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IEEE staff, volunteers, and members span the globe providing services, holding conferences, and contributing to important developments in technology and engineering. The page highlights IEEE members who are technical experts and can speak to such topics as smart grid, cloud computing, women in engineering, robotics, and engineering education, all of which are featured in top-tier media.


Featured article

Artificial Intelligence

Is a chief AI officer needed to drive an artificial intelligence strategy?
31 May 2017

IEEE Senior member Karen Lawson shares her thoughts on how AI will drive company strategy.


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Featured video

View how researchers at the University of Maryland Institute for Advanced Computer Studies (UMIACS) are investigating autonomy in robotics that includes action recognition. At the heart of this technique lies a novel active tracking and segmentation method that monitors the changes in appearance and topological structure of manipulated objects. 


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Recent IEEE news

Date Media Source Hot Topic Category Story
29 May 2017 Pittsburgh Post Gazette   Pittsburgh at center of race to create components for self-driving cars
IEEE member Alexander Wyglinski discusses the impact of the common camera on sensory technology in driverless vehicles.
15 May 2017 The Los Angeles Times  Cybersecurity WannaCry cyberattack: When a hack shuts down a hospital, who's to blame?
IEEE member Diogo Mónica shares his thoughts on the multiregional cyberattack and why companies must move away from manual security processes.
11 May 2017 EdTech Digest   Lighting the Way
IEEE Fellow Karen Panetta discusses the road to becoming a female engineer, empowering young women and educating others on projects that benefit humanity.
8 May 2017  ZDNet  Robotics When a robot runs the company
IEEE Senior member Kevin Curran shares his thoughts on how big advances in artificial intelligence can lead to the arrival of robotic CEOs.
4 May 2017 Gizmodo Cyber Security Everything You Need to Know About This Week’s Massive Phishing Worm
IEEE Senior member Sven Dietrich provides insight into the impact of a Google Docs phishing attack and advice on how to mitigate the damage.
3 May 2017 ZDNet   How tech is transforming manufacturing
IEEE Senior member Tom Coughlin shares his thoughts on the industries that are seeing dramatic changes in processes because of the rapid technological developments that are underway.
2 May 2017 EE Times   Engineering Ed Stuck in the Past
IEEE Senior member Qusi Alqarqaz addresses the importance of curriculum modifications and forum replacement in order to better prepare engineers for challenges of the future.
3 April 2017 ZDNet   How to implement DevOps: 5 tips for doing it right
IEEE Senior member Kevin Curran discusses how companies should implement DevOps.
2 April 2017 Healthline  IoT & Big Data Will Technology Replace Good, Old-Fashioned Exercise?
IEEE Senior member Karen Lawson shares her thoughts on fitness tech trends, smart fabrics, and wearables.
30 March 2017 RoboticsTomorrow Robotics Robotics and Elderly Care: Delivery of Quality Care Through Automation and Data
IEEE member Antonio Espingardeiro discusses the impact of robotics in assisted living and care.
27 March 2017 Quartz   What the US and UK electronics bans mean for international business travelers
IEEE member Kayne McGladrey shares technical insights on compromised electronic devices and protecting personal data.
17 March 2017 Fox News Online Artificial Intelligence How Twitter could use artificial intelligence to cut online harassment
IEEE Fellow Richard Baraniuk and Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Rice University shares his thoughts on how AI systems can help identify negative behavior on popular social mediums like Twitter.
12 March 2017 The Security Ledger IoT & Big Data Podcast: CIA Hacking Tools, Our Orwellian Internet of Things & G-Men can subpoena Memories?
Sven Dietrich, IEEE Senior member and cryptography researcher at CUNY John Jay College of Criminal Justice, discusses hacking television sets, cars, and other devices.

10 March 2017 IoT & Big Data Harnessing the Power of the IoT
IEEE Senior member Tom Coughlin shares his thoughts on the cost-benefit analysis of SMBs adopting IoT solutions.
9 March 2017 Wired   What Encrypted Chat App the White House Liked? Full of Holes
IEEE Senior member Sven Dietrich and IEEE Senior member Kevin Curran discuss security flaws and data accessibility and code audits.
6 March 2017 TechRepublic   How to learn programming: 3 languages to get you started
IEEE Senior member Karen Lawson and IEEE member George Thiruvathukal discuss programming languages to consider and tips on how to learn them.
1 March 2017 TechRepublic   10 bad habits to break if you want to become a great developer
IEEE Senior member Tom Coughlin and IEEE Fellow Karen Panetta share their insights on bad habits to break for great developers.
10 February 2017 TechRepublic   How to become a developer: 7 tips from the pros
IEEE Senior member Tom Coughlin and IEEE Fellow Karen Panetta share tips on how to become a developer.
8 February 2017 Wired  

Beware: Most Mobile VPNs Aren’t as Safe as They Seem
IEEE Senior member Kevin Du discusses VPNs and their ability to both harm and safeguard products.

5 February 2017 Cnet AR/VR If you're hoping to watch all of the Super Bowl in VR, sorry
IEEE member Todd Richmond shares his thoughts on the impact of VR on sporting events.
1 February 2017 ZDNet IoT & Big Data The five industries leading the IoT revolution
IEEE Fellow and CEO of the nonprofit Weightless SIG William Webb offers advice for enterprises and consumer IoT consumers.
31 January 2017 U.S. News & World Report   Which Stocks Will Win the Smart Home Revolution
IEEE Senior member Tom Coughlin discusses the connected device market and who will win it.
27 January 2017 Wired  

Quantum Computers Versus Hackers, Round One. Fight
IEEE Senior member Kevin Curran shares his thoughts on quantum computers and encryption strategies.

26 January 2017 U.S. News & World Report   Here's Why the Tesla Model 3 May Not Debut in 2017
Raj Rajkumar, IEEE Fellow and Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering and CyLab at Carnegie Mellon University, shares his thoughts on sensory technologies for the Tesla 3.
23 January 2017 TechRepublic  Consumer Electronics How to become a Unity developer for VR and AR
Todd Richmond, IEEE member, shares his thoughts on difficulties in VR content development.
6 January 2017 The Wall Street Journal – Tech News Briefing  Consumer Electronics New Tech Frontiers at CES 2017 (Audio, 6:37)
Tom Coughlin, IEEE Senior member, provides an in-depth look at technology trends emerging out of CES 2017.
5 January 2017 InsideBIGDATA  IoT & Big Data AI and Chatbots: Where we are and Where we’re headed
Kevin Curran, IEEE Senior member and senior lecturer in computer science at Ulster University, discusses the world of chatbots; what to expect of them in 2017, and beyond.
3 January 2017 Entrepreneur Consumer Electronics

What 4 Experts Expect From This Year’s CES
Stu Lipoff, IEEE Fellow, President of IP Action Partners; Tom Coughlin, IEEE Senior member, founder of Coughlin Associates; and Todd Richmond, IEEE Fellow, Director of the University of South California’s Mixed Reality Lab + Studio, share what to expect at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show.



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