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Below are the candidates for 2015 IEEE Technical Activities Vice President-Elect.

The sequence of candidates was determined by lottery and indicates no preference.


José M.F. Moura

Jose Moura

(Nominated by IEEE Technical Activities)

Philip and Marsha Dowd University Professor
Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, and
BioMedical Engineering Department
Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, USA

José Moura is Chaired University Professor at CMU, member of the US National Academy of Engineering, corresponding member of the Portugal Academy of Sciences, IEEE Fellow and AAAS Fellow. He has degrees in EECS from MIT and in EE from Instituto Superior Técnico (IST), Portugal. He was a Professor at IST and visiting Professor at MIT and New York University. He directs two CMU research centers, one on critical infrastructures and the other on ICT. His interests include data science, signal processing, high performance computing, communications, information theory, remote sensing, underwater acoustics, biomedical imaging. He holds 11 US patents, two were found to be in 2.4 billion disk drive chips, his technology was licensed by Intel and Siemens. He published 450 papers. He co-founded two companies.

He received the Technical Achievement and the Society Awards from the IEEE Signal Processing Society for outstanding technical contributions and leadership in Signal Processing.

IEEE Accomplishments and Activities

IEEE Accomplishments. IEEE exists to serve our technical community and members–by being the most technological advanced society and where staff help volunteers to develop the best initiatives for our community. I place professionals at large at the center of IEEE and strive to develop services that bring new value to the membership. I was an enthusiastic participant when IEEE transitioned its publications to the electronic platform Xplore. As Vice President Pubs of a Society, I led the digitizing and placing online of ALL the historic content of all its journals, Conferences, and Workshops; as its President, I offered the membership electronic access to all its seven Journals, changed the bylaws to include directors representing all IEEE Regions, and steered efforts to launch a new Conference targeting industrial members. As volunteer, I was cognizant of the emergence of new technical areas, helping start new Journals, technical committees, and conferences. In TAB, I sponsored budget transparency, so IEEE recognizes the value that Societies generate, to return the best value to the membership. As IEEE Board Member, I promoted a vision where IEEE uses technology to offer new services, developing a collaborative platform to build e-communities, and where IEEE staff supports volunteers to best serve the technical community.

IEEE Selected Activities. COMMITTEES/BOARDS: IEEE Board of Directors: Member and Division IX Director, 2013-14; IEEE Awards Board, 2012-14; Technical Activities Board (TAB), 2008-09, 2012-13; Educational Activities Board, 2010; Publication Services and Products Board (PSPB) 2008, 2011-12; PSPB Strategic Planning Committee, 2008-09, 2011-12. IEEE Proceedings, 1999-2007. SOCIETY: Signal Processing Society (SPS): Chair Awards Board, 2013-14; President, 2008-09; Long Range Planning Committee Chair, 2006-07; Vice-President Publications, 2000-02; Signal Processing Magazine, 2003-05; Signal Processing Letters, Interim Editor-in-Chief, 2002; Transactions on Signal Processing, Editor-in-Chief, 1995-99. COUNCIL: Sensors Council: VP Publications, 2000-02. SECTION: IEEE Portugal Section, Founding Member, 1980-84.


TAB is at the center of IEEE, leading the way with superior products and services. TAB has to strive for volunteers to be recognized as the leading voice defining IEEE’s chart and future. As a team player, I work with the body to understand its priorities and accomplish its vision and goals. Electrical and computer technologies are at the forefront of the IT and energy revolution, applications extending from communications, to medical, energy, entertainment. We produce the best publications and Conferences. We built Xplore, a most successful digital library. I look forward to the new opportunities: grow our membership, consolidating regions 1 through 8 and expanding in regions 9 and 10; develop Xplore from a paper delivery to a collaboration platform for peer-to-peer interaction and supporting e-communities, so our professionals cooperate seamlessly through the web or when on the move; help Societies and Councils to enhance their technical and professional services, by teaming up with Universities to seize the training and education opportunities of massive open online courses (MOOCS) to develop educational programs of great impact; finally, develop new initiatives, e.g., big data, smart cities, health care, building on the success of the smart grid, internet-of-things, or cloud computing initiatives.




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Douglas N. Zuckerman

Doug Zuckerman

(Nominated by IEEE Technical Activities)
Telcordia Technologies (Retired)
Ocean, NJ, USA
An active volunteer for more than 30 years, Dr. Zuckerman is a past IEEE Division III (Communications Technology) Director, was 2008-2009 President of the IEEE Communications Society, and previously held leadership positions in conferences, publications and membership development. He received his B.S., M.S. and Eng.Sc.D. degrees from Columbia University, USA, and is an IEEE Life Fellow. His professional experience, mainly at Bell Labs and Telcordia Technologies, USA, spans the operations, management and engineering of emerging communications technologies, networks and applications. His work heavily influenced early standards for management of telecommunications networks. Presently semi-retired, he is still active in standards as a representative to the Optical Internetworking Forum. Much of his professional life has been dedicated to IEEE activities. His service resulted in the following honors: IEEE Third Millennium Medal, the IEEE Communications Society’s McLellan Award for meritorious service, its Conference Achievement Award, and the Salah Aidarous Memorial Award.
IEEE Accomplishments and Activities

Doug’s longstanding innovative, energetic leadership across IEEE has responded to members, worldwide, through active service on key organizations across IEEE. He was on the IEEE Board of Directors, currently chairs the IEEE Employee Benefits and Compensation Committee, leads the IEEE Cloud Computing Initiative’s conference activities, and was on the IEEE Corporate Engagement Committee, and Career and Professional Development Committee.

As ComSoc President, he established a strategic vision and with ComSoc’s leadership:

  • Improved information sharing using social networking
  • Achieved greater global chapter and sister society teaming
  • Expanded ComSoc’s lecture programs
  • Reduced journal submission to publication time
  • Strengthened ComSoc’s standards role
  • Offered viable educational programs and industry-valued certification
  • Engaged more recent graduates and women in activities
  • Revised ComSoc’s governance to better align with global demographics.

In TAB and its entities, he:

  • Initiated studies on “bundled” Society-IEEE membership
  • Identified improvements for specific Societies and Councils
  • Helped define new revenue distribution algorithms
  • Contributed to e-health, humanitarian technology, earth observation and cloud initiatives.
  • Fostered successful cross-Society collaborations through Cloud Communications Initiative.

IEEE Board of Directors, 2012-13. IEEE Division III Director, 2012-13. Technical Activities Board (TAB), 2008-09, 2012-13. Products & Services, 2007-08. TAB Management, 2009-11. Society Review, 2010-11. Member Engagement and Life Cycle, 2010. Earth Observation AdCom, 2008-10. Employee Benefits and Compensation Committee Chair, 2013-14. Cloud Computing Initiative Track Chair, 2013-14. Career and Professional Development, 2012. Corporate Engagement, 2012-13.

President, 2008-09. Board of Governors, 1995-2014; VP (4) Technical Activities, Membership Development, Membership Services, Society Relations, 2000-07. Director Meetings and Conferences, 1996-97; Chair Strategic Planning Committee, 2006-07; Chair Staff and Facilities Committee, 2008-09; Chair IEEE/ComSoc Coordinating Committee, 2010-11.

IEEE GLOBECOM General Chair, 2009. IEEE/IFIP NOMS/IM General Chair, 2012.

JOCN Steering Committee, 2013-14. TNSM Advisory Board, 2012-14.

Aidarous Award, 2006. Sobol Conference Award, 2002. McLellan Service Award, 2000. IEEE Third Millennium Medal, 2000. IEEE Fellow, 1996.


Changes in industry structure and the world economy, together with "open access" trends, are presenting major challenges and opportunities to IEEE. Our technical Societies and Councils hold the key to IEEE’s future in responding to these challenges. As TAB Chair, I shall lead major efforts on addressing the needs of all our Societies/Councils. Outside of TAB, as VP TA, I shall advocate greater recognition of our unique role as the primary source of IEEE’s intellectual property. I shall also work closely with TAB to define our goals and how to achieve them. Areas that look to have potential interest and importance to TAB and our constituencies include:

  • Budget Reform – Clarify and improve financial statement transparency to allow informed decisions.
  • Simplify Rules – Simplify complex conference and publication rules to ease participation.
  • Openness/Inclusiveness – Improve openness and inclusiveness in all our activities.
  • Leadership Demographics – Engage more non-US volunteers in top leadership roles using nomination and balloting strategies.
  • Industry Engagement – Establish “special interest groups” within TAB and the Societies/Councils to engage more industry.
  • Standards Activities – Create a “standards committee” to focus and coordinate cross-Society/Council involvement with IEEE-Standards Association.
  • Education – Leverage TAB’s competences to grow Education into a major activity, comparable to Publications and Conferences.




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