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The IEEE Strategic Research team provides survey research support to IEEE employees and volunteers. 


Strategic research survey process

Flowchart of the Survey Research Process


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Description of the survey research process

There are generally four phases to the survey research process:

  1. Kickoff and Planning (1 to 2 weeks): discuss objectives, and create a plan and timeline
  2. Research Design (1 to 2 weeks): create the survey, determine target population and sample size, and create an invitation and reminder
  3. Deploy Survey (2 to 3 weeks): deploy survey, monitor response rate, send reminder e-mail
  4. Reporting Findings (2 to 3 weeks): requesting team receives a survey report, the questionnaire, and the raw data

Strategic Research Annual Report 2015

The IEEE Strategic Research Annual Report 2015 (PDF, 498 KB) summarizes research findings from over 66 IEEE Strategic Research and Planning studies completed in 2014.

Please contact Marc Beebe to receive more information on the studies in the report.