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IEEE is the world’s most trusted source for engineering, computing, and technology professionals. A global community, the association supports technological innovation for the benefit of humanity. Through member collaboration and the association's diverse selection of publications, conferences, educational resources, and standards development, IEEE advances innovation and technological excellence while inspiring future generations.

By downloading any the toolkit's contents, users agree to abide by the IEEE Master Brand and Brand Identity Toolkit Agreement.


Mission and vision

Mission statement
IEEE's core purpose is to foster technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity.

Vision statement
IEEE will be essential to the global technical community and to technical professionals everywhere, and it will be universally recognized for the contributions of technology and of technical professionals in improving global conditions.


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A view of the organization

Several documents are available to help communicate the mission and vision of the association. They are also designed to generate excitement for those already active in IEEE and to encourage others to get involved.

IEEE Corporate Brochure cover image

The "IEEE Corporate Brochure" is an aspirational piece focusing on IEEE's impact on humanity, with highlights that touch on the influence its presence has made throughout its history. It serves to outline how IEEE continues to make a mark in all engineering and technology sectors, as its technologies progress.

IEEE overview brochure

The "IEEE Overview Brochure" is a deeper dive into IEEE's statistics. The numbers are updated yearly to indicate where IEEE is represented globally, by way of number of members, Societies, mention of Student Branches, highlights of awards and other recognition, humanitarian outreach, communities and conferences, publications, standards, education, and career growth.

IEEE at a glance cover

IEEE at a glance poster

The "IEEE at a Glance" flyers and posters are a very brief touch on information gleaned from IEEE's brand principles document, called “Understanding the IEEE Brand,” which delves into the brand promise. The imagery is a mix of stock photography from the corporate brochure and of real members and volunteers. It includes Society, conference, and membership statistics from the overview brochure and mention of IEEE's mission and vision. The reverse side serves as a quick go-to for member statistics and key metrics.


 All are available in PDF format and/or hard copy. Contact to order additional copies.


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Understanding the IEEE brand

A brand is a collection of symbols, experiences, and associations that shape how others perceive a product, service, or company. A logo alone, for example, is not a brand but simply a component of a brand. Similarly, websites, brochures, events, and even people can also be representatives of a brand.

A strong brand is usually synonymous with trust in the hearts and minds of an organization's public. This trust can be built over time through careful positioning of the brand at every touch point, or it can be tarnished in an instant when an organization fails to deliver on the expectations of its audiences. This brand trust can be reinforced through stronger alignment of messaging and visual representation.

Understanding the IEEE Brand cover image

The "Understanding the IEEE Brand" brochure will help build brand awareness and communicate the importance of consistent use of the IEEE brand and mission and vision of the association. This is geared toward communicating that everyone has a responsibility to nurture the brand and influence how people see the organization. It is also designed to generate excitement for those already active in IEEE and encourage others to get involved. 

This brochure is also available in PDF format and/or hard copy. Contact to order additional copies. 

Visit the Templates, Tools, and Resources section for print-ready and editable IEEE branded and sub-branded collateral and templates.





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IEEE messaging and positioning

The key components of a communications program include:

  • Positioning statement: a short descriptive statement of what an organization does and for whom, and what makes it different
  • Elevator speech: an idea or message that can be delivered in the time span of an elevator ride
  • Tagline: a memorable phrase that captures and reinforces a brand’s essence

The IEEE tagline, Advancing Technology for Humanity, was based on extensive research with multiple audiences from around the world and was recommended by the IEEE Public Visibility Ad Hoc Committee.

In addition to these communications elements, an IEEE Corporate Summary Presentation has been made available to communicate the wide-ranging influence and businesses of IEEE. This presentation is useful for introducing or refreshing the scope of IEEE to an audience.



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How to support the IEEE brand

IEEE Identity Guidelines coverTo maintain and strengthen the desired perception of the IEEE brand, the IEEE Visual Identity Guidelines (PDF, 5 MB) should be utilized. The guidelines represent an opportunity to establish and extend equity for the IEEE brand, ensuring that consistent messages are delivered. Communications created based on these guidelines will help ensure that members, industry professionals, and other organizations will perceive IEEE as a leader in the global technology community. 

Visit the Brand Identity guidelines section for more information on how to support the IEEE brand.




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