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The following position descriptions provide information on the responsibilities and time commitments for members of IEEE Committees for which N&A recommends.


IEEE Committees

IEEE Audit Committee (PDF, 46 KB). The IEEE Audit Committee reviews and monitors conformance of policies and procedures that substantially affect the finances and operations of the IEEE.

IEEE Awards Board (PDF, 68 KB). The IEEE Awards Board administers and/or monitors IEEE awards, scholarships, and formal recognition programs and develops the awards structure for recognizing excellence in activities within IEEE’s fields of interest.

IEEE Employee Benefits and Compensation Committee (PDF, 307 KB). The IEEE Employee Benefits and Compensation Committee reviews and recommends guidelines and policies relating to benefits and compensation of IEEE employees.  

IEEE Ethics and Member Conduct Committee (PDF, 45 KB). The IEEE Ethics and Member Conduct Committee recommends policies and/or educational programs to promote ethical behavior among IEEE members and staff and proposes appropriate action in cases of IEEE member and officer discipline.

IEEE Fellow Committee (PDF, 67 KB). The IEEE Fellow Committee makes recommendations to the IEEE Board of Directors for candidates to be conferred the grade of Fellow.

IEEE Governance Committee (PDF, 31 KB). The IEEE Governance Committee assists the IEEE Board of Directors on governance matters affecting organizational effectiveness such as review of proposed amendments to governing documents, guidance on organizational structure, and training and orientation of new Board members.

IEEE History Committee (PDF, 46 KB). The IEEE History Committee promotes the collection, writing, and dissemination of historical information in IEEE fields of interest, as well as historical information about the IEEE and its predecessor organizations.

IEEE Nominations & Appointments Committee (PDF, 46 KB). The IEEE Nominations & Appointment Committee is responsible for making recommendations of the most qualified individuals for select positions on the IEEE Board of Directors and its Standing Committees. 

IEEE Public Visibility Committee (PDF, 49 KB). The IEEE Public Visibility Committee is responsible for the public visibility initiative, related communications, and other activities focused on increasing public understanding of how engineering, computing and technology benefit humanity, and to promote the visibility of engineering, computing and technology professionals who carry out this work.

IEEE Tellers Committee (PDF, 54 KB). The IEEE Tellers Committee supervises the processing of ballots and petitions received and the tallying of the votes on the IEEE Annual Election ballot.


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How to Volunteer at IEEE

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Other Nomination Opportunities

Member and Geographic Activities (MGA) Nominations Process - for positions on the MGA Board and Committees.

Technical Activities Board (TAB) Nominations Process  - for positions within IEEE Technical Activities

IEEE Awards Program - to honor achievements in education, industry, research and service.

IEEE Fellow Program - for extraordinary record of accomplishments in any of the IEEE fields of interest.