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IEEE in the News

The IEEE community and its far-reaching efforts to advance innovation and technological excellence for the benefit of humanity are often highlighted in top-tier media outlets worldwide.


Past news coverage:  2013 January-April

How to Make Contact in an Emergency
Discovery News, US
16 April 2013

Stu Lipoff, IEEE Fellow and member of IEEE Vehicular Technology Society, IEEE Consumer Electronics Society, and IEEE Computer Society, spoke with Discovery News about how heavy call volume during an emergency can overwhelm wireless networks and the use of private spectrum by emergency responders. 

Movers and Shakers: Cheri Warren, Vice President, Asset Management, National Grid
The Glass Hammer, US
13 April 2013

Cheri Warren, IEEE Senior member and member of the IEEE Power and Energy Society and IEEE WIE, discusses her career in electrical engineering, how women can succeed in the energy business, and her involvement with IEEE. 

A human infusion - the social side of computer science
Science Omega Review Europe, International
12 April 2013

David Alan Grier, IEEE Fellow and President of the IEEE Computer Society, says while hardware and software will remain central to computing technology, they are being joined by the ideas of social science: economics, sociology, and psychology.

An Expert Reveals the Future of Smartphones
Urban Times, International
6 April 2013

Kevin Curran, IEEE Senior member, examines two of the defining factors of smartphone evolution: operating systems and screen technology.

Baseball Meets Internet of Things: Bye, Bad Umpires?, US
6 April 2013

IEEE Senior member Roozbeh Jafari discussed the new-and-improved breed of baseball, springing from the Internet of Things (IoT), an increasingly popular notion that society can harvest and apply data in previously unthinkable ways by connecting everyday objects to the Internet and equipping them with sensors.

Head of IEEE Roberto de Marca to Deliver Speech at Kadir Has University in Istanbul (Turkish Version)
2 April 2013

IEEE President-elect Roberto de Marca to visit Kadir Has University during his trip to Istanbul.

Predicting the Future of Drought Prediction (Portuguese Version)
IT Web, Brazil
25 March 2013

The article discusses different methods and tools being implemented to better tackle the issue of drought prediction as well as new technologies being used.

Smartphone's evolution continues with a raft of new innovations
South China Morning Post, International
15 March 2013

Kevin Curran, IEEE Senior member, looks at the future of smartphones and discusses some of the enhancements being considered.

The Internet of Things: Engineers’ Perspectives
Urban Times, UK
14 March 2013

Raul Colcher, IEEE Senior member, and Roberto Saracco, IEEE Senior member, share their perspectives on The Internet of Things based on a survey identifying the ways in which consumers envision using connected devices.

Intelligent Transportation Careers Speed Ahead 

Today’s Engineer, US
11 March 2013

Jeffrey Miller, IEEE member, provided insight on his work experiences in the intelligent transportation field and the hurdles that are prohibiting these technologies to be mainstreamed.

Screenless television will be focused on experiences (Portuguese Version)
Folha de São Paulo, Brazil
11 March 2013

Bill Hayes, IEEE Senior member, discusses how television will be used 30 years from now and compares it to “Star Trek” where spectators are fully immersed in the images and obtain a full 3D experience.

mHealth: Wearable Technology
Urban Times, UK
22 February 2013

Christopher James, IEEE Senior member and member of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society, talks about the type of technology that is currently available and some of the enabling factors that can help the futuristic wearable healthcare technology solutions become a reality.

mHealth: Challenge and Opportunity
Urban Times, UK
22 February 2013

Christopher James, IEEE Senior member and member of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society, discusses the role that mobile devices, smartphones, and tablets in particular can serve in delivering healthcare services to patients and helping them manage their own conditions more effectively.

2020 Vision: Enabling and Securing the Enterprise of the Future

Infosecurity Magazine, UK
19 February 2013

Steven Furnell, IEEE Senior member and member of the IEEE Communications Society and IEEE Computer Society, discusses security issues with a particular emphasis on “Securing the Enterprise of the Future.”

“7 tecnologias que começam a morrer em 2013” / “7 technologies that will start to go extinct in 2013” (Portuguese Version), Brazil
14 February 2013

IEEE specialists predict the extinction of certain technologies, such as Internet connections via cable, land-line phones, substitution of desktops for tablets, and a decline of complex electronic devices that require high-maintenance costs.

Robots for Elderly Care

Urban Care, UK
2 February 2013

Antonio Espingardeiro, member of IEEE and the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society, discusses some of the ways that Socially Assisted Robots (SARs) such as P37 can benefit the elderly in both body and mind.

Some Percentages Are Just Fair-Weathered Friends
The Wall Street Journal, US
26 January 2012

Stu Lipoff, IEEE Life Fellow and member of the IEEE Consumer Electronics Society, IEEE Vehicular Society, and IEEE Computer Society, discusses the Smart Battery System and believes they are too costly for phones and even laptops.

6 Key Lessons For Startups From An Early Internet Pioneer
Forbes, US
22 January 2012

Paul Mockapetris, IEEE Senior member and member of the IEEE Communications Society and IEEE Computer Society, shares six key technology startup lessons that he has learned throughout his career.

Few game-changing electronics in '13 CES
The Boston Globe, US
8 January 2012

Stu Lipoff, IEEE Life Fellow and member of the IEEE Vehicular Technology Society, IEEE Computer Society, and IEEE Consumer Electronics Society and Richard Doherty, IEEE Senior Member and member of the IEEE Solid State Circuits Society, IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society, IEEE Photonics Society, IEEE Systems, Man, and Cybernetics Society, IEEE Magnetics Society, IEEE Professional Communications Society, and IEEE Consumer Electronics Society, comment on possible upcoming product releases and announcements during the Consumer Electronics Show.

Feds Want 'Black Boxes', More Regulation In All Cars
FOX Charlotte (WCCB), US
7 January 2013

Tom Kowalick, IEEE member, discusses how data obtained from "black boxes" can be used to make automobiles safer and more efficient.

IEEE at CES Featured on the Discovery Channel

January 2013

IEEE at CES 2013 was featured on the Discovery Channel. Watch Ziya Tong kick off the Daily Planet with the Thomas Edison hologram live from the IEEE booth.

CES show to see changing of guard in tech sector
Yahoo! News, US
4 January 2013

Stu Lipoff, IEEE Life Fellow, gives an overview of what major technology and trends we will see coming out of CES this year.


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