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This section provides templates and sample documents featuring correct use of the IEEE Brand, which can be customized for a variety of uses.

By downloading any the Toolkit's contents, users are agreeing to abide by the IEEE Master Brand and Brand Identity Toolkit Agreement.

Just added:
IEEE web sub-site templates and hosting


New PowerPoint presentation template

Create new presentations and refresh existing ones by using the branded IEEE PowerPoint template and how-to guide below.

IEEE PowerPoint Template

IEEE Presentation Template (PPTX, 2 MB)

How To Use Presentation Template (PPTX, 4 MB)




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Branded Collateral and Templates

These full-sized, print-ready retractable banners may be produced for use at IEEE Events.

General use pull up banners

 General Banner A  General Banner B  General Banner C
General a template General b template General c template
If source files are required for more extensive editing, contact


Additional Pull Up Banner Options-Editable

These print-ready and editable, high-resolution files can be used “as is” or can be adapted for use.

 Future Theme  Members Theme  General Green Theme  General Blue Theme
Future template Members template Green template  Blue template

Editable pull up banner 33x80" (PDF, 6 MB)

Editable pull up banner 33x80" (PDF, 3 MB)

Editable pull up banner 33x80" (PDF, 9 MB)

Editable pull up banner 33x80" (PDF, 6 MB)


If source files are required for more extensive editing, contact  


Print and Web Ad Suites - Editable

The below ads are available in the following sizes:

Print (inches) - 1/6 page 2.1875x4.75", 1/2 page vertical 3.25x10", 1/4 page 3.25x4.75", full page 7x10", 1/3 horizontal 7x3", 1/2 page horizontal 7x4.47"

Web (pixels) - button 120x60, skyscraper 160x600, rectangle 180x150, square 300x250, leaderboard 728x90

 Future Theme Ads  Members Theme Ads  General Theme Ads
Future themed ads Members themed ads Green  general themed ads
If source files are required for more extensive editing, contact

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General use flyer templates

General Templates

These Microsoft Word templates, available in both letter (8.5"x11") and A4 sizes, can be adapted for events or other informational needs. 

General flyer A General flyer B General flyer C General flyer D
If source files are required for more extensive editing, contact


Promotional Event/Flyer Templates

These Microsoft Word templates, available in letter (8.5"x11") size, can be adapted to promote any IEEE-related event.

Flyer A Flyer B Flyer C Flyer D
If source files are required for more extensive editing, contact


Informational Handout Templates

These Microsoft Word templates can be used for informational handouts at any IEEE-related event.

Wedge flyer A Wedge flyer B Wedge flyer C Wedge flyer D
If source files are required for more extensive editing, contact

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Branded design elements

Use the branded design elements for marketing collateral and promotional needs. These files include the IEEE logo and wedge bar treatments, with and without the tagline, pre-formatted for use on both flyer and full-sized pull up banner templates.

IEEE branded elements 8.5x11 inches examples IEEE branded elements pull up banner  examples

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Business cards

IEEE Business CardsVolunteers who hold leadership positions (Geographic Unit and Society officers) may order official IEEE business cards that contain the IEEE Master Brand. (These are not available to IEEE members).


IEEE members are permitted, however, to indicate their membership grade on a business card (e.g., Senior members may use SMIEEE or “IEEE Senior Member,” but not the IEEE Master Brand). Member grade can also be listed on personal letterhead and e-mail signature blocks.

For more information, contact: 

Geographic Unit Volunteers - IEEE MGA Department 

Society Officers - Technical Activities, Elizabeth Parascondola


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The following appendices are for volunteers and societies:


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Name badge templates

The following template can be used for creating personalized name badges for use at local IEEE meetings and events. The format is Avery template #5392.

IEEE sample name badge




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Web sub-site templates and hosting

The IEEE Web Sub-Sites Template System, designed for use by IEEE employees and volunteers, contains starter information architecture documents (sitemaps) as well as a collection of HTML pages and related files and WordPress themes for each of seven common site types.


ieee society template ieee conference template ieee program template ieee student branch template ieee regions, sections, chapters templates
Societies Conferences
(single sponsor and



Regions, Sections
and Chapters

There are seven pages for each site type including a home page, landing pages, article pages, and a sitemap. IEEE groups can differentiate pages through the customization options detailed within the guidelines document linked below. Implementation and maintenance of the templates requires some level of technical ability and support infrastructure, whether internal or from a partner firm.





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Color palettes was redesigned and uses a broader range of colors. The below color palette(s) can be referenced in the IEEE Visual Identity Guidelines (PDF, 3 MB) document within the "Brand Basics: Color" section. 

color swatches




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