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Part III Geographic Roster contains the committee membership listings of the IEEE Member and Geographic Activities Board and its committees as well as the Regions, Sections, Chapters, Student Branches and Chapters, and Affinity Groups.

Access to the Geographic Roster is based on current officer position or committee appointment. Any person whose name appears in any part of the roster has access using his or her IEEE Account.

Below is an index of links to the different IEEE Regions and rosters.


IEEE Regions

Each Region page lists the associated Region, Council, Section, Subsection, Chapter, Student Branch, and Student Branch Chapter volunteers of IEEE.

Region 1
Northeastern USA
Region 6
Western USA
Region 2
Eastern USA
Region 7
Region 3
Southeastern USA
Region 8
Europe, Africa, Middle East
Region 4
Central USA
Region 9
Latin America
Region 5
Southwestern USA
Region 10
Asia & Pacific



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Officer reporting

Report your new officers and officer changes online. View the guidelines for reporting and eligibility.


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