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An index of 2013 news releases, by quarter, will be posted below throughout the year.


Fourth-quarter releases - October to December

IEEE Technical Experts to Predict What's Next in Consumer Electronics at 2014 CES
18 December 2013

What to know "what's next" in the world of consumer electronics? IEEE technical experts will make predictions about the future of 3D printing, cellphones, app-controlled appliances, exoskeletons, and more at CES 2014, 7-10 January.

IEEE Expert Demonstrates Research and Applications of Mind-Controlled Robots
17 December 2013

IEEE Senior member Dean Aslam is currently working on a project with mind-controlled robots that have applications for operating drones, prosthetics, smart homes, and can even be used in the early detection of neuro disorders, like Parkinson's Disease.

2014 IEEE President Roberto de Marca Named as One of Brazil's Most Influential People of the Year
12 December 2013

2014 IEEE President Roberto de Marca was recently recognized by Época, a top monthly Brazilian magazine, as one of the country's most influential people of 2013.

IEEE and Finn Partners have won a Bulldog Digital Social Award for Excellence in Online Communications. They received the GOLD award in the Digitally/Socially Engaged Brand of the Year category.

IEEE announced that Dr. Howard E. Michel, Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at UMass-Dartmouth and engineering consultant, has been elected 2014 IEEE President-elect.

IEEE Issues Statement on Appropriate Use of Bibliometric Indicators in Evaluation of Scientific Publications
18 November 2013

IEEE recently issued a statement on the appropriate use of bibliometric indicators in journal citations to emphasize the importance of providing accurate citation counts and other indicators when evaluating the quality and impact of scientific publications.

500,000 HTML Documents Now Available in the IEEE Xplore Digital Library
15 November 2013

As part of its long-standing commitment to deliver the latest technological research via a feature-rich delivery platform, IEEE announced that IEEE Xplore has reached a major milestone with over 500,000 documents now available in HTML format.

Innovation and Creativity Set to Increase in STEM Education, Says IEEE Experts
22 October 2013  

Based on insights from top educators and members of IEEE, technology integration in STEM education is helping boost innovation and creativity in classrooms.

IEEE Announces Kick-off Of New Standards Working Groups
14 October 2013

IEEE, the world's largest technical profession organization dedicated to advancing technology for humanity, announced today that its new working groups will immediately kick off the development process to create standards for the EPEAT® registry. 


Third-quarter releases - July to September

IEEE Introduces App-E-Feat; to Help Change the World, One Mobile App at a Time
23 September 2013

IEEE, the world’s largest professional technical organization dedicated to advancing technology for humanity, announced today the development of a website that will help non-profit and non-governmental organizations develop mobile applications that will further their causes and potentially impact millions of lives.

The Need for High Speed: IEEE Experts Predict 60 Percent of the Vehicles on the Road Will Be Internet-Enabled by 2025
28 August 2013

Distinguished members of IEEE, the world’s largest professional organization dedicated to advancing technology for humanity, believe that internet-enabled vehicles will play an instrumental role in improving the future of commuting.

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IEEE Announces 2014 Technical Field Award Recipients
30 July 2013

IEEE has announced its list of 2014 Technical Field Award recipients. Technical Field Awards are one of the highest-level awards bestowed by the world's largest technical professional organization dedicated to advancing technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity.

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IEEE Journals Sustain High Rankings in Newest Citation Reports
2 July 2013

IEEE has maintained its position as one of the top publishers of science and technology journals. 


Second-quarter releases - April to June

Celebrating the 2013 IEEE Honors Ceremony Recipients
25 June 2013

The accomplishments of IEEE Life Fellow Irwin Mark Jacobs, founding Chairman and Chief Executive Emeritus of Qualcomm, Inc., will be recognized with the IEEE Medal of Honor during the IEEE Honors Ceremony on 29 June in San Diego, CA. The event will be streamed live on beginning at 7 p.m. PT.

Consumer Electronics: The Next Frontier
3 June 2013

Distinguished members of IEEE have found that advances made in wireless power, remote sensing and voice activation for space travel and exploration will play an increasingly significant role in the advancement of consumer electronics products used by the average human being on earth.

Dr. Irwin Mark Jacobs, Innovator of Wireless Communications Technology, to Receive 2013 IEEE Medal of Honor
30 May 2013

Dr. Irwin Mark Jacobs, a pioneering engineer and business leader whose vision and expertise have driven revolutionary innovations important to today’s digital and wireless communications systems, is being honored by IEEE with the 2013 IEEE Medal of Honor at a ceremony at Qualcomm headquarters on 6 June.

IEEE Now Provides Open-Access Option for All Peer-Reviewed Journals
22 May 2013

IEEE today announced that all IEEE-owned peer-reviewed journals now offer open-access (OA) publishing options, the latest sign of OA's growth as it continues to transform the scholarly research publishing industry.

IEEE Statement to the National Research Council Regarding Proposed Embargo Periods for Scholarly Research
15 May 2013

New IEEE Open-Access “Mega Journal” Aims to Boost Technology Innovation
14 May 2013

IEEE, one of the world’s largest publishers of technology-focused peer-reviewed articles, is seeking to increase the impact that scientific research can have on technology innovation with its first online, open-access (OA) “mega journal,” a journal that covers a range of disciplines instead of a single-topic focus.

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IEEE Experts Identify the Fourth R-Word in Sustainability: Repair
22 April 2013

Reduce, reuse, and recycle is the foundation of sustainable living. However, experts from IEEE, the world’s largest technical professional organization, identified repair as an equally important, environmentally friendly R-word, especially when it comes to the consumer electronics industry.


First-quarter releases – January to March

IEEE Spectrum Wins Third Grand Neal Award
14 March 2013

IEEE Spectrum announced that it received the coveted Grand Neal Award during the Association of Business Information & Media Companies’ (ABM) 59th Annual Jesse H. Neal Awards ceremony, held Tuesday at Pier Sixty in New York City. 

Tsinghua Science and Technology Journal Now Available via Open Access in IEEE Xplore
27 February 2013

All new articles, plus an archive of past content from the Tsinghua Science and Technology Journal dating back to 1996, are now available through open access via the IEEE Xplore digital library.

IEEE Congratulates Members Elected to the National Academy of Engineering
11 February 2013

The newest members elected to the National Academy of Engineering, one of the field's highest professional distinctions, include 16 members of IEEE.

New IEEE Virtual Journal Features Latest RF Research from IEEE Societies
7 February 2013

IEEE has announced that the new IEEE Radio Frequency Integrated Circuit Virtual Journal is now available in the IEEE Xplore digital library. The online journal incorporates the latest papers and multimedia content on radio frequency integrated circuits from publications and conferences from the IEEE Circuits and Systems, Microwave Theory and Techniques and Solid-State Circuits Societies.

Going, Going ... Gone! IEEE Community Predicts Devices Headed to the 2013 Gadget Graveyard
16 January 2013

IEEE today announced that several entertainment gadgets will become extinct, desktop computers will live on, mobile phones will not be used as all-in-one devices, and paper will still be plentiful this year.

IEEE at the 2013 International CES
7 January 2013

As part of IEEE's presence at the 2013 International Consumer Electronics Show, attendees were encouraged to vote on what technologies they thought would be headed to the Gadget Graveyard.