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The IEEE community and its far-reaching efforts to advance innovation and technological excellence for the benefit of humanity are often highlighted in top-tier media outlets worldwide.


Past news coverage: 2011 January – April

Why IEEE Fellow Radia Perlman hates technology
ITWorld, US
22 April 2011

Radia Perlman, an IEEE Fellow and inventor of spanning tree protocol, discusses the need for engineers to focus on creating simple technology solutions in an interview with IEEE CIO, Dr. Alexander Pasik.

The Business Market Cloud Computing Catch-Up

New York Times, US
14 April 2011

IEEE's pioneering cloud computing initiative is poised to be a vital component of data security efforts as more business activity migrates to cloud computing environments.

Optimizing Data Centers; Server Virtualization Ushers Firms into Cloud Computing (PDF, 5.33 MB)
Wall Street Journal, US
14 April 2011

Alexander Pasik, CIO of IEEE, discusses strategies and tips for companies that want to improve efficiency and reduce engery costs with reporter Joe Mullich.

How to Fire Up U.S. Innovation
Wall Street Journal, US
12 April 2011

Vint Cerf, an IEEE Fellow and chief Internet evangelist at Google, speaks as to how the U.S. can revitalize innovation.

Lord Demands Funding for UK Science Breakthroughs, UK
1 April 2011

Lord Rees urges better funding for the science sector to attract scientific talent to the UK. IEEE President Moshe Kam echoed his concerns previously.

The Continuing Evolution of Nuclear Power (Guest Blog Post)
IEEE Spectrum, US
29 March 2011

Harold Flescher, nuclear physicist and member of the IEEE Board of Directors, says we should learn to build safer nuclear reactors and cleaner fossil fuel facilities today while we fund the R&D that will be necessary for the breakthrough technologies that will replace these older energy generation technologies.  

IEEE: send robots into disaster zones, US
23 March 2011

This coverage followed an interview with local expert Antonio Espingardeiro.

A Universal Inbox?  How to Make Sense of the Digital Text Mess
Innovation News Daily, US
9 March 2011

Stuart Lipoff, chairman of the IEEE Consumer Electronics Society Standards Committee, says while it’s technologically very feasible to build a universal inbox, each user’s priorities, needs and definition of relevance is different. While he sees the universal inbox as a powerful idea, technology must first produce a means for average people to easily configure a set of complex filters to help them manage their digital lives.

Why the U.S. Must Promote Engineering

Businessweek, US 
2 March 2011

IEEE Fellow and CTO Xerox, Sophie Vandebroek discusses why the U.S. must promote engineering.

Mercury Space Engineers Gather for Well-Earned Tribute
St. Louis Post-Dispatch, US
25 February 2011

A front page story on the IEEE Milestone dedication ceremony for the Mercury Spacecraft quoted IEEE President Moshe Kam.

IEEE boss urges a reform to engineering in education, UK
24 February 2011

TechEye reporter interviews IEEE President Dr. Moshe Kam about the need to reform engineering education especially getting his thoughts on education in the UK and western cultures.

Norm Augustine on talk radio with Mike McConnell
WGN Radio Chicago, US
18 February 2011

Norm Augustine, an IEEE Life Fellow and the retired Chairman and CEO of Lockheed Martin Corporation, discusses with Mike McConnell why the U.S. is falling behind in innovation and ways the U.S. can move forward again.

Engineers: Ignore Critics, Follow Your Dreams, Change The World

Forbes, US
7 February 2011

John Cioffi, an IEEE Fellow and often referred to as "the father of DSL", encourages all engineers to similarly ignore criticism and pursue research they believe in.

Danger: America Is Losing Its Edge In Innovation 
Forbes, US
20 January 2011

IEEE Life Fellow Norm Augustine explains why Americans must place an important emphasis on education in order to sustain global leadership well into the future.

Engineering the future (PDF, 2.92 KB)
Manufacturing Today, India
11 January 2011

Dr. Sivaji Chakravorti, IEEE Senior Member, discusses the push and pull factors that influence career choices of present engineers and the role of the industry to keep its luster as engineering continues to play an important role in the economic growth of India. It also mentions how engineering will evolve in the future and points out IEEE’s institutional strength globally and in the region. 

Stimulating Simulations
Shipping & Marine, UK 
10 January 2011

IEEE Member Uwe Aickelin discusses the optimisation of border security at channel ports.


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