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IEEE staff, volunteers, and members span the globe providing services, holding conferences, and contributing to important developments in technology and engineering. IEEE in the News highlights IEEE members who are technical experts and can speak to such topics as smart grid, cloud computing, women in engineering, robotics, and engineering education, all of which are featured in top-tier media.


Featured article

jet pane in sky

25 Undergrade Majors with Huge Payback Potential
12 December 2014

IEEE Fellow John Cohn discusses his day job at IBM Corporate Technical Strategy, but says, "At the same time, some things I'm most proud of happen outside of work."  John shares that he helped design and build a giant Ferris wheel car to transport people at the annual Burning Man festival.




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Learn more about what IEEE will be featuring at this year's 2015 Consumer Electronics Show, January 6-10 in Las Vegas, NV


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Recent IEEE news

Date Media Source Hot Topic Category Story
18 Dec. 2014 INFO Robotics Brinquedos serão ferramentas de iniciação robótica, diz engenheiro da IEEE / Toys will be tools of robotics initiation, says IEEE engineer (Portuguese Version)
IEEE member Antonio Espingardeiro during an interview with INFO, discusses toy robotics and the challenges in attracting the interest of children.
11 Nov. 2014 Yahoo Tech Intelligent Transportation Systems Your Car May Be Programmed to Kill You — and 9 More Fun Facts About Self-Driving Vehicles
IEEE member Jeffrey Miller speaks about the pros and cons of repairable options for driverless vehicles.
10 Nov. 2014 Gazeta do Povo Internet of Things "Internet das Coisas" enfrenta barreiras / Internet of Things faces obstacles (Portuguese Version)
IEEE Senior member Raul Colcher discusses IoT at Futurecom 2014 and comments if Brazil wants to adopt this technology, they will need to tackle the technology challenges.
8 Nov. 2014 R7 Internet of Things Carregamento ultrarrápido deve alimentar nova geração de smartphones, diz especialista / Ultra fast charging should feed new generation of smart phones (Portuguese Version)
IEEE member Kyle Wiens discusses the big difference in battery life between smart phones and older phones.
5 Nov. 2014 Data Driver STEM Powering STEM Classrooms with Social Media
Senior member Kevin Curran shares how he uses YouTube videos to supplement a number of his lessons and lab sessions to break up the monotony of his lectures.
1 Nov. 2014 Governance Now Internet of Things Internet of Things has a large role to play in Smart Cities
In an interview with Shubhendu Parth from Governance Now, IEEE Senior member Kevin Curran discusses how IoT can impact governance.
31 Oct. 2014 Business Standard  

NIIT and IEEE form a global alliance
The partnership between IEEE and NIIT, a leading global talent development corporation in India, was covered by several local publications including the Telegraph India, The Hindu Business Line,, and Finance India Everyday.

18 Oct. 2014 Olhar Digital Plus Intelligent Transportation Systems IEEE Senior member Raul Colcher speaks on the future of autonomous vehicles (Video Clip) (Portuguese Version)
IEEE Senior member Raul Colcher was featured on Olhar Digital Plus, a science and technology show. Raul discusses the different safety concerns and technologies that would have to be taken into consideration for autonomous vehicles.
14 Oct. 2014


Internet of Things IEEE Member Diogo Mónica Weighs In on How Password Selection Processes May Affect Cybersecurity Issues
In a article that discusses the recent Dropbox security hacking scam, IEEE member Diogo Mónica's blog posting is referenced, where he discusses how "users should not be choosing passwords" ... "the large majority of all passwords should just be randomly generated."
5 Oct. 2014 IPF, India Intelligent Transportation Systems Inside Intelligent Infrastructure - Interview with Dr Kevin Curran
IEEE Senior member Kevin Curran discusses intelligent infrastructure during an interview with IPF

17 Sept. 2014, Brazil Internet of Things

Internet das coisas pode criar cidades inteligentes com investimento menor do que internet 4G / Internet of Things can create smart cities with smaller investment than 4G internet (Portuguese Version)

IEEE member, William Webb discusses how IoT can help improve many aspects of our daily lives.

4 Sept. 2014 Drive the District, US Intelligent Transportation Systems

Electric Planes are Here
IEEE Senior member Paul Kostek discusses the future of electric and hybrid airplane technology.

3 Sept. 2014 Techindiaonline, India Intelligent Transportation Systems

Driverless cars to be on the highway very soon
In an interview with TechOnline India, IEEE Fellow Alberto Broggi talks about the technology and future of driverless cars.

30 Aug. 2014 Fox News, US Internet of Things

Is There A Microchip Implant in Your Future?
IEEE Fellow Stu Lipoff discusses the technology and implications of implantable microchips.

20 Aug. 2014 Gizmodo, US Intelligent Transportation Systems

Will Autonomous Cars Kill the Traffic Light?
Christoph Stiller, IEEE Senior member, gives his predictions on when autonomous vehicles will be on the streets and whether the development of advanced car-to-car communications technology might eliminate the necessity of the traffic light in the future. 

20 Aug. 2014 ReadWrite, US Intelligent Transportation Systems

Get Ready To Say Goodbye To The Traffic Light

Bradley Berman, reporter for ReadWrite, interviewed both IEEE member Jeff Miller and IEEE Senior member Christoph Stiller about whether the development of advanced car-to-car communications technology might eliminate the necessity of the traffic light in the future.

15 Aug. 2014 National Geographic, US Power and Energy

Eleven Years After The U.S.-Canadian Blackout, What Has (and Hasn't) Changed?
Massoud Amin, IEEE Senior member and member of the IEEE Control Systems Society and the IEEE Power and Energy Society, discusses if the grid is getting smarter, what factors are hindering improvements, and how the costs of developing a smart grid compare with not developing one.

13 Aug. 2014 Valor Econômico, Brazil Consumer Electronics

Os cuidados para não ficar sem bateria na hora mais imprópria / The care needed so you don’t run out of battery at the most inappropriate time
(Portuguese Version)
IEEE Fellow Stu Lipoff discusses what is needed for phones to last more than a day without having to charge them.

1 Aug. 2014  Fox Business, US Internet of Things

Facebook Back Online After System-Wide Outage
Stu Lipoff, IEEE Fellow and member of IEEE Vehicular Technology Society, IEEE Consumer Electronics, and IEEE Computer Society, shares his perspective on why Facebook's real time systems might have failed to cause a worldwide outage for billions of users.

22 July 2014 LiveScience, US Internet of Things

Integrating Into the 'Internet of Things
Kevin Curran, IEEE Senior member and Reader in Computer Science at the University of Ulster, outlines future considerations for the Internet of Things, such as infrastructural updates, security issues, and the need for a single standard.

21 July 2014 Wired, US Intelligent Transportation Systems

In 20 Years, Most New Cars Won’t Have Steering Wheels or Pedals
Alberto Broggi, IEEE Fellow and member of the IEEE Computer Society and IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems, discusses his thoughts on a recent IEEE survey that indicates many vehicular features by 2035 will no longer be needed, such as steering wheels, brake/gas pedals, rearview mirrors, and horns.

3 July 2014  Forbes, US Internet of Things

Does the Internet of Things Need its Own Network
George K. Thiruvathukal, IEEE member, discusses the measures that need to be taken for the IoT to contain its own infrastructure and network.

2 July 2014  Efytimes, India Gaming

Gaming In The WorkPlace: How Mixing Work And Play Can Motivate Employees
Elena Bertozzi, IEEE member and professor of digital game design and development at Quinnipiac University, comments that "games can be very motivational" and "they constantly reward players and make them feel good about themselves."

30 June 2014  Telco OTT, UK Internet of Things

Why now for Wi-Fi Calling
William Webb, IEEE Fellow, discusses the value of Wi-Fi calling especially when making international calls and for roaming.

24 June 2014 Tech Page One, US Internet of Things

Internet of Things will require data centers of all size
George K. Thiruvathukal, IEEE member, discusses the future of data centers in regards to the Internet of Things and how companies can mitigate data-storage issues by effectively leveraging devices within IoT.

23 June 2014 Sustainibilityzero, India Consumer Electronics

Future of wireless charging and long-lasting batteries
Stu Lipoff, IEEE Fellow and member of the IEEE Vehicular Technology Society, IEEE Consumer Electronics, discusses the future of wireless charging and long-lasting batteries with Sustainabilityzero.

12 June 2014 Jornal do Commercio, Brazil Robotics

Um dia histórico para a ciência / A historical day for science (Portuguese Version)
Antonio Espingardeiro, IEEE member, says his research began almost 14 years ago with the team of Miguel Nicolelis and discusses how it was going to help a paraplegic kick off the opening ceremony at the World Cup.

29 May 2014

Southwest Wake News, US


Wake Robotics Kicks off Fundraiser to move to Downtown Cary
Mary Ellen Randall, an active IEEE volunteer and member of the IEEE Board of Directors, discusses the importance of programs like Wake Robotics to encourage students to pursue engineering through mentoring and hands-on learning.

27 May 2014 Techonlineindia, India Intelligent Transportation Systems

Driverless vehicles can substantially improve safety on roads: Jeffrey Miller, IEEE
Jeffrey Miller, IEEE member and Associate Professor at the University of Southern California, shares his views on the future of driverless cars, key challenges for mass adoption, and the factors that are critical for driverless cars to succeed in the mainstream.

26 May 2014, Brazil Robotics

Paraplégicos voltarão a andar?/Will the paraplegic walk again? (Portuguese Version)
Antonio Espingardeiro, IEEE member, discusses exoskeletons and other robotic projects that are helping paraplegics walk again.

25 May 2014 Indiatechonline, India Internet of Things

Internet of Things is here, and it is creating a new generation of smart sensors
Chonggang Wang, IEEE Senior member, discusses smart sensors and points to areas where IEEE can take the lead in making the IoT a reality, including standards, education, and promoting its benefits to business owners and the public.

20 May 2014 Wired, UK Internet of Things

Artificial Intelligence: Ascendant But Not Transcendent
Kevin Curran, IEEE member, says, “The scope of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is huge. We tend to associate AI in its grandest form as a Humanoid Robot communicating with us as portrayed in movies such as Blade Runner."

20 May 2014 The Wall Street Journal, US Internet of Things

Will Getting Grounded Help You Sleep Better and Ease Pain?
John Cohn, IEEE Fellow and IBM Fellow, sheds some light on a new popular consumer health trend called earthing, a process where the human body receives a charge of energy from the Earth when walking barefoot outdoors.

13 May 2014 The Guardian, UK Internet of Things

Choosing the right laptop computer could be crucial for your small business
Kevin Curran, IEEE member, discusses the importance of fast processors and battery life, which need to be considered when investing in a new laptop for business purposes.

11 May 2014 Information Week, India Internet of Things

The value of privacy in the age of Internet of Things
Raul Colcher, IEEE Senior member and CEO of Questera,  an information- technology consulting company in Rio de Janeiro, says “privacy as we know it will have to be completely redefined.” He advises businesses on how to handle privacy and security as the IoT evolves.

4 May 2014 O Estado de S. Paulo, Brazil Gaming

Gamificação traz lógica dos jogos para áreas como educação e saúde/Gamification brings logic of games to areas like education and health (Portuguese Version)
Tom Coughlin, IEEE Senior member, explains how "points" will determine one's success at work.



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