004-12; Alabama Section Past Chair, 2002; Alabama Section Chair, 2001; Alabama Section Vice Chair, 1999-2000; Alabama Section Secretary/Treasurer, 1998-99; Alabama Section Prize Paper Selection Committee Chair, 1997; Alabama Section Prize Paper Selection Committee Member, 1992, 1986-87; Alabama Section Attendance Committee Member, 1988; Alabama Section Awards Committee Member, 1980-81.

REPRESENTATIVE: IEEE-USA Representative to NCEES Participating Organizations Liaison Council, 2003-07; IEEE-USA Representative to IEEE Educational Activities Board (EAB), 2004-05.

AWARDS/RECOGNITIONS: Alabama Section Electrical Engineer of the Year, 2003; Third Millennium Medal, 2000; Region 3 Joseph M. Biedenbach Outstanding Engineering Educator Award, 1999; Benjamin J. Dasher Award, 1987.

IEEE Accomplishments – I am fortunate to have been part of the IEEE-USA Board of Directors for five years during which time I promoted policies of benefit for our current and future members.  These efforts promoted career development, research funding, patent law that does not discourage new products, job security, professionalism, and benefits of engineering careers to students.  For over twelve years, several of my IEEE positions have been associated with my work with the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying to enhance the careers of licensed professional engineers (P.E.).

The IEEE has been of great value to me since I became a student member in 1968.  The IEEE has published my papers, provided standards for my designs when I worked for the industry, guided engineering education, defended the interest of engineers in Congress, and provided me with many friends.  In return, I have an obligation to serve so that future engineers may also enjoy these benefits.  I believe I have the experience, knowledge, and skills to effectively serve you as IEEE REGION 3 DELEGATE/DIRECTOR.  For many years I have been both an engineering consultant and an engineering educator.  As a consultant, I have worked for both large and small companies in the areas of real-time guidance and control, image processing, communications, and video tracking. Also, I have served on the IEEE-USA Board of Directors for five years.  My primary objective as Region 3 Director will be to promote the involvement of every IEEE member in some IEEE related activity.



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John E. Montague

John E. Montague (Nominated by IEEE Region 3)

(Nominated by IEEE Region 3)

Senior Consultant (Retired)
Teradata Corp. (Former NCR Corp.)
Columbia, South Carolina, and St Paul, Minnesota; and
Commander and Pilot, USNR (Retired)


Montague’s last decade at Teradata centered on developing, and mentoring implementation of, Business Improvement Methodologies based on Enterprise Data Warehouse enabled IT business solutions (culminating 26 years with NCR/AT&T GIS/New NCR/Teradata, one evolving organization). Earlier positions at NCR-Teradata included Director of Engineering Network Infrastructure Products, AT&T Inter Business Unit Strategy Team member, Department Chief Technical Officer, and Manager of Advanced Development.

Previously John co-founded Audiobionics, Inc., developing the first pocketable communications terminal providing digital and synthesized voice communications for the speech and hearing challenged community (1981-83). Immediately before that, as VP Engineering and corporate director, John rescued Delta Systems from financial distress and product reliability problems; he also formed and managed Delta GmbH. This was built on 20 years of hardware/software product development experience.  

John was a part-time Adjunct Professor (Computer Networking) at the University of South Carolina for several years.

Education: BS-EE, MS-CS, MBA, graduate work in Management of Technology.

IEEE Accomplishments and Activities


  • IEEE MGAB Member Benefit Portfolio Advisory Committee 2014
  • IEEE MGAB ITCO Member 2012-13
  • IEEE Computer Society MGAB Member-at-Large 2010-11
  • IEEE Computer Society MGAB GUOC Member 2010-12
  • IEEE Computer Society MGAB MDC Member 2010-11
  • IEEE Standards Activities Board NESCOM 1989-90
  • IEEE 802 LAN/MAN Standards Committee: Vice Chair 1988-95, Treasurer 1986-87


  • Region 3 Professional Activities Operations Committee Chair 2012-15 overseeing sub committees:
  • Career Enhancement
  • Employment and Career Services
  • PACE
  • S-PAC, Educational Activities
  • Government Activities
  • Region 3 IEEE Mobile Operations Vehicle (MOVE) Project Lead (2013-15)
  • Region 3 PACE Chair 2012-14
  • IEEE-USA PACE Committee Region 3 Representative 2012-14
  • Region 3 Member Engagement and Life Cycle Committee Chair 2010-11 overseeing sub committees:
  • MRRC
  • WIN
  • Industry Relations
  • Life Member
  • Region 3 Area 7 Chair 2008-09


  • South Carolina Council: Chair 2008-09; Vice Chair 2012-14, 2006-07; Treasurer 2004-05
  • Columbia Section: Chair 2006; Vice Chair 2005; Treasurer 2004; PACE Chair 2002-04; Membership Development Chair, 2012-14, 2005
  • Twin Cities Section, various non-officer positions 1977-96
  • Twin Cities Computer Society Chapter, various non-officer positions 1977-96


  • Computer Society Region 3 Chapter Coordinator 2009-12
  • Vice Chair, Computer Society Standards Activities Board 1991-92
  • Policy & Procedures Chair, Computer Society Standards Activities Board 1991
  • Awards Chair, Computer Society Standards Activities Board 1996
  • Publicity Chair, Computer Society Standards Activities Board 1994-95
  • Member of Computer, Communications, Engineering in Medicine & Biology, Consumer Electronics Societies


  • 2002 IEEE SoutheastCon Technical Program Co-chair 1999-2002
  • IEEE 802 Plenary Meeting Organizer (3 per year 1986-96; >1000 participants each)


  • IEEE 802.5 Token Ring Standard Working Group Vice Chair 1987-88
  • IEEE Region 1-6 Metropolitan Area Workshop Initiative – Computer Society MGAB liaison 2010-11
  • Contributor and reviewer of more than 20 IEEE Standards, editor of one. 

IEEE competes with employer and family, for member’s time and member’s financial assets. A management imperative for IEEE leaders is to maximize the value members receive for their investment as an involved member and volunteer, maximizing as well the services, products, and environment for individual and professional growth that come from their membership.

50+ years in the electronics and computing industries, the last half involved in technology/business strategy development and team building in large corporate entities, has prepared me to lead consensus building among IEEE organizational units, addressing the needs and desires stemming from IEEE’s diverse membership, and to advocate for them at the IEEE and IEEE-USA board level. Team work and consensus are needed, but in the end everything is done by individuals, and recognizing individual contributions enhances motivation. Providing support for volunteer leaders and engaged members is the key to a vibrant and growing organization.

I ask for your support and vote. My time and energy is pledged to you should I be granted the opportunity to serve.


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