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The IEEE community and its far-reaching efforts to advance innovation and technological excellence for the benefit of humanity are often highlighted in top-tier media outlets worldwide.


Past news coverage: 2012 May - August

Digital Lifestyle: Robots taking our jobs (PDF, 146 KB)
South China Morning Post, International
24 August 2012

Antonio Espingadeiro, IEEE member and robot expert, says humans are likely to coexist with and be assisted by machines, but they are also likely to take more advantage of teamwork by developing strengths and relationships that they never thought were possible.

Wi-Fi of 7 Gbps may arrive in Brazil by 2013 (Portuguese Version)
Gazetaonline, Brazil
10 August 2012

Carlos Cordeiro, IEEE Senior member and Chief Architect of Standards at Intel Corporation, says WiGig enables higher speeds compared to Wi-Fi; however it is not a replacement, rather the evolution of Wi-Fi for wireless applications such as docking, wireless HDMI, and instant sync. He also highlights that Brazil has a vibrant technology industry, and this will provide opportunities for development of new applications and businesses that use this technology.

When Power Grids are Too Big to Fail (Audio clip)
The Takeaway, US
1 August 2012

John McDonald, IEEE Fellow, spoke with The Takeaway about the massive power outages in India and whether something similar could happen in the United States.

Antonio Espingardeiro: Building a robo-nurse for the elderly
Humans Invent, UK
1 August 2012

Antonio Espingardeiro, IEEE member, talks about his Socially Assistive Robot, P37, a robo-nurse that will be able to look after vulnerable groups such as the elderly. Currently in prototype stage, the P37 robot aims to provide cognitive assistance, supervision, entertainment and companionship.

India's Power Woes A Classic Story Of Supply, Demand, US
31 July 2012

Massoud Amin, IEEE Senior member, discusses the power outages in India, and provides insights around the challenges that face India’s electric grid and how the country can update its grid to help prevent future outages.

Robots—Up Close and Personal
The Urban Times, UK
25 July 2012

Antonio Espingardeiro, IEEE member, talks about personal robots and what the future of robots in the home could really look like.

Fuel based on algae enlarges offers of renewable fuels (Portuguese Version)  (PDF, 1.6 MB)
DCI, Brazil
24 July 2012

William Kassebaum, IEEE Senior member and CEO at Algaeon Inc, says that algae production costs much be competitive with fossil fuel prices in order to be profitable. He estimates the range to be US$60 to US$80 a barrel.

The Unavoidable Future—Q&A with Cyro Boccuzzi
Home Energy, US
12 July 2012

Cyro Boccuzzi, IEEE Senior member, spoke with Macie Melendez from Home Energy about the up-and coming smart grid trends homeowners and home performance professionals in the field will see in the future.

Steve Furber: Building a computer to mimic the brain, UK
10 July 2012

Steve Furber, IEEE Fellow, discusses his current project called SpiNNaker (Spiking Neural Network Architecture). The aim of the program is to build a new type of computer that can model the high levels of connectivity found in the human brain.

Deep Sea Exploration: still like a drop in the bucket (Chinese Version)
Yangcheng Evening News, China
7 July 2012

Robert L. Wernli, IEEE Senior member and owner of First Centurion Enterprises, an underwater technology consultancy, shares his perspectives on the obstacles associated with deep sea exploration and the big trends in this field.

Behind every great athlete is a nervous network engineer
The Register, UK
6 July 2012

William Webb, IEEE Fellow, looks at the challenges for mobile technology suppliers during the Olympics and explains why it could be a “perfect storm" for mobile data.

Interview: Dr. Karl Weber, IEEE member and Principal Smart Grid Expert, TÜV Süd (German version)
4 July 2012

Dr. Karl Weber, IEEE member and Principal Smart Grid Expert, TÜV Süd, shares his thoughts on how the solar industry can succeed, enabled by IEEE.

Interview: Dr. Karl Weber, IEEE Member and Principal Smart Grid Expert, TÜV Süd  (German version)
29 June 2012  

Dr. Karl Weber, IEEE member and Principal Smart Grid Expert, TÜV Süd, shares his thoughts on how international cooperation improves the opportunities and potential of the solar industry. 

Driverless Cars-the future of intelligent transport
International Life, UK
29 June 2012

Antonio Espingardeiro, IEEE member, takes a look at personal robots, describing what is driving public interest in this area, as well as potential applications of Social Interactive Robots (SIRs) and Socially Assisted Robots (SARs).

Pond scum gets top billing as future fuel source's Future of Tech, USA
27 June 2012  

In order to power everything from cars to factories, we will need to find other fuel sources to replace hydrocarbon fuels. Will Kassebaum, IEEE Senior member, discusses how algae, known to most of us as pond scum, is the most promising sustainable source of energy to meet growing demand.

There Is No Such Thing As A Secure Network
Business Computing World, UK
25 June 2012

Kevin Curran, IEEE Senior member, explores the Flame virus, its relationship to Stuxnet, and why there is no such thing as a secure network.

CIOs Can Foster Innovation Through Cloud Adoption
Wall Street Journal, US
24 June 2012

Alexander Pasik, IEEE CIO and Senior member, during an interview with the Wall Street Journal, said many analysts expected this to be the “hockey stick” year for cloud—the year cloud adoption really takes off. The only reason why it's not taking off is that CIOs fear cloud will reduce their influence in the organization.

International Collaboration is Key for Global Solar Industry
AZO Clean Tech, Germany
15 June 2012

At the Intersolar Europe 2012 trade fair in Munich, Germany, Marko Delimar, IEEE Director of EMEA, Karl Weber, IEEE member, Juris Kalejs, IEEE Member and CTO, American Capital Energy, explored market competition in the global solar industry and emphasized the significance of partnerships in the worldwide solar energy marketplace.

Dispute for 4G auction will be the biggest from the sector (Portuguese Version)
DCI Newspaper, Brazil
12 June 2012

Carlos Cordeiro, Senior member of IEEE and Chief Standards Architect at Intel Corporation, says that the additional capacity offered by 4G is critical to deploy new applications and services, as well as provide coverage to underserved areas. 

Why America Must Be A Beacon For Tech's Best and Brightest
Forbes, USA
1 June 2012

IEEE Life Fellow, Andrew Viterbi, discusses why the U.S. needs to retain foreign engineering students for full-time jobs in a thought-provoking byline, published on 

F1 2012: Anonymous hacktivists target Formula One site, UK
31 May 2012

Kevin Curran, IEEE Senior member, discusses the internet hacktivist group Anonymous' threat to disrupt Montreal's Grand Prix race next week to show its support to student protesters demonstrating against tuition fee hikes in Quebec. Kevin feels the threat is real referring to the time the hacktivists disrupted the official F1 Web site during the Grand Prix race in Bahrain.

The Morning Download: Flame Raises Cloud Security Issues
CIO Journal, US
30 May 2012

Gary McGraw, IEEE member, says “the only way we can get in front of [issues like Flame] is building systems to be secure in the first place".  That includes insisting that vendors disclose any back doors they’ve added to software that allow their engineers to make bug fixes.

Solar Cells in Smartphone Screens (Portuguese Version)
Website of IT Web, Brazil
17 May 2012

Originally published in IEEE Spectrum: a team at the University of Cambridge, led by Arokia Nathan, IEEE Fellow, is working toward a mobile phone that requires less charging. He also highlights the processes researchers did to reach a conclusion regarding the study.

Challenges and Opportunities for WiGig (Portuguese Version)
RCR Wireless, Brazil
16 May 2012

Carlos Cordeiro, IEEE Senior member and Chief Architect of Standards for Intel, says that in the next few years several portable, mobile devices will become WiGig enabled. He also highlights the challenges when deploying WiGig networks, as well as the opportunities for this technology.

Demand For Standards—Interoperability To Fuel Converged Cloud Growth
Cloud Tweaks, US
7 May 2012

Alexander Pasik, IEEE CIO and Senior member, during an interview with Cloud Tweaks said the biggest barrier to cloud services adoption is not cloud security or privacy fears, but concerns about service interoperability. Common platforms are needed to ensure users can easily navigate between services and applications, regardless of where they're coming from.

How cloud can provide security from a BYOD policy
CloudPRO, UK
4 May 2012

Kevin Curran, IEEE Senior member, explores the need for a truly effective BYOD model that is tightly integrated with a cloud-based architecture for addressing mobile device security management.


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