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IEEE staff, volunteers, and members span the globe providing services, holding conferences, and contributing to important developments in technology and engineering. IEEE in the News highlights IEEE members who are technical experts and can speak to such topics as smart grid, cloud computing, women in engineering, robotics, and engineering education, all of which are featured in top-tier media.


Featured article

ieee internet of things

SXSW 2015: Dr. Leslie Saxon on The Implantable Future
Popular Science
16 March 2015

IEEE member Dr. Leslie Saxon discusses what triggered her interest in wearable sensors and data collection.



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Learn more about ways people can alter their brain function through “electroceuticals.”


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Recent IEEE news

Date Media Source Hot Topic Category Story
26 March 2015 ITWorld   Meet the IT dream team
Josh Fruhlinger at ITWorld addresses the top 20 qualities that make up an “IT Dream Team.” IEEE member George Thiruvathukal lists commutation and social skills as an integral part behind an individual’s success in the IT world.
23 March 2015 E&E Publishing   An 'extension cord' remedy for coal plant retirements
IEEE Senior member Massoud Amin discusses the rarity of high-voltage DC lines in the United States although they are a growing part of the power grid abroad.
 March 2015 Internet of Things SXSW “Brain Hacking” Experts Promote DIY Mind Control
IEEE member Eliza Strickland discusses the current research on the ways people can alter their brain function through “electroceuticals.”
16 March 2015 Military & Aerospace Electronics​   Backplanes pushing bandwidth limits
IEEE Senior member Paul Kostek discusses how replacing wires, cables, and coaxial connectors with wireless systems has changed the nature of how backplanes and enclosures are built.
15 March 2015 Popular Science Internet of Things SXSW 2015: How Extreme Bionics Will Rid The World of Disability
IEEE member Hugh Herr discusses the future impact bionics could have on those with a disability as well as his many accomplishments in the bionics field.
10 March 2015 ComputerWorld Internet of Things Why the standards debate is hampering the growth of the Internet of Things in the UK
IEEE Senior member Kevin Curran discusses the potential obstacles and benefits of the Internet of Things.
3 March 2015 The Daily Mail Online  Internet of Things Forget virtual reality, now you can control games with your MIND: Racing game uses brainwaves to power cars on a track
The Daily Mail, one of the most visited English-language newspaper Web sites in the world, published an article on mind-controlled racing and how it works. The journalist recounted her experience using the device at Mobile World Congress in Brazil. 
20 Feb. 2015 BBC News Intelligent Transportation Systems Could Apple Really Be About to Make Cars?
IEEE member Jeffrey Miller comments on Apple’s intention of entering the driverless vehicle market and believes Apple’s involvement in this market will be with their software and products rather than an actual vehicle.
17 Feb. 2015 Folha de S. Paulo   Mal me quer/Barely wants me (Portuguese Version) (PDF, 1 MB)
Folha de S. Paulo, the largest Brazilian newspaper, featured an article that was the result of a survey IEEE conducted on the “least desirable” tech products.
15 Feb. 2015 Gazeta do Povo Internet of Things Impressão 3D ao alcance de um clique/3D Printing at the touch of a click
IEEE member David Alan Grier discusses how 3D printing is becoming a very important tool, reducing costs and lowering the time between order and delivery.
12 Feb. 2015 Jornal do Comércio Consumer Electronics CEOs, os mais velozes/CEOs, the quickest (Portuguese Version)
IEEE member Joyce Golomb during an interview shares her thoughts on why CEOs did better with mind-controlled race cars during a race than other participants.
3 Feb. 2015 The Huffington Post Consumer Electronics Wearable Tech 'Already Redundant' Claims Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
The Huffington Post featured an article that was the result of a survey IEEE conducted with 2,000 respondents asking what the most influential technologies of 2015 are. 
29 Jan. 2015 Emergency Management  Robotics How Robots Are Changing Disaster Response and Recovery
IEEE Fellow Robin Murphy comments on how robots are aiding disaster response and recovery efforts.
25 Jan. 2015 The Guardian Internet of Things

How to improve your online security? Change your passwords now
IEEE Senior member Kevin Curran discusses what anti-virus software is available to consumers when it comes to protecting their smartphones and tablets.

25 Jan. 2015  Motley Fool Consumer Electronics Is 2015 The Year Voice Assistants Take Over Your Home?
IEEE Senior member Tom Coughlin comments on the impact voice assistants will continue to have in the home during 2015.
8 Jan. 2015  City AM   SpaceX launch Q&A: Expert explains the science behind landing a reusable rocket
IEEE Senior member Paul Kostek participates in a Q&A with City AM. Paul explains the science behind landing a reusable rocket.
Jan. 2015 CIO Today   Big Book of Things Technologists Say (PDF, 19.3 MB)
IEEE Senior member Kevin Curran, IEEE Senior member, Steven Furnell, IEEE member George K. Thiruvathukal, and IEEE Senior member Christopher James were featured in a collection of quotes, anecdote, and observations related to technology.



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