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IEEE Experts Discuss the Future of Driverless Cars

What will the car of the future look like? Learn more about what the future holds for driverless cars directly from IEEE experts through a series of "Driverless Car Confessions" videos and survey results collected on site at the 2014 IEEE Intelligent Vehicle Symposium and from experts around the world.


Survey reveals predictions on future of driverless cars

IEEE Survey Reveals Mass-Produced Cars Will Not Have Steering Wheels, Gas/Brake Pedals, Horns, or Rearview Mirrors by 2035

14 July 2014 – IEEE today unveiled the findings of a survey that revealed expert opinions about the future of driverless cars, such as speed bumps to mass adoption, essential autonomous technologies, features in the car of the future, and geographic adoption. More than 200 researchers, academicians, practitioners, university students, society members, and government agencies in the field of autonomous vehicles participated in the survey.


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Hear directly from IEEE experts

IEEE Fellow Alberto Broggi discusses his views on autonomous vehicles and his 2010 trip from Parma, Italy, to Shanghai, China, in a driverless car.


 IEEE Senior member Christoph Stiller discusses computer vision and trajectory patterns related to driverless cars.



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