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Candidates for 2014-2015 IEEE Region 9 Delegate-Elect/Director-Elect.


Cesar G. Chamochumbi

Cesar G. Chamochumbi (Nominated by IEEE Region 9)

(Nominated by IEEE Region 9)
Sales Manager
Lima, Peru
Cesar Chamochumbi received his Electrical Engineer degree from the Universidad Nacional de Ingeniería (UNI), Lima, Peru, 1987. Following graduation he worked at Cosapi as an engineer.
He worked at Josfel Iluminacion as a Project Manager. Then, he worked at Manufacturas Eléctricas, a company distributing General Electric equipment, as Distribution Manager.  He formed Diprel Ingenieros EIRL, a company that brings services in electrical engineering, maintenance, installations, and electrical projects in low tension.
Currently he is Sales Manager at Prosac, a distributor company of 3M. He is also Technical Manager at Home & Office Technologies Peru, a company that develops and executes Domotics, Automation, and systems integration projects.
Chamochumbi is Treasurer of ICACIT, the Peruvian accreditation body for computing, engineering, and engineering technology programs. He was President of the Elektron Award 2011 Organizing Committee, a joint award between IEEE, Asociación Electrotécnica Peruana (AEP), and the Colegio de Ingenieros del Peru (CIP).
IEEE Accomplishments and Activities
  • MGA Leadership Award, 2009
  • Outstanding Volunteer at the Region 9 Award, 2009
  • Third Millennium Medal, 2000 second place, contest "THE HISTORY OF MY SECTION"

During his service as the Peru Section Chairman, he received two important recognitions:

  • 2008 MGA “Outstanding Large Section Award”
  • 2008 EAB “Section Professional Development Award”
He organized the 2007 Region 9 Meeting in Lima and created a new Peru Section Web page,
He published the Peru Section newsletter with a modern format and full colors. He chaired the celebration of 40 years of the Peru Section with a Gala Dinner attended by more than 150 and published a special magazine issue on the history of the IEEE Peru Section by this anniversary, 2007.
Cesar Chamochumbi was the chair of the IV Andescon, a Technical Conference of the R9 Andean Council countries that took place in Cusco, October 2008, with 220 attendees and 180 papers presented.
He promoted the International Congress INTERCON 2007 and 2008. He supported the implementation and promotion of TISP (Teacher In Service Program). Success created the system of electronic voting for the Peru Section by far. Since 2009, he serves as Chairman of the Peru Section Membership Development Committee. He was the President of the Organizing Committee of the Elektron Award 2011, a joint award between the IEEE, Asociación Electrotécnica Peruana (AEP), and the Colegio de Ingenieros of Peru (CIP).
COMMITTEES/BOARDS: MGA Awards and Recognition Committee Member 2012.
REGION: REGION 9, Andean Council Chairman 2008-2010. Andean Council Vice Chair 2007. Chapter Representative of PES Chapters of the Andean countries R9 2008-2012.
SECTION/CHAPTER: Peru Section: Chair 2007-2008; Vice Chair 2005-2006; Treasurer 2003-2004. PES Chapter: Chair 2003-2004; Treasurer 1998-2000; Director 1994; Vice Chair 1993; Treasurer 1992; Secretary 1991.     
STUDENT BRANCH: Universidad Nacional de Ingenieria Student Branch: Chairman 1986; Secretary 1985.
Work Plan – My work will focus on establishing the necessary actions to achieve R9 development and satisfaction by:
  • Motivating members to volunteer by participating in various Committees, Chapters, and Groups of IEEE.
  • Promoting open communication through the establishment of "HELLO FRIEND DIRECTOR."
Action Plan – I pledge to:
  • Make special effort for GOLD members, mainly in their first two years, to ensure their retention within IEEE.
  • Spread information about the range of services and benefits available to members and encourage them to utilize those services.
  • Promote the importance and value of IEEE to international companies in R9. Seek for their sponsorship in events/activities and offer them access to corporate rates.
  • Support the exchange of technical information by encouraging Sections to form study groups (Groups 1x12).
  • Motivate R9 Sections to lead projects that benefit Society with support from leading professionals and local institutions in R9.
  • Increase promotion of R9 Sections organized congresses/symposia/events in IEEE publications. Encourage the use of the Distinguished Lecturer Program (DLP IEEE) to increase participation and for topics of interest to them.

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Antonio C. Ferreira

Antonio C. Ferreira (Nominated by IEEE Region 9)

(Nominated by IEEE Region 9)
Department Chair and Associate Professor
Electrical Engineering Department
Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Antonio Ferreira is an Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Electrical Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He received the E.E. (1987) and M.Sc. (1991) degrees from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and the Ph.D. degree from the University of Cambridge, UK (1997), all in Electrical Engineering.
His main interests are power system and electrical machines. He teaches at undergraduate and postgraduate levels and has been involved in various research projects funded by government and industry. 
He received the Crompton Premium for best proceedings paper from The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET-UK) and the Kenneth Emsley Prize for his Ph.D. thesis from St. Edmunds College, UK, and has been inducted into Eta Kappa Nu (IEEE-HKN) honor society.
From 1998 to 2004 he was the Brazilian Representative to CIGRÉ Study Committee A1 - Rotating Machines.
IEEE Accomplishments and Activities
Selected accomplishments:
  • As Region 9 EAC Chair I put forward the motion that led to the creation of Region 9 Accreditation Advisory Committee. This committee will enable us to advise and support region-wide activities on engineering accreditation. 
  • As a member of IEEE Center for Leadership Excellence since its creation, I participated in the definition of the structure of the volunteer training portal and was responsible for the development of the training for one of the five volunteer positions that were released in 2009. 
  • As EAB Section Outreach Committee Chair, I proposed and started the development of a Job description for Regional EA Chairs in order to better assist them. 
  • As Region 9 EAC Chair, I organized the first Teacher In-Service Program (TISP) Workshop for volunteers in Region 9, bringing together approximately 100 volunteers and educators from 14 countries. 
  • As Rio de Janeiro Section Chair I worked towards increasing the participation of young members, establishing our GOLD Affinity Group and promoting student activities that led to the establishment of three new student branches.
Selected IEEE activities:
  • Member: IEEE Teaching Awards Committee (2008-10)
  • Member: IEEE Brazil Initiative Committee (2011-12)
Educational Activities Board
  • Chair: Section Outreach Committee (2008-09)
  • Member: Section Outreach Committee (2010-13), Awards and Recognition Committee (2008-09), Operating Committee (2010)
Member and Geographic Activities Board
  • MGA Representative to the EAB (2010-11)
  • Member: Member Engagement and Life Cycle Committee (2011), Admission & Advancement Committee (2012-13), IEEE Center for Leadership Excellence (2009-11) 
Region 9
  • Chair: Educational Activities Committee (2006-07, 2011-13)
  • Conference Coordinator (2006-07)
  • Sections Congress 2008 Coordinator
  • Member: Accreditation Advisory Committee (2012-13)
Rio de Janeiro Section
  • Chair (2004-05)
  • Vice Chair (2002-03)
  • Secretary (2000-01)
Rio de Janeiro Power and Energy Society Chapter
Chair (2006-07)
Vice-Chair (2004-05)
Student Branch
  • Federal University of Rio de Janeiro Student Branch Counselor (2010-12)
I am honored for being nominated for this position. Throughout the years as both member and volunteer, IEEE has provided me with a unique opportunity for professional and personal growth and I believe I have now the necessary knowledge and experience to serve as Region 9 Director.
As Region 9 Director, I will:
  • Reach out to the Sections in order to better understand the member needs.
  • Identify successful local practices and ideas and socialize them.
  • Continue supporting young members in their leadership and technical development.
  • Work with regional committees in order to assess how to better use IEEE products and programs.
  • Stimulate joint activities of sections and young members with both technical and humanitarian focus.
  • Promote volunteer training to help them accomplish their jobs and to help Sections engage more volunteers.
  • Work toward enhancing links with government, industry, academia, and local professional associations.
I look forward to working with the IEEE Board of Directors and Region 9 volunteers and members in order to enhance our professional development and fulfill our obligation to the society.


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Juan Carlos Miguez

Juan Carlos Miguez (Nominated by Petition)


(Nominated by Petition)
Engineering and Planning Manager (Retired)
Salto Grande
Salto, Uruguay
Juan Carlos Miguez graduated from the Universidad de la Republica (Montevideo, Uruguay) in 1969. He worked for three years with Siemens, Germany developing data switches, then returned to his country and worked in telecommunications until 1978. He conducted a major development of the country’s Telex network and launched a project for developing and building data switches in Uruguay. It was a major success, applied first for Telex and later for X-25.
He moved to Salto and for 25+ years he was responsible for SCADA and EMS in Salto Grande, a new 1890MW binational hydroelectric utility. His group also designed, developed, and operated the company’s data network. He was promoted to Manager for Engineering and Planning in 2007.
He reached the mandatory retirement age of 65 in 2009. Since 1967 he has also taught Electronics, Data Networks, and Electromagnetic Theory in engineering schools. He is married, with four children—two of them IEEE members.
IEEE Accomplishments and Activities
  • IEEE Transnational, 1992-93 and 1998-99
  • RAB Awards and Recognition Chair, 1996-97
  • RAB Strategic Planning, 1998-99
  • IEEE Membership Development, 1996-99
  • IEEE Board of Directors, 1998-99
  • IEEE Audit, 1999
  • IEEE Nominations and Appointments, 2000-01
  • IEEE Strategic Planning, 2003
  • IEEE Service Awards, 2003-06
  • IEEE New Initiatives, 2008
  • IEEE Ethics and Member Conduct, 2008-09
  • IEEE History, 2012-13 
Region 9 (Latin America):
  • Director-Elect, 1996-97
  • Director, 1998-99
  • Ex-Directors Committee Chair, 2000-03
  • Electronic Communications Chair, 1990-94
  • Awards and Recognitions Chair, 1992-95
  • Newsletter Editor (NoticIEEEro), 1990-95
  • Regional History Chair, 2010-13
  • Treasurer, 2012-13 
Uruguay Section:      
  • Organizer and First Chair of the Uruguay Section, 1989-91
  • Fiscal Committee since 2001
  • Organizer and First Chair of the Litoral Subsection, 1999 
Student Branch:
  • Counselor, Universidad del Trabajo del Uruguay, 1995-97 
Power and Energy Society:  
  • Chapter Representative, Latin America South, 2000-05
  • Regional Representative (Board Member), 2006-11
  • RAB Innovation Award, 2003
  • 1988-91 Founding and First Chair of the Uruguay Section. Membership increased from 23 to 100+ members.
  • 1992-95 Newsletter Producer and Editor. Reformatting and production of 23 editions to all members (400+ pages)
  • 1998-99 Region 9 Director
    • Creation of the R9 Virtual Office
    • Creation of the Voluntary Contribution Fund for R9 (recipient of the RAB Innovation Award for this contribution)
    • Significant Membership and Activities growth
  • 2003-06 IEEE Service Awards Committee. Candidate and nominator search for IEEE Haraden Pratt Award. First two awardees ever in R9 (Antonio Bastos, Luchi Gandia)
  • 2000-11 Power Engineering Society. Chapter Representative (2000-05) and later Regional Representative (2006-11). Those years, Chapters in R9 Latin America won more Performance and “Best Chapter” Awards than any other Region
  • 2010-13 Region 9 History Chair. Conception and realization of Directors’ Interview Program
  • 2012 PES T&D-LA Conference Chair
  • 2012 Nomination of the first IEEE Milestone in Uruguay “Rincon del Bonete” (fourth in R9), approved and dedicated
  • 2014 IMS I2MTC Conference Chair
IEEE technical activities, made possible by our dedicated volunteers, are the key that will give full satisfaction to our membership, complementing the world-wide access to information that the Internet makes possible.
An active volunteer for 24 years, with many achievements and vast experience, I will continue to dedicate all my time, skills, knowledge, and efforts to turn into realities the excellent ideas that flourish in our Region.
To fulfill the interests of the members I will promote and support technical activities in our countries, making IEEE their companion in the continuous professional development through all the stages of the careers, as students, in academia and industry.
I will strive to empower the volunteers, the lifeblood of IEEE, to support their needs and enhance their skills and motivation to work together with the rest of IEEE for the benefit of the members.
For the Sections and Chapters, I will represent and defend the cultural diversities of their countries and strive to optimize its integration with the Societies in a truly transnational IEEE.