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Below is a list of frequently asked questions related to the IEEE Brand Identity Toolkit.


Brand Videos FAQs

The only difference between the unabridged and abridged version is each video's length. The unabridged video length is approximately 6 minutes 40 seconds and the abridged video length is approximately 3 minutes.

The four themes highlighted in the video remain the same and define IEEE and its influence in the world and on technology:

  1. IEEE is one voice for engineering, computing, technological innovation.
  2. IEEE is engineering a better tomorrow.
  3. IEEE is inspiring innovation for a global community.
  4. IEEE is advancing creativity and technological excellence.

You can download a copy by visiting



64.7 MBWindows Media Player
90.2 MBWindows Media Player
89.5 MBQuicktime
165 MBQuicktime
73.2 MBMobile
The IEEE One Voice video can be used in multiple venues and forums including conferences, events, presentations, and meetings. The audience may include members, volunteers, staff, media/press, and the interested general public.
IEEE requests that the video be used in good faith to represent IEEE in a positive manner. Unauthorized copying of these video files is prohibited.

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Brand Identity Guidelines FAQs

The Visual Identity Guidelines explain how to use visual elements to create and strengthen the perception of the IEEE brand. The guidelines define the look-and-feel of the IEEE, and explain in more detail the proper use of the IEEE Master Brand in a variety of print and Web-based applications. The visual elements include color palettes, typography, imagery, and the design system (the wedge). The visual elements were streamlined into best practices to convey the organization’s culture, personality, and core brand values.
Anyone who represents IEEE is encouraged to use these guidelines when creating IEEE communications to achieve a high level of visual consistency and to ensure the integrity of the IEEE brand on all branded materials. They outline both existing IEEE best practices and opportunities for increased alignment and brand leverage.
How do I get a copy of the full IEEE Visual Identity Guidelines?
IEEE Visual Identity Guidelines: (PDF, 3.11 MB)
If you have questions you may send an e-mail to, or call +1 732 562 6820. You may also submit feedback by using the right column Feedback link located in all sections of the IEEE Brand Identity Toolkit.


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IEEE Master Brand FAQs

Careful and comprehensive use of the IEEE Master Brand will:
  • give IEEE a consistent global identity worldwide;
  • ensure that IEEE organizations, products, services and print and electronic materials will be immediately identified with IEEE;
  • enhance the IEEE name and reputation of technical excellence and help introduce IEEE to potential members and customers;
  • enhance the credibility of publications, events and activities;
  • protect the IEEE name and brand from trademark and infringement.
Where can I download the IEEE Master Brand?
You can download the IEEE Master Brand at


4 KB Screen or Web
54 KB Screen or Web
1.27 MB Print
242 KB Print
No, this use is acceptable only on membership pins.
Color plays an important role in representing the IEEE Brand. Using IEEE Blue (PMS 3015), or process color equivalent on all corporate-wide communications is strongly encouraged. The black or white options are also acceptable. For all sub-brand applications, the black or white options are preferred.
The original “Reflex blue” is among the most common (and consequently indistinctive) of corporate blues. The goal was to develop something more muted but still identifiable. The new IEEE blue, along with the bright colors of the new color palette, give the sense of forward-movement, energy and innovation. This palette also allows for flexibility in brand communications where sub-brand, cultural, or product distinction is warranted.
Use the IEEE Master Brand on materials that contain other IEEE or organization’s logos. Use the IEEE Master Brand + Tagline graphic on all corporate materials, or when no other logo or logo with a tagline exists.


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Tools and Resources FAQs

All representatives who create materials on behalf of IEEE are allowed to use the materials in the Tools & Resources section of the IEEE Brand Identity Toolkit.
If you have suggestions for new templates, you may send an e-mail to, or call +1 732 562 6820. You may also submit feedback by using the right column Feedback link located in all sections of the Toolkit.


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