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IEEE staff, volunteers, and members span the globe providing services, holding conferences, and contributing to important developments in technology and engineering. The page highlights IEEE members who are technical experts and can speak to such topics as smart grid, cloud computing, women in engineering, robotics, and engineering education, all of which are featured in top-tier media.


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Cyber Security Abstract Male Image

Beware: Most Mobile VPNs Aren’t as Safe as They Seem
8 February 2017

Kevin Du, IEEE Senior member, discusses VPNs and their ability to both harm and safeguard products. Kevin Curran, IEEE Senior member, shares his thoughts on quantum computers and encryption strategies.Save


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Learn about Bitcon Blockchain and how it works.


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Recent IEEE news

Date Media Source Hot Topic Category Story
10 February 2017 TechRepublic   How to become a developer: 7 tips from the pros
Tom Coughlin, IEEE Senior member, and Karen Panetta, IEEE Fellow, share tips on how to become a developer.
5 February 2017 Cnet AR/VR If you're hoping to watch all of the Super Bowl in VR, sorry
Todd Richmond, IEEE member, shares his thoughts on the impact of VR on sporting events.
1 February 2017 ZDNet IoT & Big Data The five industries leading the IoT revolution
William Webb, IEEE Fellow and CEO of the nonprofit Weightless SIG, offers advice for enterprises and consumer IoT consumers.
31 January 2017 U.S. News & World Report   Which Stocks Will Win the Smart Home Revolution
Tom Coughlin, IEEE Senior member, discusses the connected device market and who will win it.
27 January 2017Wired 

Quantum Computers Versus Hackers, Round One. Fight
Kevin Curran, IEEE Senior member, shares his thoughts on quantum computers and encryption strategies.

26 January 2017 U.S. News & World Report   Here's Why the Tesla Model 3 May Not Debut in 2017
Raj Rajkumar, IEEE Fellow and Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering and CyLab at Carnegie Mellon University, shares his thoughts on sensory technologies for the Tesla 3.
23 January 2017 TechRepublic  Consumer Electronics How to become a Unity developer for VR and AR
Todd Richmond, IEEE member, shares his thoughts on difficulties in VR content development.
6 January 2017 The Wall Street Journal – Tech News Briefing  Consumer Electronics New Tech Frontiers at CES 2017 (Audio, 6:37)
Tom Coughlin, IEEE Senior member, provides an in-depth look at technology trends emerging out of CES 2017.
5 January 2017 InsideBIGDATA  IoT & Big Data AI and Chatbots: Where we are and Where we’re headed
Kevin Curran, IEEE Senior member and senior lecturer in computer science at Ulster University, discusses the world of chatbots; what to expect of them in 2017, and beyond.
3 January 2017 Entrepreneur Consumer Electronics

What 4 Experts Expect From This Year’s CES
Stu Lipoff, IEEE Fellow, President of IP Action Partners; Tom Coughlin, IEEE Senior member, founder of Coughlin Associates; and Todd Richmond, IEEE Fellow, Director of the University of South California’s Mixed Reality Lab + Studio, share what to expect at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show.

30 December 2016 Gearbrain   VR and AR at CES 2017
Todd Richmond, IEEE Fellow and Director at the Mixed Reality Lab at the University of Southern California, provides a preview of how VR/AR will impact CES 2017.
29 December 2016 The Wall Street Journal – Tech News Briefing  

How Computer Science Education Leads Tech Industry (Audio, 7:37)
Karen Panetta, IEEE Fellow and Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Associate Dean for Graduate Education at Tufts University, makes the case for expanding computer-science education in US school systems.

16 December 2016 TechRepublic   9 IoT global trends for 2017
William Webb, IEEE Senior member and senior lecturer in computer science at Ulster University and IEEE Fellow and CEO of Weightless SIG, discussed what the biggest trends will be in 2017.
9 December 2016 Venturebeat   How AI is bringing Hollywood to life
IEEE member George Thiruvathukal shares his views on how AI can bring film to life.
7 December 2016 The Seattle Times   Amazon unveils smart convenience store sans checkouts, cashiers
IEEE Senior member Tom Coughlin shares his views on the Amazon Go “just walk out” technology.
2 December 2016 CSO Online   AI is coming, and will take some jobs, but no need to worry
IEEE member David Molnar discussed the evolving role of the Chief Security Officer (CSO) within business and how AI may impact available infrastructure and security.
17 November 2016 HelpNetSecurity   The new age of quantum computing
IEEE Senior member Kevin Curran shares his thoughts on cryptographic algorithms and the solutions and dangers that quantum computing can bring.
14 November 2016 EE Times   Engineers Power Electricity’s Future
IEEE Fellow Damir Novosel shares the importance of electrical engineers on sustaining electrical power grids and advancing technology for the benefit of humanity.
11 November 2016 The Wall Street Journal – Tech News Briefing   Is the Retail World Ready for Virtual Reality? (Audio, 6:52)
IEEE Fellow Todd Richmond discusses new strides being made in VR and how this may impact the retail industry.
9 November 2016 SC Magazine   Vulnerabilities exist but so do safeguards
IEEE member George Thiruvathukal discusses cybersecurity on election day.
5 November 2016 CNBC   Alarm grows as smart home technology and hacking risks proliferate
IEEE Fellow William Webb shared insights on the security vulnerabilities of consumer electronics, IoT devices, and factors that may lead to DDoS attacks.
3 November 2016 CSO Online   How secure are home robots
IEEE Senior member Kevin Curran provides insights into outdated operating systems that many robots are running on and the risks associated with robots with webcams.
3 November 2016 RoboticsTomorrow Robotics Robotics 101 at Loyola University
IEEE member George Thiruvathukal shares his background on robotics and the work he’s doing at Loyola University to advocate for advanced robotics in schools.
26 October 2016 Good Call   Women Total 48.5% of Carnegie Mellon’s 2016 Computer Science Class
Karen Panetta, IEEE Fellow, Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Associate Dean for Graduate Education at Tufts University, discusses women in STEM at Carnegie Mellon.
26 October 2016 Cybersecurity Your smart home could help "bring the internet to its knees," expert says
IEEE Senior member Kevin Curran and IEEE member Babak Beheshti discuss the importance of securing IoT devices by raising the security standards of manufacturers, and understanding the “obvious” ways consumers can offset cyberattacks.
20 October 2016  TechRepublic Intelligent Transportation Systems Level 5 autonomous driving comes to all new Teslas
IEEE member Jeffrey Miller shared expert commentary with technology reporter Hope Reese regarding Tesla’s approach to selling the self-driving hardware with the vehicle before implementing all of the software features.
15 October 2016 WLS-TV  

Robots Inspiring STEM Education in Schools (audio, 14:57)
IEEE member George K. Thiruvathukal, discusses the future of STEM in Chicago and his work in the field.

12 September 2016 RTIsights   Blockchain Is a Game-Changer, But First Needs to Prove Itself
IEEE member Greg Adamson talks about the uses and challenges of blockchain technology in regard to security, its actual worth, the labor force, and more.
9 September 2016 Forbes  

Does The New iPhone 7 Have Intel Inside? This Evidence Suggests It Does
IEEE Fellow Sundeep Rangan examines the LTE chipset conversation following the Apple iPhone 7 announcement.

6 September 2016 The Peggy Smedley Show   Know Your Customers (audio, 14:57)
David Alan Grier, IEEE Fellow and associate professor at George Washington University, talks about optimization and proper deployment of today’s technologies as well as automation of our social lives and how factories and manufacturing industries are advancing through automation.
25 August 2016 CSO Online   Experts challenge Skyhigh's patent for cloud-based encryption gateway
IEEE Senior member Kevin Curran examines the security landscape of encryption keys hosted on the cloud vs. on premise servers.
22 August 2016 RoboticsTomorrow   What is an Electroadhesive Clutch?
IEEE member Steve Collins discusses the major advances in robotics and examines the benefits in functionality that his electroadhesive clutch and spring can provide for people with injuries or disabilities and the general population.
15 August 2016 Tom’s IT Pr   Why VPNs Are Essential for Small Businesses
IEEE Senior member Kevin Du discusses VPNs and their benefits over private networks when used by small businesses that have employees working remotely.
10 August 2016 A&D India   Understanding disruptive technology evolution in the global manufacturing sector (PDF, 464 KB)
N. Viswanatham, IEEE Fellow and INSA Senior Scientist, Computer Science & Automation, Indian Institute of Science, reports on the game-changing happenings in the global manufacturing sector and shares his recommendations on making the Indian manufacturing industry future-ready and globally competitive.
2 August 2016 The Peggy Smedley Show Intelligent Infrastructure Episode 465, Segment 4 - Overhauling the Smart Grid (audio, 13:00)
Massoud Amin, IEEE Fellow and member of the IEEE Control Systems Society, and IEEE Power and Energy Society, talks about the self-healing grid and how it benefits consumers, as well as how it has advanced beyond the current model. He also discusses what goes into its creation and development and the potential broadband implications it carries.
2 August 2016 CBS Radio News IoT & Big Data IoT connectivity and the Summer Games (audio, 1:00)
IEEE Fellow and IEEE Communications Society member William Webb discusses IoT and connectivity at this year’s summer games.
1 August 2016 U.S. News and World Report   4 Ways to Invest in Games
IEEE member Todd Richmond discusses what to look for when investing in gaming after Pokémon Go has taken the consumer and business worlds by storm.
1 August 2016 Jornal do Comércio   Perfect storm’ explains the worldwide success of Pokémon Go (Portuguese Version)
IEEE member Todd Richmond explains the buzz around Pokémon Go and how this technology can impact the business market. He also discusses the risks.
16 July 2016 WLS-TV   The Future of Voting Technology (video, 2:56)
IEEE member and member of the IEEE Computer Society George K. Thiruvathukal discusses the future of voting technology in view of the 2016 national political conventions.
12 July 2016 The Associated Press   Pokémon Go's digital popularity is also warping real life
IEEE member Todd Richmond discusses the future of augmented reality with Pokémon Go.
7 July 2016 CNN Money   Now hiring: Women with these degrees
IEEE Fellow and member of the IEEE Computer Society, IEEE Systems, Man, and Cybernetics, IEEE Robotics and Automation Society, and IEEE Women in Engineering Membership Karen Panetta discusses the pros and cons of being a woman in engineering and what should be done to retain women in a predominantly male workforce.
5 July 2016 The Peggy Smedley Show IoT & Big Data Ransomware Hits Big (audio, 14:59)
IEEE Senior member Kevin Curran shares his views on ransomware and how users can protect themselves with stronger passwords, two-step syndications, ad blockers, and constant software updates.
5 July 2016 CSO Online IoT & Big Data

Is your car secure? Maybe not, but enterprise users can still learn something
IEEE member and member of the IEEE Young Professionals Diogo Mónica discusses the lack of progress in vehicle security, citing cavalier approaches to penetration testing and a decrease in outside influences as some of the root causes.

22 June 2016 VentureBeat
  The limits of A.I. and chatbots: How not to fail like Microsoft (VB Live)
IEEE Fellow Ron Brachman shares his thoughts, predictions, and best practices for the future of bots and artificial intelligence prior to a VB Live! Panel.
16 June 2016 The New York Times Intelligent Infrastructure Skeptics of Self-Driving Cars Span Generations
IEEE Fellow Raj Rajkumar and IEEE member Jeffrey Miller talk about consumer adoption and trust for self-driving cars.
16 June 2016 HelpNetSecurity  Cybersecurity

Security implications of online voting
IEEE member and member of the IEEE Computer Society Kevin Du shares his reservations on voting online or voting using a mobile device, seeing today’s network security systems as far too weak to ensure a fair election process.

7 June 2016 Datamation IoT & Big Data IoT Security Issues: How to Secure the Network
IEEE member William Webb shares his views on IoT security, noting wireless access points and central servers as main targets for hackers.
3 June 2016 Assembly Magazine IoT & Big Data The Connected Home Is Here
IEEE Fellow William Webb shares insights on today’s connected devices, explaining ways for improvement, both technically and through branding.

18 May 2016


Electronics Maker Consumer Electronics Consumer Electronics technology is driven by the wants and needs of individuals
IEEE Fellow Stu Lipoff sheds some light on consumer electronics technology and how it impacts smart living.
6 May 2016 Robotics and Automation News Robotics By the numbers: Paul Kostek interview: No one owns the moon (Multimedia)
IEEE member Paul Kostek discusses the issues surrounding the commercialization of space and when we can expect it to be normal to take a flight to space.
4 May 2016 Descrier   Star Wars Day: How close are we to developing the technology from the movies?
IEEE Senior member Paul Kostek and IEEE Senior member Kevin Curran discuss the likelihood of Star Wars technology existing in the real world.
4 May 2016 Robotics and Automation Magazine   An algorithm that makes music on the fly
IEEE Senior member Kevin Curran discusses his software invention that composes music on the fly when a mobile phone connection is lost while listening to music.
22 April 2016 Candid B2B IoT Will Smart Home Technology Change the Way We Live?
IEEE Senior member Arthur Ziviani, IEEE Senior member Yu Yuan, and IEEE Fellow William Webb discuss a number of smart home technologies that will change the way we live.
12 April 2016 Bloomberg   Bezos Using Amazon as Guide to Bring Rocket Rides to Masses
IEEE member Paul Kostek shares his thoughts on commercial space travel and the future system development of rocket companies looking to increase their launch frequency in the year ahead.
7 April 2016 EdTech Digest  IoT The Impact of AR/VR in the Classroom
IEEE member Todd Richmond explains the impact of AR/VR technology in academia, including how AR/VR can address the concerns of technology costs in the classroom and how human interaction is still critical in the learning experience.
5 April 2016 CNBC  IoT Biometrics: The future of digital security
IEEE member Diogo Monica explains the ineffectiveness of current methods of authentication while discussing alternative biometric solutions and future improvements to be made.
4 April 2016 BetaNews  IoT Biometric Authentication: Making mobile devices and apps safer
IEEE member Kevin Curran explains, in depth, the biometric authentication options implemented in mobile devices while addressing the security concerns involved in their increased application.
April 2016  Electronicsmaker   Smart Grid - Realty in India
IEEE Senior member Kannan Tinnium discusses how to make smart grids more efficient.
18 March 2016 GPS World Magazine   Location technologies prominently featured at MWC
IEEE Senior member Kevin Curran shares his expert thoughts on the beneficial features of connected vehicles.
17 March 2016  The Next We   Scientists can make copies of memories. Here’s what that might mean
IEEE member Ted Berger discusses his studies and work on a brain implant to help with memory loss as part of the IEEE Tech for Humanity Series at SXSW 2016.
14 March 2016 GPS World Magazine Intelligent Transportation Systems MWC not an auto show, but gaining importance
IEEE Senior member Kevin Curran shares his expert thoughts on vehicle autonomy and ride sharing models of the future.
9 February 2016 AdExchanger Cybersecurity The Internet Of Things Could Be A Back Door For Ad Fraud
IEEE Senior member Kevin Curran shares his expert thoughts on the latest developments in IoT and the security risks associated.
17 February 2016  Third Certainty  Cybersecurity Industry experts weigh in on Obama’s cybersecurity blueprint
IEEE member David Brumley shares his expert thoughts on President Barack Obama’s new cybersecurity plan.
11 February 2016 Cybersecurity

Wave and enter: The wearable tech set to kill the password and PIN for good
IEEE Senior member Kevin Curran shares his insights on biometric security with wearables, including physical and behavioral characteristics.

6 February 2016  Sacramento Bee Intelligent Transportation Systems Sacramento Bee’s transportation reporter puts Google’s self-driving car to the test
IEEE member Jeffrey Miller discusses what can be expected when riding in a driverless car for the first time.
3 February 2016 Education Week   The Impact of AR/VR in the Classroom
IEEE member Todd Richmond discusses the impact of AR/VR in schools.
31 January 2016 The Daily Dot Internet of Things Why your favorite apps are designed to addict you
IEEE member and member of the IEEE Young Professionals Devon Ryan discusses how apps are designed to become an integral part of people's lives.
15 January 2016 Gizmodo  

Everything You Need to Know About Obama’s Autonomous Car Plan
IEEE Senior member Jeffrey Miller discusses the future of driverless cars and the Obama administration’s plan to spend $4 billion in the advancement of the industry.

13 January 2016 Computer Business Review   Google readies for VR battle against Occulus & Facebook with new Virtual Reality division
IEEE member Kevin Curran comments on Google's announcement they have set up a VR division to combat Facebook’s Occulus Rift. Kevin talks about the future of VR and why Google would like to be involved. 



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