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The IEEE Strategic Research team can tailor its services to your project scope, the stage of the study, budget constraints, and to your preferences.

There are no charge-backs for services done in-house.  If an outside research vendor is needed, you will be advised of the costs up front and whether or not reimbursement is required.

To initiate a research project, first review the information on this site, then complete the Research Request Form.



IEEE Strategic Research will meet with the requesting department to: 

  • discuss objectives, methodology, sample size and process;
  • provide each other with a clear understanding of what is involved in the study;
  • discuss the best way to attain the desired results;
  • set expectations and a general timeline.



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Survey Design and Implementation

These are the typical steps in conducting a survey. 

  1. Requesting group provides first draft of questionnaire to research team.
  2. Research team will review draft and provide feedback. This step may be repeated several times, depending on complexity of the survey.
  3. Research and requesting department will discuss sample requirements and determine who supplies the sample.
  4. Requesting group will provide first draft of the survey invitation and the survey reminder. Research can provide samples.
  5. Depending on length and complexity of the survey and resources available at the time, the survey will either be programmed by IEEE Strategic Research or outsourced to a vendor. Costs to outsource the survey can vary from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. All print surveys will need to be handled by an outside vendor.
  6. Research team tests the survey using several Internet browsers.
  7. Requesting department will review and test the Web survey.
  8. The survey will be distributed to the sample. Research team monitors response rate and provides a preliminary update (usually within 24 hours).
  9. If needed, a reminder is sent approximately one week after survey is launched.
  10. Survey closes anywhere between one to three weeks after survey is launched
  11. Research team provides a basic report on the results and the raw data of the results in an Excel file and a final copy of the questionnaire.
  12. If requested, research team will go over the results to help you gain a better understanding of the data. 



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Analysis & Recommendations

In step 11 of "Survey Design and Implementation," the requesting department is provided with a basic report on the results. This does not include a summary of the results or recommendations. Nor does it include any further analysis that can be derived from the data, such as relationships among various questions, profiles of respondents that responded a certain way to particular questions, or any other information that may prove interesting and/or informative.

IEEE Strategic Research can help. Depending on the scope of the request and the available resources, Research will either handle the request at no additional charge to you, or help you outsource the request to a capable vendor. Depending on your needs, vendor costs will generally range from US$2000 to US$5000.



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Vendor Selection & Project  Liaison

There are times when the scope and needs of a study warrant the extra help of an external research vendor. IEEE Strategic Research assists through the following process:

  1. IEEE Strategic Research solicits proposal(s) to handle your project and helps you determine your best option.
  2. Once a vendor is chosen, Research will facilitate a "kick off" meeting between the requesting department and the vendor in order to clarify the scope of the project, requirements and expectations of both parties, and a project timeline.
  3. Primary correspondence for the project will continue between the requesting department and the vendor. IEEE Strategic Research should be copied on all correspondence. Research will keep abreast of the developments and get involved whenever it is deemed necessary or requested by either of the parties.
  4. Although it is the primary responsibility for the requesting department to ensure that the project stays on track, Research will monitor the status of the project as it progresses.
  5. Research will review the results for general consistency and logic.
  6. Once the project is near completion, Research will ensure that the requesting department is satisfied and feels that their expectations have been met. 



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Strategic Research Annual Report 2015

The IEEE Strategic Research Annual Report 2015 (PDF, 498 KB) summarizes research findings from over 66 IEEE Strategic Research and Planning studies completed in 2014.

Please contact Marc Beebe to receive more information on the studies in the report.