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Below are the candidates for 2014-2015 IEEE-USA Member-at-Large.


Thomas G. Habetler

Thomas G. Habetler (Nominated by IEEE-USA)

(Nominated by IEEE-USA)
School of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Georgia Institute of Technology
Atlanta, GA, USA
Thomas G. Habetler received the B.S.E.E. degree in 1981 and the M.S. degree in 1984, both in electrical engineering, from Marquette University, Milwaukee, WI, USA, and the Ph.D. degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, in 1989.
Since 1989, he has been with the Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA, USA, where he is currently a Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering. His research interests are in protection and condition monitoring of electric machines and building electrical systems, power electronics and drives. He has published over 300 technical papers in the field. He is a regular consultant to industry in the field of condition-based diagnostics for electrical systems.
Dr. Habetler received the 2012 IEEE-PELS Harry A. Owen Distinguished Service Award, and the 2012 Gerald B. Kliman Innovator Award from IAS. He was the inaugural recipient of the IEEE-PELS “Diagnostics Achievement Award,” Dr. Habetler is a Fellow of IEEE.
IEEE Accomplishments and Activities
  • Board of Directors, Division II, 2007-08
  • Technical Activities Board, 2001-02, 2007-08, 2010-12
  • Member and Geographic Activities Board, TA Representative, 2010
  • IEEE-USA Board of Directors, TA Representative, 2010-12
  • IEEE Fellow Committee, 2006-08
  • Chair, IEEE-USA AdHoc on Conferences, 2011
  • Chair, Member Recruitment and Recovery, 2009
  • Engagement and Lifecycle, 2008
  • BoD AdHoc on Technical Co-Sponsorship, 2010
  • Chair, TAB AdHoc on Society Membership
  • Awards Presentation and Policy, 2009-11
  • Power Electronics Society Atlanta Chapter: Chair, 1998-99; Secretary, 2004-05 
  • Power Electronics Society (PELS): President, 2001-02; Vice-President, 1999-00; AdCom Member-at-Large, 1996-99; Secretary, 1994-95; Chair, PESC Conference Steering, 1998-present; Educational Activities, 1995-97; Chair, Membership and Publicity, 1990-93; Chair, Long-range Planning, 2004-06; Chair, Publications, 1997-99
  • Industry Applications Society (IAS): Chair, Industrial Power Converter, 2000-01
  • General Chair, IEEE Energy Conversion Congress and Expo, 2010
  • Power Electronics Specialists Conference: Publications Chair, 1999; Publicity Chair, 1997; Technical Program Chair, 1995
  • Applied Power Electronics Conference (APEC), Finance Chair, 2005
  • General Chair, Symposium on Diagnostics for Electric Machines, Power Electronics and Drives, 2003
  • General Co-Chair, IEEE NTDC Energy-2030 Conference, 2008
  • IEEE Power Electronics Specialists Conference Technical Program Committee, 1990-99
  • Chair, 1997 IEEE Symposium on Diagnostics in Electric Machines, Power Electronics and Drives
  • Chaired the AdHoc Committee, which defined and chartered the IEEE-USA Conferences Committee. 
  • Instrumental in changing policy concerning Technical Co-Sponsorship of conferences.
  • Chaired TAB AdHoc Committee on Society Membership. This committee was responsible for addressing the issue of declining society membership. 
  • Heavily involved in inter-society cooperation for a number of years between PELS, IAS, PES, and IES. 
I am strongly committed to improving the financial situation of IEEE-USA in the face of ever-shrinking US membership numbers. First and foremost, I have the unique experience of having served as the Chair of MGA’s Member Recruitment and Recovery Committee. I am very familiar with the membership structure on the staff side and with the wide variety of programs available to attract members. I am in no way saying the US member problem is easy, or even possible, to reverse, but I am knowledgeable of methods to combat the erosion.
Secondly, I am strongly committed to increasing the product offerings of IEEE-USA. This includes, first and foremost, conferences, and the related publication of the papers from these events. Furthermore, this also includes other products such as future publications related to professional and government activities.


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Scott M. Tamashiro

Scott M. Tamashiro (Nominated by IEEE-USA)

(Nominated by IEEE-USA)
Sr. Principal Systems Engineer
El Segundo, CA, USA
Scott is a member of his Department’s technical staff for Raytheon in El Segundo, CA, USA. He holds a BSEE with a Math Minor from Cal Poly Pomona and a MSEE from the University of Southern California. He has 15 years of experience in the field of reliability and maintainability analysis of a variety of ground, space, and airborne systems. He is a Raytheon Subject Matter Expert & Six Sigma Specialist and ASQ Certified Reliability Engineer. He also teaches for USC’s System Safety Certificate Program.
Scott currently serves as IEEE Region 6’s Project Manager (Western US). He enjoys volunteering, and his past committee and representative efforts have spanned local, regional, technical activities, IEEE-USA, MGA, GOLD, and Standards. He also loves to spend time with his wife and two young kids at home or visiting someplace new. He is also the head statistician for the two local Major League Soccer teams.
IEEE Accomplishments and Activities
COMMITTEES/BOARDS: IEEE Admission & Advancement (A&A) Committee – Region 6 Representative (2009-2010); IEEE Standards Association: Standards Board – Graduates of the Last Decade (GOLD) Representative (2007-2008); IEEE-USA OpCom - GOLD Representative (2006); IEEE GOLD Committee (2002-2004, 2006-2008); Transnational Committee – IEEE-USA Liaison (2005); IEEE Regional Activities Board (RAB) Awards and Recognition Committee (ARC) (2003-2004).
REGION 6: Project Manager (2013-present); OpCom – Sections Coordinator (2012); ExCom – Secretary (2009-2011); ExCom – Secretary/Webmaster/SAMIEEE (2007-2008); ExCom – GOLD Representative (2003-2004); OpCom - GOLD Representative (2002).
SECTIONS/CHAPTERS: Coastal Los Angeles: Member, Reliability Society Los Angeles Chapter Chair (2001-2003).
TECHNICAL: Reliability Society: Member, AdCom (2006-2011). Aerospace and Electronic Systems Society: Member.
OTHERS: GOLD Committee – Secretary, 2007; RAB GOLD Achievement Award, 2007; Senior Member, 2006; GOLD 10th Anniversary Game Contest, 2006.
Received Region 6 Director’s Special Award (2011) for dedicated and valuable support to the region as its long-time secretary, efficient meeting facilitator, and meeting planner; received RAB GOLD Achievement Award (2007) for initiating collaboration and bridging gap as the liaison between Standards Association and GOLD, one of the last IEEE entities without a GOLD presence; member of small team to develop Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) analysis for Reliability Society (2008) to prioritize future activities; created most of the puzzles and games for the worldwide 10th Anniversary GOLD Online Challenge (2006); as Region 6 GOLD Coordinator, created Quick Start package and increased the number of GOLD Affinity Groups in the region from 5 to 10 in two years (2003-2004) while helping educate sections and the region about GOLD, which at the time was a relatively new member designation.
If elected, I will be a valuable resource for IEEE-USA to use to bridge any gaps. While it will be everyone’s job to help reverse the critical issue of IEEE’s declining US membership, there are a diversity of activities that can’t be ignored such as public policy, career support, and communication. Whether I am tasked to help out on the #1 or #10 issue, or to help out on tasks that use my strengths or tasks where I have a learning curve, I will give the same attention and dedication. I like to listen and think outside the box to find ways to do things better and more efficiently, which has helped me become the youngest member of my department’s technical staff and being offered to teach for USC. My family’s and manager’s support have been key to me running for this position, and I hope to have yours, too.


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