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Details regarding ongoing work of the IEEE Research Department can be found below.


Panels and employee engagement


IEEE Research currently has two ongoing panels, for The Institute and IEEE Spectrum.  At the beginning of each year approximately 500 members are asked to participate in monthly surveys to give feedback on each issue of these publications.  These surveys are brief questionnaires that typically take participants only five minutes to complete, but provide valuable feedback to the staff working on these publications.


Employee engagement

IEEE Research, in conjunction with IEEE Human Resources, supports the annual Employee Engagement work to understand and improve the engagement of those working at IEEE.  Each year IEEE employees are asked about their experiences working at IEEE.  Managers then receive feedback on how engaged their staff is and how to use those results.

Questions or concerns about the survey process may be directed to Betsy Davis at +1 732 465 6434.


Strategic Research Annual Report 2015

The IEEE Strategic Research Annual Report 2015 (PDF, 498 KB) summarizes research findings from over 66 IEEE Strategic Research and Planning studies completed in 2014.

Please contact Marc Beebe to receive more information on the studies in the report.