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IEEE Announces The Future of Identity Series at SXSW® 2015

IEEE Speakers Series to Promote Open Collaboration on Future Frameworks for Privacy, Identity Management, and Personalized Medicine

21 October 2014 – IEEE, today announced the acceptance of its Future of Identity Series at The South by Southwest® (SXSW) Interactive Festival from 13 March to 17 March 2015 in Austin, TX, USA. IEEE’s Future of Identity Series features a diverse roster of creative visionaries and technology innovators and will explore the impacts of converging technology on concepts of self, privacy, and security. This is IEEE’s fourth year of curating content for the annual SXSW Festival.

"The remarkable minds of IEEE members continue to produce compelling discoveries that we enjoy sharing, and we are very excited to deliver at SXSW for our fourth consecutive year," said Mary Ward-Callan, managing director of Technical Activities at IEEE. "With the Internet of Things and concerns over Internet governance, we are focusing our attention on identity management and privacy in a connected world. Our decades of experience as a neutral convener of technology professionals in industry and academia put IEEE in a unique position to discuss these topics. SXSW is a perfect venue for this engaging conversation."

SXSW Featured Speaker Dr. Hugh Herr, IEEE member and director of Biomechatronics Research at MIT Media Lab, will anchor IEEE's Future of Identity Series with a session entitled "Extreme Bionics: The End of Disability." Dr. Herr will highlight his research, which is focused on the elimination of disability and the reinvention of society through electromechanical enhancements to people's bodies and brains. His session will also explore revolutionary prosthetics that promise to enhance human capabilities in ways that exceed the boundaries of nature and biology, as well as extinguish the conceptual and social divide between man and machine.

IEEE’s Future of Identity Series, led by global industry experts and innovators, will also include the following sessions:

A Framework for Privacy by Design
As technology evolves faster than we can comprehend or even respond, the world plays a global game of “catch-up” that does more to threaten our privacy than protect us. During this session, a new vision and framework for “Privacy by Design” that incorporates privacy standards as an integral part and practice of technology development will be introduced by:
• Mat Honan, senior writer, WIRED Magazine;
• Dr. Ann Cavoukian, executive director for Privacy and Big Data, Ryerson University Institute.

Biometrics and Identity: Beyond Wearable
This session will explore the implications and social acceptance of using personal genomic and biometric data as virtual keys that unlock various aspects of our lives; from home security to banking, to healthcare and more. In addition, the session will explore emerging technology and the benefits, risks, and a future that extends beyond wearable devices. Speakers of this session include:
• Dr. Leslie Saxon, chief of Cardiovascular Medicine at USC Keck School of Medicine; executive director, USC Center for Body Computing;
• Heather Schlegel, futurist/social scientist, The Purple Tornado;
• John C. Havens, founder, The H(app)athon Project.

DIY Brain Hacking! Electroceuticals & You
While 20th-century medicine has relied on pharmaceuticals, it is likely the 21st century may leverage “electroceuticals”: using pulses of electricity to regulate the activity of neurons. By leveraging this process, we can even rewire our minds using open-source hardware and software solutions. This session will explore these feats and talk about the science behind brain hacking. It will be hosted by:
• Eliza Strickland, associate editor, IEEE Spectrum;
• Brent Williams, director of the KSU iTeach Center;
• Joel Murphy, co-founder, OpenBCI;
• Greg Gage, CEO and co-founder, Backyard Brains.

“As organizations, SXSW and IEEE both celebrate innovation, creativity, and a commitment to community," said Hugh Forrest, director of the SXSW Interactive Festival. "So it makes sense that some of the most compelling content at SXSW over the last few years has been produced via our continuing relationship with IEEE. (The year) 2015 looks to be another great year for this relationship with several strong IEEE sessions scheduled for SXSWeek in March in Austin.”

In addition, IEEE’s Future of Identity Series is scheduled to include a Women in Technology Workshop and an Official SXSW Party at The Driskill Hotel Mezzanine on 15 March. IEEE’s Future of Identity Series will also feature a sponsored Augmented Reality Mural created by the Heavy Projects/ Re+Public on 6th and Jacinto. The 84' x 32' mural comes alive when viewed via the free Re+Public app, through digital 3D, animation, and movie textures, and explores modern concepts of production, advertising, and consumption.

To learn more about IEEE, please visit Facebook, follow IEEE on Twitter, or connect with IEEE on LinkedIn.

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