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The IEEE in 2030 Challenge: Delivering Value to Professionals Working in Industry

what is the 2030 challenge

IEEE is looking for new ideas for products and services that will deliver value to engineers and technology professionals who work in industry. That’s why we created the IEEE in 2030 Challenge. This “seed grant” program is designed to encourage and support innovative, creative, and potentially disruptive approaches to serving the contemporary and future needs of engineers and technology professionals in industry. The IEEE New Initiatives Committee is currently accepting proposals for short-term projects (completed in 12 months or fewer). The first call for proposals concluded on 1 July 2016. A second call for proposals will be coming soon, with more details to follow.

Have a great idea that directly addresses the strategic needs of IEEE? Submit your proposal today!



Calls for proposals: deadline 1 July 2016

 what is a seed grant  who can submit
Seed grant funding is used for smaller-scale initiative projects or pilot programs that are innovative and may entail more risk. These projects may include a proof of concept in preparation for subsequent full-scale implementation. Funding is limited to grants that require US$40,000 or less and take 12 months or fewer to complete. Funds may not be used to pay salaries or to purchase capital equipment. Seed grant proposals in response to the IEEE in 2030 Challenge may be submitted by one or more IEEE members or organizational units, individually or in cooperation with an IEEE staff group.

Download the IEEE seed grant proposal form for the IEEE in 2030 Challenge (DOC, 77 KB)

Completed forms should be emailed to

Include “IEEE in 2030 Challenge Submission” in the subject line of the email for easy identification.


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What are some examples of what IEEE is looking for in this call?

  • Innovative channels and formats for continuing professional education targeted to practicing engineers
  • Mobile web applications that pull in technology development news and content needed by engineers working in a specific industry segment—for example, power systems
  • Novel data mining and analytics to highlight trends and to identify experts on emerging topics of interest to industry professionals


Selection criteria for funding

Here are some criteria that will increase the likelihood of being selected:

  • Addresses a clearly defined need of engineers and technology professionals working in industry
  • Balances quality, innovation, and creativity with likelihood of success
  • Has a set of concrete deliverables with near-term, quantifiable impact and benefits to IEEE
  • Includes clearly defined metrics to effectively measure success
  • Has a clear and realistic plan for successful completion of the project
  • Is scalable and broad enough to make an impact on the larger IEEE organization
  • Contains a brief statement about the long-term growth and financial viability of the product or service
  • Project leader has expertise to conduct project

What items will IEEE not fund under this call?

  • University, private company, and individual research and development projects, including prototypes and testing products
  • Venture capital for patentable inventions
  • Humanitarian activities, for example, to improve the welfare and happiness of people, to alleviate suffering on a local level, or to promote human welfare and social reforms
  • Online education courses
  • Workshops, surveys, and research projects to identify target audience(s) and features for a new IEEE product or service
  • Salaries or capital equipment purchases
  • Overhead (general and administrative or indirect costs)
  • Ongoing activities or operational costs of the applicant, organization, or IEEE organizational unit
  • Construction or building renovations
  • Lobbying or electioneering
  • Commercial promotion activities
  • Personal or commercial loans
  • Grants
  • Scholarships to individuals
  • Endowments
  • Sponsoring individuals or teams to participate in competitions or conferences