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Below are the candidates for 2014-2015 IEEE Standards Association Board of Governors Member-at-Large.


Farooq Bari

Farooq Bari (Nominated by IEEE Standards Association)

Lead Member Technical Staff
Redmond, WA, USA
Farooq Bari is Lead Member Technical Staff at AT&T with an industry experience of more than 20 years. His work in the standards arena spans more than a decade with a focus on global telecommunication standards. This includes work in IEEE, 3GPP, IETF, GSMA, NGMN, OneM2M, 4G Americas, and ATIS. During this time he has provided significant contributions toward the development of mobile communication standards. He is a long-time member and volunteer of IEEE and currently serves on several of IEEE SA committees. He also chairs GSMA – WBA Joint Task Force on Wi-Fi Roaming. Before his involvement in standards activities, he worked primarily as a research engineer, developing real-time embedded systems. He has several publications to his name and has been on editorial board and guest editor and reviewer for industry journals and magazines. He holds a Ph.D. in Electrical/Computer Engineering from the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada.
IEEE Accomplishments and Activities
I have a long history of working with IEEE, especially in the area of standards. It started with my being a contributor to development of various IEEE 802.11 and IEEE 802.21 standards. Over the past several years my involvement with IEEE SA has evolved from being a technical contributor for IEEE standards to volunteering in standards governance. Currently I serve as:
  • Member of IEEE SA Standards Board and on its NESCOM and ICCOM committees
  • Member of IEEE SA Corporate Advisory Group (CAG)
  • Member and Treasurer of IEEE Communication Society Standards Development Board
In my involvement with IEEE SA, a key area of interest for me has been toward improving IEEE SA’s presence and reputation in the global arena, as it is my belief that IEEE SA’s future lies in it being recognized and accepted as a global standards-setting body that meets the needs of all regions of the world. Another area of interest for me in my IEEE activities has been the maintenance of IEEE as a financially sustainable and viable entity while adhering to the principles of development of open standards and advancement of technology for humanity.
I have also been involved in promoting standards activities through IEEE conferences and publications. In 2013 I have been one of the guest editors for IEEE Communication Magazine’s special issues on Telecommunication Standards (published in March). Over the years I have also volunteered as a member TPC for several IEEE sponsored conferences and workshops.
I recognize and appreciate the longstanding value that IEEE SA brings to global standards. I will assist IEEE SA to meet its strategic goals and to pursue long-range programs that meet worldwide needs of standards users. I believe in developing new standards initiatives in strategic areas. This will help IEEE SA in keeping existing engineering talent as well as attracting new talent. This can elevate IEEE SA to a new level among its peers.
If elected I will look after the interests of all communities: the industry, government, academia, and the general public. I will work in the general interest of IEEE members in resolving issues with which IEEE will be faced with an aim at improving its position on the competitive world-wide standardization scene. I believe my experience in global standards bodies and my organizational and technical skills will be of great benefit to the continued success of IEEE.  


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Robert S. Fish

Robert S. Fish (Nominated by IEEE Standards Association)

(Nominated by IEEE Standards Association)
NETovations Group, LLC
Princeton, NJ, USA
Robert S. Fish [SM] received his Ph.D. from Stanford University. Currently, he is President of NETovations Group, LLC, a consulting company specializing in networking technology innovation. Previously, he was Chief Product Officer and Senior Vice President of Operations at Mformation Technologies, Inc., a company that specializes in software for mobile-device management. From 1997 through 2006, Dr. Fish was Vice President and Managing Director of the Panasonic Digital Networking Laboratories with labs in Princeton, San Jose, Santa Barbara, and San Diego, which invented and promoted the standardization of many technologies necessary for embedding networking into consumer devices. Prior to that, Rob was Executive Director of Multimedia Communications Research at Bellcore after starting his career at Bell Laboratories. His work at Bellcore included creating some of the US's earliest broadband video communications and residential broadband networking trials. He is the holder of eight US patents and has numerous publications.   
IEEE Accomplishments and Activities
Dr. Fish is a long-time volunteer within IEEE. He is currently a member of the IEEE-SA Board of Governors (SA-BoG) and chair of its Global Coordination Committee (GCC). He was a founding member of the IEEE-Standards Association Corporate Advisory Group (CAG). On both GCC and CAG he strongly promoted attracting and maintaining corporate membership and global support and participation in the IEEE SA standards process. Dr. Fish is also chair of the IEEE-SA Standards Conduct Committee for 2013. He was a founding member of the IEEE Communications Society Standards Board (CSSB). Within ComSoc, Rob has been a strong advocate for increasing the resources the Society devotes to standards activities. For instance, while on the CSSB, he helped initiate the P190X series of communications technology-related standards. Seeking to give more visibility to IEEE standards, he was a co-editor of the series “IEEE Standards for Communications and Networking” published in IEEE Communications Magazine. In addition, Dr. Fish was a member of the IEEE Communications Society Board of Governors and Chair of the ComSoc GLOBECOM/ICC Management and Strategy (GIMS) Committee. Rob co-founded the IEEE Consumer Communications and Networking Conference (IEEE-CCNC) and serves as Chair of the CCNC steering committee. In 2007, Dr. Fish received the Distinguished Service Award from ComSoc’s Multimedia Technical Committee.
The IEEE Standards Association plays a unique role in the ecosystem of standardization. As a voluntary, non-profit, non-governmental association it is truly an impartial player in standardization, serving to create broadly available and broadly supported technical standards. As an SA-BoG member, I will seek to enhance the partnership between SA volunteers, corporate members, and staff that has elevated current IEEE-SA standardization processes to worldwide prominence.   Initiatives that nurture global industry outreach and stable entity membership and participation in standards are highly desired. In addition, global recognition for the IEEE-SA’s standardization process must remain a priority.
New efforts should be focused on emerging technology areas beyond the current Smart Grid and Cloud Computing initiatives. When properly architected and managed, initiatives on topics such as the Internet of Things and Software-defined Networking present a great potential for new standards by mobilizing the deep technical resources and intellectual firepower present within IEEE.


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