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IEEE new initiatives proposal form

Any IEEE member, volunteer or IEEE organizational unit can use this form to submit a new initiative proposal to the IEEE New Initiatives Committee (NIC). IEEE staff groups require a volunteer in the operational unit as a co-sponsor. Typical New Initiatives are expected to require US$100,000 or more for a 12-month period. However, any project proposed to the New Initiative Committee with a total budget exceeding US$40,000 will be considered a New Initiative and expected to be submitted on this form.

A new initiative proposal will identify potential new and/or different programs, products, or services that will provide significant benefit to IEEE members, the public, the technical community or customers, or which could have lasting impact on the IEEE and/or its business processes.  Initiatives must be of strategic importance and demonstrate a clear benefit to IEEE.

Download IEEE New Initiatives Submission Proposal Form (DOC, 209 KB)


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IEEE seed grant proposal form

The seed grant is designed for potentially small scale and/or high risk proposals where relatively small amounts of funding are required to get started. Seed grants are limited to projects that require funding of US$40,000 or less.  Seed grants must also demonstrate a clear benefit to IEEE, its members, the public, the technical community, or customers.  Projects may be self-contained or, if successful, may serve as a demonstration of feasibility for a subsequent proposal for a higher-level of funding through the New Initiative process.  A seed grant proposal may be used as a precursor demonstration for a new initiative proposal submission.

Download IEEE Seed Grant Proposal Form (DOC, 71 KB)  


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