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SAMIEEE is a web-based ad hoc query tool that provides volunteers access to member data. It allows ad hoc querying, reporting, and downloading of IEEE's membership data to authorized or designated IEEE volunteers.



Before logging into SAMIEEE, please view the new browser information listed below.

Upon accessing, you agree to accept the terms and conditions of use.


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Annual service deactivation

The annual service deactivation was run the weekend of 21 February 2015. Members who have not paid their 2015 dues have now been changed to an IEEE Membership Status of "arrears," and members who were previously in arrears have been changed to "inactive."

The definitions of the IEEE Membership Status levels are:

  • AR - member has not renewed for the current membership year (2015).
  • IN - member has not renewed since the previous membership year (2014 or prior).
  • RS - member has informed IEEE that he or she wished to discontinue membership.
  • NA - different reasons for NA. Most of these records were never members. They may have some non-member volunteer experience. Most of these records are not available in SAMIEEE.

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Vitality Dashboard


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GOLD to YP changes

GOLD (Graduates of the Last Decade) has been transitioned to IEEE Young Professionals. There is no longer a GOLD flag available in SAMIEEE. 

With this transition, Young Professionals is considered a "membership." If you have any queries that contain the GOLD flag, you will receive an error when you attempt to run it. Queries for Young Professionals will now require you to create a filter using fields from the "All Memberships and Subscriptions" folder as follows:

  • Membership or Pub Name "is equal to/is in" IEEE Young Professionals
  • AND Current Status "is equal to/is in" Active

The previous GOLD predefined query in SAMIEEE has been updated with the required filter and renamed to "Current YP - Young Professionals."


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Current issues and enhancements; please read

The following are current issues and enhancements.

  • New system enhancement: SAMIEEE has completed a major enhancement. On Monday, 8 December, the site began having "daily refreshes." Data is no longer refreshed only three times a week, but occurs daily and is expected to be completed by 8 a.m. ET most days.
  • New: Chrome Browser Issue Corrected: The previous issues regarding Google Chrome errors have been corrected. Users can now choose Chrome v.31 as their browser.
  • Table View Change: IEEE and Oracle have identified a bug in the "default view" of any new analysis/table from Content Paging View to a Fixed Header View. When creating a new analysis/query, the table in the Results view will appear different. Changes include a smaller window, larger row of viewed records, "get more rows" link on bottom of viewing page, and loss of number of rows viewed. This only occurs on new queries. Download the instructions on the workaround for this issue (PDF, 330 KB).

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Browser information

The following are the only browsers currently supported by the SAMIEEE tool. Browser support is not based on operating systems, but is strictly tied to the browsers regardless of which operating system they are installed on.

  • Chrome 12 to Chrome 30+
  • Firefox 3.5 to Firefox 17+ 
  • IE7 to IE10
  • Safari 4.x
  • Safari 5.x

Download further information and details (PDF, 10 KB) regarding the above browsers list.

If you have any questions, contact


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New training modules are being developed. They will be made available as they are completed.


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