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Below are the candidates for 2014 IEEE-USA President-Elect.


Peter Alan Eckstein

Peter Alan Eckstein (Nominated by IEEE-USA)

(Nominated by IEEE-USA)
Senior Principal Engineer (Retired)
Northrop Grumman Corporation;
Adjunct Professor
Suffolk County Community College,
Queensborough Community College, and
United States Merchant Marine Academy
Peter A. Eckstein received the B.S. degree in Electrical Technology from the New York Institute of Technology in 1967. He received an M.S. in Applied Physics from Adelphi University in 1971 and an M.S. in Management Engineering in 1974.
Eckstein is retired from Northrop Grumman Corp., where he held various engineering managerial positions of increasing responsibility. He was primarily involved in the design and development of support equipment for Navy avionic electronic warfare systems.
In addition, Eckstein is an Adjunct Professor of Physics at Suffolk County Community College, NY, USA, where he is responsible for lecture and lab development of calculus and algebra based physics courses, at Queensborough Community College, NY, USA, where he teaches physics and astronomy, and at the United States Merchant Marine Academy, NY, USA, where he teaches physics and engineering.
IEEE Accomplishments and Activities


  • IEEE Board of Directors, 2012-2013
  • IEEE-USA Board of Directors, 2008-2009, and 2012-2013, Vice President - Government Relations, 2008-2009
  • IEEE MGA Board of Directors, 2012-2013, Strategic Direction and Environmental Assessment Committee, 2010-2011
  • IEEE as A Model Global Association AdHoc Committee, 2009
  • Admissions and Advancements Committee, 1988-1993
  • Tellers Committee: Member, 2003-2005; Chair, 2006
  • Individual Benefits and Services Committee (IB&SC): RAB Liaison, 2005; Member-at-Large, 2008-2009
  • Ethics Hearing Panel, Member, 2003-2005
Region 1:
  • Director, 2012-2013
  • Secretary, 1988-89 and 1998-2007
  • Audit Chair, 1998-1999
  • Bylaws/Parliamentarian, 2004-2005
  • Worcester County, 2001-2003, Member of Executive Committee
  • IEEE EMS BoG: Member, 2003-2007; Secretary, 2004
  • AUTOTESTCON ’84: Vice-Chair – Tutorials Committee
  • ELECTRO’85 and ’86: Vice-Chair – Tutorials Committee
  • ELECTRO’87 and ’89: Chair – Tutorials Committee
  • ELECTRO’90 and ’91: Secretary of the Board of Directors
Metropolitan Sections Activities Council (METSAC):
  • Tutorials Vice-Chair, 1984-1985
  • Tutorials Chair, 1986-1989
  • Third Millennium Medal, 2000
  • Region 1 Award, 2005
IEEE Accomplishments While no one person is ever solely responsible for affecting major changes in as large an organization as IEEE, I have been a major influence in the following:
  • Re-structuring the Region 1 Summer Leadership Workshop that has resulted in nearly doubling the number of Section Officers receiving training in the operation of their office. They also receive cross-training so they may progress to higher positions within IEEE.
  • As the IEEE-USA Vice President for Government Relations, I have directed the development of 26 major Position Statements utilized on Capitol Hill to educate and influence elected officials on issues that affect the welfare of our members and the nation. These range from energy policy to workforce and employment issues to intellectual property and patent reform.
  • Developing the algorithm utilized by the IEEE Tellers Committee to determine the need for recounting votes to avoid contested elections.
IEEE surveys indicate that influencing public policy is very important to our members, yet their satisfaction with our activities is very low. Unfortunately, a misalignment of organizational structure, ineffective communication, and a nearly total lack of effort at the local level prevent our members from understanding and participating in public policy efforts. Information does not filter down to Regions and Sections, nor does information percolate up so that pressure can be brought to bear on state or local issues.
As President of IEEE-USA I will:
  • Restructure the Board so that the Regional Government Activities Chairs report to the Vice President for Government Relations. This will provide the information channel needed so that IEEE-USA can become involved in local issues.
  • Establish a digital publication of periodic news briefs aimed at specific areas of the country where this information is of most importance and impact. These will be sent to the Regional officers, Section Chairs, and Section Newsletter Editors in those Sections affected.
By modifying the lines of responsibility and by instituting a new communication channel, our local involvement in policy issues will be rejuvenated. Our members will be able to have direct impact on those issues that affect them and our profession.

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James A. Jefferies

James A. Jefferies (Nominated by IEEE-USA)

(Nominated by IEEE-USA)
Denver, CO, USA
Jim Jefferies worked at AT&T and Lucent Technologies for 33 years in engineering and executive positions including fiber optic cable development and manufacturing, Quality Assurance, and Supply Chain Management. He managed the engineering teams that delivered the first commercial fiber optic cables for the Bell System. Additional experiences included major technology transfers, innovative manufacturing development, and competitive strengthening of distribution operations and export of US built products. He also worked in the entrepreneurial sector as COO for in San Francisco, CA, USA. He has lived and worked in every region of the US with positions ranging from large companies to start-up businesses.
He received his BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Nebraska and an MS in Engineering Science from Clarkson University. He attended the Stanford University Graduate School of Business as a Sloan Fellow and completed an MS in Management.
IEEE Accomplishments and Activities
OFFICES/COMMITTEES:IEEE Board of Directors 2012-13; Region 5 Director 2012-13; IEEE Audit Committee 2012-13; Chair-2013, IEEE-USA Board of Directors 2009-13; IEEE-USA Vice President – Professional Activities 2009; IEEE-USA Vice President – Government Relations 2010-11; IEEE-USA Government Activities Committee 2006-11; IEEE-USA R&D Policy Committee 2005-08; IEEE-USA Entrepreneurial Activities Committee 2008-13; IEEE Member services Committee 2011.
REGION: Region 5 Director Elect 2010-11, Government Activities/Technology Policy Director, 2006-09.
SECTION: Denver Section: Chair, 2008; Vice Chair, 2007; Professional Activities Committee, Chair, 2005-06.
AWARD: IEEE-USA Regional Leadership Award, 2007.
IEEE Accomplishments
  • Active participant and promoter of Congressional visits and Washington policy events. Formal regional program to support member’s visits to Washington Fly-in events.
  • Developed innovative professional activities programs working with local government and universities. Held multi-evening education events during Colorado state-wide Tech Week.
  • Conducted survey with local economic development agencies on role of engineers in the local economy.
  • Initiated new programs for entrepreneurs including basic training and sharing of experiences of successful entrepreneurs.
  • Actively supported high-skilled-worker immigration and Intellectual Property reforms.
  • Participated in meetings with House Science committee on innovation and Small Business administration on expanding support and outreach to technology small businesses.
  • Restructured Government Relations budgets to fund priority activities.
  • Continuously embraced the dual role of Supporting Careers and Shaping Public Policy.
  • Communicated the IEEE-USA message at all attended meetings and events.
Active volunteer and supporter within all areas of interest for IEEE-USA from first day of my volunteer experience including professional activities, technology policy, public policy, innovation, and entrepreneurship at section, regional, national, and international levels. IEEE-USA Vice President for Professional Activities, Vice President for Government Relations, regional technology policy chair, and active participant and promoter of Congressional visits and Washington policy events. Served continuously for last five years on IEEE-USA board. 
The dual mission of Supporting Careers and Shaping Public Policy is as relevant today as ever for members and potential members. IEEE-USA is a crown jewel for IEEE and I would nurture and expand that role:
  • Increase visibility of IEEE-USA to governments, the general public, and members as voice of and voice for technical professionals in the US. 
  • Assure excellence in the career programs that IEEE-USA offers to members and clear links to the excellent programs of others.
  • Update and communicate career programs for the entire member career life cycle fully including those thinking about technology as a career choice, studying, teaching, practicing, inventing, or advocating for technology.
  • Review programs to assure we know who wants them and how they want to access them based on direct member feedback.
  • Expand partnering with the many professional, other not-for-profit organizations, and industry groups that share our interests.
  • Focus on understanding trends, informing members, and providing tools to cope. Today’s career choices move along different paths and IEEE-USA should be evolving toward a higher average relevance for members.
  • Develop new avenues of communication with younger members and potential members in our fields of interest.
  • For additional information visit my site or


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