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IEEE Strategic Research will assist the requesting team with all aspects of designing the study, including, but not limited to, creating a questionnaire, choosing a sample, and accessing participants.



The requesting team provides the research team with a list of key areas to measure and/or a first draft of the questionnaire.

The research team will review the draft and provide feedback. This step may be repeated several times, depending on the complexity of the survey.

Depending on length and complexity of the survey and resources available at the time, the survey will either be programmed by IEEE Strategic Research or outsourced to a vendor.


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The Strategic Research Team will guide the requesting team in determining:

  • Who needs to be surveyed
  • How to best access that population
  • How to ensure a desirable response rate

Often, samples can be pulled from IEEE databases, but depending on the requirements of the study, sometimes lists are purchased from vendors or gathered from some other sources that may be available to the requesting team. 

Sample sizes for IEEE studies 

For most projects, the aim is to achieve results with a confidence level of 95% and a margin of error of +/-5%. These parameters ensure results that can be used to generalize to the population and to make data-driven decisions. This typically means looking for between 375 and 400 completed surveys.

Typically a 25% return rate is achieved when surveying members. Longer, more complicated surveys on difficult topics may have response rates below 10%, while short surveys that are on extremely interesting topics can achieve even higher response rates. 


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Inviting participants

The Strategic Research Team will draft an invitation email and a reminder email, which will be sent to the requesting department to finalize and approve. Once the survey is deployed, emails will be sent to each person asking them to complete the survey. About one week later, emails will be sent to all those who have not completed the survey to remind them to participate.


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Strategic Research Annual Report 2015

The IEEE Strategic Research Annual Report 2015 (PDF, 498 KB) summarizes research findings from over 66 IEEE Strategic Research and Planning studies completed in 2014.

Please contact Marc Beebe to receive more information on the studies in the report.