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The planning and kickoff stages are valuable steps in the survey research process. This helps the requesting team formulate the purpose of their study. Involving the Strategic Research Team from the beginning will ensure more actionable results.




Before meeting with the Strategic Research Team, consider the following questions. By working through these questions, the team will be able to define its research goals and intended outcome, which lends to actionable results.
1.    What is your overall goal in conducting research?
2.    What specific business decisions will you make based on the results of the research?
3.    What actions do you plan to take based on what you learn?
4.    Have you done research in the past that might be applicable to this project, or has another organizational unit done research that might be applicable?


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IEEE Strategic Research will meet with the requesting department to:

  • discuss objectives, methodology, sample size and process;
  • provide each other with a clear understanding of what is involved in the study;
  • discuss the best way to attain the desired results;
  • set expectations and a general timeline.

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Strategic Research Annual Report 2015

The IEEE Strategic Research Annual Report 2015 (PDF, 498 KB) summarizes research findings from over 66 IEEE Strategic Research and Planning studies completed in 2014.

Please contact Marc Beebe to receive more information on the studies in the report.