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IEEE staff, volunteers, and members span the globe providing services, holding conferences, and contributing to important developments in technology and engineering. IEEE in the News highlights IEEE members who are technical experts and can speak to such topics as smart grid, cloud computing, women in engineering, robotics, and engineering education, all of which are featured in top-tier media.


Featured article

car image - intelligent transportation

In 20 Years, Most New Cars Won’t Have Steering Wheels or Pedals
Wired, US
21 July 2014

Alberto Broggi, IEEE Fellow and member of the IEEE Computer Society and IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems, discusses his thoughts on a recent IEEE survey that indicates many vehicular features by 2035 will no longer be needed, such as steering wheels, brake/gas pedals, rearview mirrors and horns.


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Recent IEEE news

Integrating Into the 'Internet of Things
LiveScience, US
22 July 2014

Kevin Curran, IEEE Senior member and Reader in Computer Science at the University of Ulster, outlines future considerations for the Internet of Things, such as infrastructural updates, security issues, and the need for a single standard.

Does the Internet of Things Need its Own Network?
Forbes, US
3 July 2014

George K. Thiruvathukal, IEEE member, discusses the measures that need to be taken for the IoT to contain its own infrastructure and network.

Gaming In The WorkPlace: How Mixing Work And Play Can Motivate Employees
Efytimes, India
2 July 2014

Elena Bertozzi, IEEE member and professor of digital game design and development at Quinnipiac University, comments, "games can be very motivational" and "they constantly reward players and make them feel good about themselves."

Why now for Wi-Fi Calling
Telco OTT, UK
30 June 2014

William Webb, IEEE Fellow, discusses the value of Wi-Fi calling especially when making international calls and for roaming.

Internet of Things will require data centers of all sizes
Tech Page One, US
24 June 2014

George K. Thiruvathukal, IEEE member, discusses the future of data centers in regards to the Internet of Things and how companies can mitigate data-storage issues by effectively leveraging devices within IoT.

Future of wireless charging and long-lasting batteries
Sustainibilityzero, India
23 June 2014

Stu Lipoff IEEE Fellow and member of IEEE Vehicular Technology Society, IEEE Consumer Electronics, discusses the future of wireless charging and long-lasting batteries with Sustainabilityo.

Um dia histórico para a ciência / A historical day for science (Portuguese Version)
Jornal do Commercio, Brazil
12 June 2014

Antonio Espingardeiro, IEEE member, says his research began almost 14 years ago with the team of Miguel Nicolelis and discusses how it was going to help a paraplegic kick off the opening ceremony at the World Cup.

Wake Robotics Kicks off Fundraiser to move to Downtown Cary
Southwest Wake News, US
29 May 2014

Mary Ellen Randall, an active IEEE volunteer and member of the IEEE Board of Directors, discusses the importance of programs like Wake Robotics to encourage students to pursue engineering through mentoring and hands-on learning.

Driverless vehicles can substantially improve safety on roads: Jeffrey Miller, IEEE
Techonlineindia, India
27 May 2014

Jeffrey Miller, IEEE member and Associate Professor at the University of Southern California, shares his views on the future of driverless cars, key challenges for mass adoption, and the factors that are critical for driverless cars to succeed in the mainstream.

Paraplégicos voltarão a andar?/Will the paraplegic walk again? (Portuguese Version), Brazil
26 May 2014

Antonio Espingardeiro, IEEE member, discusses exoskeletons and other robotic projects that are helping paraplegics walk again.

Internet of Things is here, and it is creating a new generation of smart sensors
Indiatechonline, India
25 May 2014

Chonggang Wang, IEEE Senior member, discusses smart sensors and points to areas where IEEE can take the lead in making the IoT a reality, including standards, education, and promoting its benefits to business owners and the public.

Artificial Intelligence: Ascendant But Not Transcendent
Wired, UK
20 May 2014

Kevin Curran, IEEE member, says, “The scope of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is huge. We tend to associate AI in its grandest form as a Humanoid Robot communicating with us as portrayed in movies such as Blade Runner."

Will Getting Grounded Help You Sleep Better and Ease Pain?
The Wall Street Journal, US
20 May 2014

John Cohn, IEEE Fellow and IBM Fellow, sheds some light on a new popular consumer health trend called earthing, a process where the human body receives a charge of energy from the Earth when walking barefoot outdoors.

Choosing the right laptop computer could be crucial for your small business
The Guardian, UK
13 May 2014

Kevin Curran, IEEE member, discusses the importance of fast processors and battery life, which need to be considered when investing in a new laptop for business purposes.

The value of privacy in the age of Internet of Things
Information Week, India
11 May 2014

Raul Colcher, IEEE Senior Member and CEO of Questera, an information technology consulting company in Rio de Janeiro, says “privacy as we know it will have to be completely redefined.” He advises businesses on how to handle privacy and security as the IoT evolves.

Gamificação traz lógica dos jogos para áreas como educação e saúde/Gamification brings logic of games to areas like education and health (Portuguese Version)
O Estado de S. Paulo, Brazil
4 May 2014

Tom Coughlin, IEEE Senior member, explains how "points" will determine one's success at work.

Internet das Coisas está cada vez mais próxima da realidade/Internet of Things is increasingly closer to reality (Portuguese Version)
iG, Brazil
15 April 2014

Raul Colcher, IEEE member and member of the IEEE Communciations Society and the IEEE Standard Association, discusses Internet of Things and explains how the Internet became what it is today.

Paper printer will be dead in 4 years
Times of India, India
31 March 2014

Kevin Curran, IEEE member, discusses why paper printers will be eliminated in the future. The introduction of cheaper tablets, such as the Aakash a.k.a Ubislate 7+from India, will help push this trend of digital document, image, and video viewing to become the norm.

Approximate service provisioning in an invisible network of the future
Information Week, India
23 March 2014

Dr. R Venkatesha Prasad, IEEE Senior member, discusses the concept of approximate service provision and its impact in the future on networks, network devices, and the services provided by them.

A voz da rede/The voice of the network (PDF, 744 MB) (Portuguese Version)
Correio Braziliense, Brazil
21 March 2014

The article discusses how Twitter can be a powerful tool in shaping public opinion. In the opinion of Raul Colcher, IEEE Senior member, Twitter has a lot to offer when related to political debate. Social networks offer cheap and efficient mechanisms for the broadcast of information and if used properly, they can influence public opinion.

Invisible Network of the Future
BC News, India
16 March 2014

Dr. R Venkatesha Prasad, IEEE member, discusses how communication, especially networking, has brought a huge change in people's lifestyles to the point where people are dependent on networks, networked devices, and the services provided by them.

Move Over Hackers, Biohackers Are Here
Forbes, UK
15 March 2014

Kevin Curran, IEEE member, discusses the importance of biohacking to enhance technology in biological studies.

Tufts professor sparks app contest for teens, US
10 March 2014

Karen Panetta, IEEE fellow and Associate Dean at the Tufts Graduate School of Engineering, discusses the launch of App-E-Feat with the Boston Globe.

As smart-grid funding winds down, energy leaders assess progress
Washington Post, US
23 February 2014

Mohana Ravindranath from the the Washington Post wrote an article on her findings from the IEEE PES ISGT conference.

You could soon be running cars on the power of thought. Let the expert tell you how
Indian Express, India
21 February 2014

Dean Aslam, IEEE Senior member, is featured in the Indian Express for his projects related to mind-controlled robots that have applications for operating drones, prosthetics, smart homes, and early detection of neurological disorders.

Tech trends for 2014: what's in store this year?
TechRadar, UK
1 February 2014

Kevin Curran, IEEE Senior member, discusses the trends in tablets, smartphones, 3D printing, and wearable technology.

Is MOOCs a Revolution? (Chinese Version)
School Brand Management, China
February 2014

William Webb, IEEE member, participated in a media interview opportunity where he gives educators some useful suggestions for better application of MOOCs.
Autonomous Drive Expert Believes Cars Will Be Better Drivers Than Human
New York Daily News, US
29 January 2014

Alberto Broggi, IEEE Fellow and member of the IEEE Computer Society and IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Society, discusses his 20-year career working in the field of autonomous vehicles and provides insights into the future of the industry.

Spy Games: Spooks Infiltrated Online Games/Espiões infiltram-se em games online (Portuguese Version)
IT Web, Brazil
29 January 2014

IT Web made use of the IEEE Spectrum article by Jeremy Hsu titled "Spy Games." This article describes the interest from the NSA and other security agencies to extend surveillance of potential terrorists and other intelligence targets to video gaming and online platforms. 

How to Fix a Car - Without a Mechanic
20 January 2014

Jeffrey Miller, IEEE member and professor of computer engineering at the University of Southern California, discusses the future of augmented-reality technology and how this will help engineers and mechanics diagnose vehicle issues.

Big data will show strong growth in 2014 (PDF, 1.1 MB) (Chinese Version)
iChina, China
10 January 2014

George Thiruvathukal, IEEE member and professor of Computer Sciences at Loyola University Chicago, discusses the impact of big data to a business model, data security, and legislation.

Booth Bots: Why We Build Robots (Video Clip)
The Verge, US
10 January 2014

Reporter Russell Brandom visits the IEEE booth and speaks with the main attraction, RoboThespian.


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